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Raven groaned as she came awake, her head aching fiercely; she lifted a hand to her temple to try and massage away the pain.

Or at least, she tried to; it became immediately apparent that her arms wouldn't move.  And come to think of it, her groan had come out sounding muffled as well.  Fully alert now, the mass of packing in her mouth made itself known; she tried to push it out, but something was tied over her face, holding it in.  Determined to get a better idea of what had happened to her, she slowly cracked her eyes open.

At first glance she appeared to be in a typical classroom, though some odd fixtures and furnishings made it clear there was something else going on.  Lifting her head, she saw that she was seated at a school desk; by crossing her eyes slightly while looking down her nose, she could see that there was some sort of red and black plaid cloth tied across her mouth.

A muted moan distracted her from further inspection of herself and she turned her head to see Starfire lifting her head up from another desk, blinking when she saw Raven.  The half-demon girl barely had time to register that her alien friend was gagged with an identical cloth and that she was not wearing her usual outfit when the blackboard at the front of the room suddenly flickered before displaying a red-headed man wearing Union Jack colored-clothing, small rectangular blue glasses that rested on the end of his nose, and a wide grin.

"'Ello there, my duckies!  Have a nice nap?"  Not waiting for a reply, Mad Mod went on enthusiastically, "Well, no time for laying about; up and at 'em!"  When the two rather confused young women continued to simply stare at him, he gave a slight frown and pushed a small button on his ever-present cane.  Raven and Starfire yelped simultaneously as their chairs began delivering small but painful shocks to their backsides; they immediately scrambled to their feet, stumbling and tottering as they experienced some unexpected problems.  Looking down, they saw that their usual footwear had been replaced by black strap-on high heels and their ankles were bound together by a strip of dark green cloth; it was long enough that they had about six inches of slack to walk with.

Those weren't the only changes, though.

"Like your new outfits, loves?"  Mad Mod asked cheekily, a leer on his face.  "'Ere, have a better look."  Two large mirrors slid out of the floor, one in front of each girl, allowing them to examine their reflections in detail.

As Raven had guessed, they were both gagged with red and black plaid cloths; both of them were also fitted with a thin, golden metal color, which had a trio of blinking lights set in it.  She suspected it was a power suppressor.  After all, Starfire had shown no signs of her incredible strength, flight, or other powers, and she definitely couldn't access hers.

Button-up white shirts could be glimpsed in the opening between the forest green jackets they wore, each very tightly fitted, outlining and emphasizing their chests.  A Union Jack was emblazoned on the left breast and the jacket arms were like a strait jacket's, locking their arms behind their backs.

Their skirts were made of the same material and colors as their gags, and were incredibly short and tight; even standing still, Raven was sure she could see a glimpse of her panties and she could feel the material clinging to her butt and upper legs.  Thigh-high socks of identical material and the aforementioned black heels completed the outfits.

Both girls were blushing, Raven more than Starfire, as the mirrors slid back down, showing Mad Mod's chuckling face on the large screen.  "Lovely, very lovely.  But it seems that your angelic faces hide your devilish minds."  He shook his head in mock dismay.  "I'm afraid you girls are long overdue for some discipline; now if you'll just follow the little arrows…"  A series of glowing arrows appeared on the floor, leading to the now open door and continuing out into the hall before curving out of sight.  "We can get started."

The two heroines stayed where they were, glaring defiantly at their captor, who gave a self-deprecating chuckle.  "Heh heh, foolish of me to expect you go willingly, eh?  How about this?"  A pair of flying machines swooped into the room, each trailing a leather leash behind and under it.  "You two lovelies walk their one your own, or my cunning little robot helpers will pull you there on leashes.  What'll it be?"

Raven and Starfire exchanged looks, and both had the same thought: bad enough what had already happened to them, they were not going to be leashed as well, not if they could avoid it.  Resignedly, they began following the lighted arrows, the hobble around their ankles forcing them to take dainty steps that emphasized the swinging of their hips and the shifting of their buttocks.  They could also feel their panties being flashed and their breasts bouncing with each step, causing them to blush deeper.

"Good girls," Mad Mod told them approvingly, drinking in the sight of the two attractive bound and gagged young women as they made their way slowly down the hall, coming to a halt as they reached a short flight of stairs leading upward.  Raven was in the lead and she grunted in frustration when she found that the hobble was too short to allow them to climb the stairs normally.  Knowing they had no choice, she gritted her teeth and hopped onto the first step, swaying slightly as she landed and flushing harder as she felt her breasts jiggle wildly with the motion.  She took a moment to recover before repeating the action with the next stair, and so on and so forth.  She turned around a few times to check on Starfire's progress, feeling some sympathetic embarrassment as she saw her friend's chest bounce around.

"Well done, duckies!" Mad Mod congratulated them when they reached the top of the stair, panting slightly.  "Not too much further now."

True to his word, their destination was just a few feet from the stairwell; it turned out to be a classroom almost identical to the one they had left, except this one had a large teacher's desk at the head of the room.  The arrows stopped in front of it, and Raven and Starfire shuffled over to stand in front of it, wondering what would come next.

The blackboard turned into another view screen, Mad Mod beaming at them.  "I'm glad to see that you're willing to face your punishment, my naughty students.  In fact, I'm so pleased I've decided to reduce your punishments."

Without warning a pair of mechanical hands came out of the ceiling and pushed firmly on the girl's backs, bending them over the desks and keeping them pinned there.  Raven grunted and Starfire let out a muffled yelp as they landed on the desk, their breasts squishing uncomfortably beneath them.  Their faces were turned to the side, so they were able to look at each other and share in each other's embarrassment.

"Fifty strokes each ought to be enough to start with," Mad Mod said cheerily.  The captives barely had time to process that before they both squealed in unison as more robotic hands lifted their skirts, exposing their panty covered bottoms.  The squeals turned into shrieks as plastic rulers impacted their butt cheeks, hard enough to sting.  There was a five second pause, during which the two began to struggle and squirm as hard as they could, before the rulers came down again, to renewed yells.

"Don't worry, loves, it will be over before you know it."  Mad Mod said brightly as the female Titans blushed, struggled, and yelled to no avail as the punishment went on.


"So how much longer will it take you guys to hack this program?" Beast Boy asked casually from his spot in Mad Mod's control room, keeping one eye on the unconscious villain and the other on the action unfolding on the screen.

"Another five minutes or so," Robin responded, grateful that his mask hid his occasional, or more than occasional, glances up from the computer he was working on.

"I gotta admit, this AI program is impressive stuff," Cyborg commented, his back turned to the screen as he did his own hacking.  He wasn't worried about missing anything, as he had set his system to record and transfer everything Mad Mod's system had.

After a few moments of quiet, broken only by the sounds coming from Raven and Starfire, Beast Boy spoke up again.  "All those in favor of never telling the girls that we saw all this, say 'aye.'"

"Aye!" came the trio of responses.

Of course, that didn't mean they couldn't enjoy it, Beast Boy mused to himself as he leaned back in the chair, a smirk on his face.
Based on [link] by :iconwe-r-nomad:, Raven and Starfire are finally in school, but it's not exactly what they had in mind.

My thanks to :iconjaktherenegade: and :iconnight-miner: for their help.
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