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...and of the devil.  That is all.
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(Contains: sexual themes)
Supergirl shook her head to clear off the remaining disorientation from the sudden transport before glaring at the entirely too smug looking Control Freak.  "What did you do, geek boy?  And," taking a quick look around, Supergirl was even more confused, "where are we?"

It looked like some kind of dungeon, all bare stone walls, a wooden table with restraints at the corners, some chairs and stools, and all sorts of strange and ominous looking devices hanging on the walls, though they didn't exactly look like any torture devices she had ever seen.

"Well, Superbarbie" she snapped her attention back to Control Freak, glaring at him, "as I'm sure you know one of my remote's abilities is to transport myself and others into various TV shows and movies; when you so rudely interrupted me, I was just sitting down to watch a new bondage DVD, and now, here we both are."

Supergirl wrinkled her nose in disgust.  "Bondage DVD?  You really are a pervert, aren't you?"  She received a shrug and a lecherous grin in response.  She shrugged herself and put up in her fists in a fighting position.  "Well, get us out of here; I'm taking you in to the cops."

"That's not exactly great incentive for me to zap us out of here, you know.  Also," his grin widened, "one aspect of this transportation that I've managed to perfect recently is that the rules of this place supersede those of the 'real' world."  Seeing her somewhat blank look, he elaborated.  "That means that in this place, you're just an ordinary, if hot, girl.  No super strength, no flying, no powers."

Supergirl stared at him, feeling a wave of trepidation wash over her at the thought of being without her powers.  "I don't believe you," she declared, not sounding as confident as she would have liked.

Control Freak chuckled.  "I guess we'll find out shortly, because I'm planning on personally strapping you spread eagle on that table, gagging you, removing your costume, and having some fun with you, including spanking and tickling.  Not necessarily in that order.  Sound good to you?" he asked, leering at her.

Supergirl's jaw dropped, her face flushing with equal amounts embarrassment and rage at his casual prediction.  With a strangled shout, she leapt forward, fist cocked back, intending to fly across the room and belt him one.

Only to fall on face, banging her head a bit and dazing her.  "Ooowww," she moaned, temporarily out of it.

Control Freak, momentarily caught off guard by her sudden attack attempt, laughed out loud.  "I guess that confirms it," he stated, a bit relieved as he hadn't had a chance to test his new transportation yet.  "Now, let's see...ah, there we go!"

Supergirl had recovered by now and looked up at Control Freak's exclamation to see him lift a pair of handcuff's off a hook on the wall and start towards her, smiling.  "No, get away," she said, attempting to crawl backwards.  

Too late, as the grinning geek easily caught up with her and cuffed her hands together in front of her.  Supergirl frantically tugged at the restraints, but to no avail.  "Take these off right now!" she demanded, shaking her bound hands in front of Control Freak's face.

"Oh, I don't think so, and you seem to be confused about your new role.  Maybe this will help."  With that, he grabbed the cuffs by the connecting chain and dragged the stumbling, protesting superheroine over to a nearby chair.  Still holding onto the cuffs, he took a seat before pulling Supergirl over his lap, her cute butt in the air.

"What do you think you're doing!?" she yelled at him, only to quickly find out as he gave her a firm swat across her butt.  "OW!  How da-OW!  Stop-OW!  Plea-OW!"

All together, Control Freak gave her twenty spanks; when he was finished, he sat for a while, rubbing and squeezing her tight ass, drawing gasps and moans from the bound heroine.  "I'll bet you're a lot more clear about what you're supposed to do now, aren't you?"

"Please, no more," Supergirl asked in a soft voice, overwhelmed by the combination of losing her powers so abruptly, being bound, and then spanked like a naughty child.

"Are you going to do what I tell you?" he asked, punctuating his question with another, softer swat, causing Supergirl to cry out again.

"Yes, I will, just please no more spankings!"

'Interesting,' Control Freak thought as he let Supergirl stand up and removed the handcuffs.  'I hadn't expected her to capitulate so suddenly.  I wonder if this dimension is changing her personality and attitude towards one more appropriate for this setting.’

"All right, Superslave," he started, eying the heroine’s luscious body, "First thing, I want you to strip down to your undies."  Supergirl's head snapped up to give him an incredulous look, anger and embarrassment fighting for control of her expression.

'Good to see she hasn't been completely broken yet.'  "Or, if you prefer, I can use one of those paddles on your sore bottom.  Your call."

Supergirl bit her lip in indecision before sighing and slowly beginning to remove her clothes.  Control Freak grinned widely, holding back the urge to whistle as her body was revealed, wearing only a set of plain white lingerie.  When she finished, she stood blushing, looking down, and folding her arms across her chest.

"Look at me," the geek commanded.  She slowly lifted her eyes to his, blush deepening as she saw the lust and admiration in his eyes.  "Hands on your head," came next; still blushing, she folded her hands on top of her head, aware of how it lifted her breasts.  "Now slowly turn until you're back facing me."

Control Freak let his gaze roam over the heroines body as she turned in place, lingering on her red butt, long coltish legs, and sizable chest.  When she was facing him again, he gave her a smile.  "Mmm, you are so very sexy, my Superslave."  She flushed again, this time with a bit of pleasure mixed in.

"Now, let's see about a gag for you."  Ignoring the pleading look on her face and her soft mumbles of protest, he turned to scan the walls, before finding the perfect gag.  "Ah, this will do," he stated, selecting a harness gag with a large red ball.  He walked over to Supergirl, amused at seeing her eyes lock onto the gag.  "Now, open wide and say 'Ahhh,'" he told her teasingly.

"Ahhmmmppphh."  She sputtered a bit as the gag popped into her mouth before calming down and standing quietly as her master (where had that thought come from?) quickly and efficiently fastened and tightened the straps around her head.

Control Freak stepped back to admire the effects of the gag: the straps seemed to emphasize the loveliness of Supergirl's features, and the bright red ball helped draw attention to her pink lips and cute mouth.

"All right then, let's get you on that bondage table."  So saying, he strode over to her, bent, and placed her over his shoulder before straightening and heading towards the table.  She squealed a bit, tensing in anticipation of another swat, but all he did was rub and squeeze her tight derriere.

He laid her on the table and quickly fastened her limbs to the corners; Supergirl groaned a bit as she was stretched, and then again when she saw the grin on Control Freak's face when he finished and leaned over her.  She had already learned that look meant trouble for her.

"Well, we've done the spanking, stripping, gagging and spreading.  Can you guess which one's next?"  Supergirl thought for a moment before her eyes widened and she began struggling as hard as she could.  "Heh heh, I guess you have."

So saying, he started running his fingers up and down her sides, digging them into her armpits, skittering across her stomach and breasts, and tormenting her legs and feet, all while Supergirl's gagged shrieks of laughter filled the room.

It seemed to last an eternity, and Supergirl was convinced she would go insane, but he finally stopped and she lay quivering and panting on the table, residual chuckles still leaking out of her.  She was so exhausted she didn't even react as Control Freak bent to whisper in her ear, cupping a breast as he did so.

"And we're just getting started, Superslave."
Supergirl and Control Freak
This is another mini fic I wrote a long ways back; it's a little different, but hopefully people will still enjoy it.

Supergirl and Control Freak find themselves in a new world, where the rules don't exactly favor Supergirl...
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
Sitting beside the bed, Kalte watched carefully as the beautiful dark haired girl began to stir.  She was confident of her precautions, but there was no harm in being careful.

The girl blinked a few times, and then got a distressed look on her face.  Her body appeared to quiver, but nothing else happened.  A low whine escaped her lips, and her pale eyes got very wide indeed.

“Hello Hinata.”  Kalte smiled faintly as the kunoichi’s eyes, looking oddly beautiful with their seeming lack of a pupil, shot towards her, her body quivering again.  “I apologize for the…unconventional nature of our meeting, but considering your clans fighting style, I thought it best not to take any chances.”  She waved a hand at her captive, lying limply on the bed.  “Hence the body paralyzer; you can still move your eyes, breath, swallow, and move your body just a hair, but no speaking or fighting for you.”

“Don’t worry,” she added as her captive’s eyes widened.  “I’m not going to…well, actually, it probably will hurt, but I’m not going to do anything permanent to you, and I’m not going to keep you forever.”  She smiled, a small gleam of mildly sadistic humor in her pale blue-grey eyes.  “This is just for my personal enjoyment.”

That didn’t seem to reassure Hinata, if the increased whines and trembling were any indication.  “I could have done this while you were still unconscious,” Kalte admitted, reaching for the zipper on the younger woman’s coat.  “But I like to see my captives squirm while I play with them.”

Hinata’s face darkened in a charming blush as Kalte slowly pulled down the zipper and pulled her coat apart.  “Hmm…a chain mesh shirt, and a black tank top underneath it.  Nice.”  The Ice Elemental casually prodded a breast with one finger, chuckling at the squeak and instant darkening of her captive’s blush.  “Ah, built in support for these very nice tits of yours.”

Pulling Hinata into a sitting position, Kalte swiftly pulled her jacket and mesh shirt off her, throwing them casually to one side of the room, leaving Hinata in her tank top, pants, and sandals.  Rolling the kunoichi onto her stomach got a faint grunt, followed by another squeak as Kalte removed her footwear.

Kalte had to laugh.  “You know, I’m really tempted to give you a minor dose of the counter agent, just so I can hear what you’re trying to say.  Not that your squeaks aren’t very cute…”

Hinata did her best to protest, but Kalte paid no mind to the louder squeaks and moans as she pulled the very tight pants over the younger woman’s butt and then down her long legs.  “I love abducting girls like you, who fight for a living; you have such wonderful bodies, all soft skin over hard muscle.”

She ran her hands up Hinata’s legs, moving slowly to savor the feeling.  Coming to the kunoichi’s ass, she grinned at the black thong.  “Someone has a naughty streak,” she teased, pulling on the waistband and then letting it snap back into place, getting a very small jump from her captive.

Kalte gave her two hard smacks, one on each cheek, watching happily as the firm flesh rippled with the impacts, Hinata squealing with each hit.  “Hmm, that paralysis drug must be wearing off,” she mused out loud.  “That was considerably louder than the noises you made before.”  She sighed; she could probably handle the ninja if forced to fight, but there was no reason to let it get that far.  Time to stop messing around and get to business.

Of course, that would be quite fun as well, at least for her…

Moving briskly, she stripped off Hinata’s tank top and panties, stopping only briefly to fondle her, much to the shy young woman’s considerable dismay.  The tank top Kalte tossed across the room to join the pile of clothes, but the thong went into Hinata’s mouth; with her still unable to move voluntarily, she couldn’t spit them out.  She would be able to in a few minutes, but by then, it wouldn’t matter.

“This,” Kalte said, holding up a roll of dark purple tape, “is something special I got just for you and your friends.  It’s very strong, and it will suppress your chakra; it’s going all over your body, so escape is very unlikely.”

She ignored the distressed look on her captive’s face and got started.  The arms were first, with Hinata’s wrists bound to her shoulders, forcing her to keep her arms bent and her elbows out.  Her ankles were strapped to her upper thighs in a frogtie, and then Kalte really got started, wrapping the tape completely around her limbs and the rest of her body, making sure several strips went over her mouth, sealing the panties inside.

By the time Kalte was finished, only Hinata’s nose, eyes, and crotch were left uncovered by the tape, and the poor girl was moaning constantly, not that it was very audible.

“Not bad,” Kalte said approvingly, looking over her efforts.  “This isn’t a type of bondage I use very often, but my lover convinced me to give it a shot.  Just a few more additions and you’ll be ready for fun.”

Holding a pair of thick looking panties, she let Hinata get a good look at them before explaining.  “These have built in vibrators, which I can control remotely, including how strong the vibration is.”  She grinned as Hinata’s eyes widened.  “I’ll bet you’ll have some fun reactions.”

The captive girl did her best to resist, but that basically amounted to some wiggling; Kalte was easily able to slide the panties into place, though she did give the busty beauty a smack on the ass for resisting, getting a faint squeal.

“Behave,” she scolded mildly, “or I’ll think twice about not including the tail.”  Grabbing a dark purple latex suit, she began putting it on Hinata.  “And you wouldn’t like that at all; it’s a pretty big plug, and I know that you haven’t had it up the rear before.”

By now Hinata’s entire body, barring her eyes and nose, was covered by the purple latex.  Lifting her off the bed, Kalte carried her over to a full length mirror and set her down, forcing her to balance on her knees and elbows.  “And the finishing touches…”

A headband with purple cat ears went on the kunoichi’s head, and a pretty red leather collar was fastened securely around her slender neck.  “There we go!  One latex kitty, ready to play!  So, what do you think?”

Hinata took one look in the mirror and all her visible skin turned red; she shook her head and mewled into her gag, looking up at Kalte beseechingly.

“Now don’t be like that,” Kalte told her, patting her captive on the head.  “Like I said, I will let you go eventually, and I could have made it worse.”  From a nearby table, she picked up and showed Hinata a large butt plug, with a long purple tail attached to it.  “I could have given you the tail, and if you’re a bad kitty, I might still do it.  Understand?”  Kalte was smiling, but there was a sadistic edge to it.

Hinata’s eyes had gone wide at the sight of the plug; at Kalte’s question, she frantically nodded her head, getting a chuckle from the Ice Elemental.  “Good girl.  Now, follow me; I have something to show you.”  She started walking down the hall, keeping at a casual pace so Hinata could keep up with her.

It wasn’t long before they came to another room, one that had muffled sounds coming from behind it.  Seeing Hinata’s curious look at her, Kalte grinned.  “You won’t be lonely,” was all she said as she opened the door.

Looked like Sakura and Ino were fighting again, Kalte noted with an internal sigh as the pink and yellow latex dogs butted heads, growling.  Then she smirked, reconsidering; maybe they were just sexually frustrated, with the vibrators over their crotches and the tail plugs in their rears.

And that reminded her…

Reaching into her pocket, she pulled out a remote and pressed a button.

Hinata’s squeal, quite loud even through her gag, echoed through the room, drawing the attention of all the inhabitants.  Tenten, in a brown latex suit and mouse ear head bands, winced sympathetically as Hinata rolled on the ground, trying desperately to reach her crotch.

Kalte chuckled; Tenten had been well behaved enough to not get a tail, but yesterday she had given her some trouble, and had been subjected to ten minutes of her vibrators on their highest setting.

Evidently it had made quite an impression on the weapon user.

“A pretty kitty, two grumpy puppies,” Sakura and Ino glowered at her but that was all, not wanting to be punished, “and a quiet mouse; a nice selection of pets, if I do say so myself.”

“And baby makes five,” said a familiar voice behind her, one that made all the forced pets, save Hinata, flinch.

That put an amused smile on Kalte’s lips.  Amelia had been very happy and enthusiastic about their new pets, and had gotten a bit carried away ‘playing’ with them.

She was pretty sure they were still sore, even three days later.

Still smiling, Kalte turned around to greet her lover, Amelia Tempest; her eyebrows shot up when she saw what, or rather who, Amelia was carrying, and she started laughing instead.

Amelia grinned back, bouncing her passenger on one hip.  “Isn’t she cute?” she cooed, ignoring the white hot glare of rage and loud growls.

“That’s certainly one way of putting it,” Kalte agreed; from the corner of her eye, she could see the rest of the pets staring bug eyed at the sight of their Hokage, Senju Tsunade, trapped and bound in a latex suit similar to their own.

“What made you go with the baby suit?” Kalte asked, taking in the green latex outfit that seemed to be quite strained by trying to contain Tsunade’s enormous breasts.  The white bib and blue bonnet were nice touches, though Tsunade clearly didn’t think so, considering how outraged she looked.  Unable to resist, she reached out to pinch her cheeks, smiling condescendingly at the busty captive.

Unsurprisingly, Tsunade took exception to that and began struggling as hard as she could, mumbling threats and swears behind her gag.

“Hey!” Amelia snapped.  Shifting her captive so that her ass was in the air, she began spanking the helpless kunoichi hard, the skin tight latex showing every ripple and jiggle.  “Bad girl!  Bad, bad girl!”

By the time she was finished, there were tears in Tsunades eyes, though she had managed to keep from bawling.  “Hmph,” Amelia sniffed, putting Tsunade in the room, absently spanking her ass one last time.  “Hopefully that will teach her to behave for a while.  In answer to your question, she’s always trying to look younger than she is, so I just took that to the logical extreme.  And,” she gave Kalte a pouting look, “you used up all the other suits, so this was the only one left; there isn’t even one for me.”

Kalte had been planning on leaving her little surprise a secret for a bit longer, but even now, after all these years, she had a hard time resisting Amelia when she pouted.  “Oh, I wouldn’t say that…”  Stepping up right next to her lover, she whispered in the blonde’s ear.

When she finished and drew back, Amelia’s eyes were wide with wonder and eagerness, not to mention a lot of lust.  “Really?  And it even has…”  At Kalte’s nod, Amelia’s face practically split with a wide grin.

She whirled on the pets and the baby, not even noticing how they jumped back.  “Play nice everyone!  If you disturb us,” an evil light entered her eyes, making the captives whimper, “I’ll make you suffer.”

Slamming the door, she practically pounced on Kalte, pulling her towards their bedroom.  “Come on, come on!” she ordered, bouncing down the hallway, Kalte in tow.

Giggling, the Ice Elemental let herself be pulled.  She loved making Amelia happy, especially when it meant kinky, sexy fun for her as well.
Mummified Menagerie
Just a fun short story I did for :iconthelairverse:, with my OC Kalte Eiskrem and his OC Amelia Tempest having some latex pet fun with the girls of Naruto.

I hope you enjoy.
I commissioned another story from Sorcerer1234, and the first part is now finished.

Unfortunately, like with my previous commissioned story, some elements of it would most likely get it taken off of DA, and possibly end up with my account getting suspended or deleted.  So, if you're interested in reading the first part, send me a note and I'll send you the link.  That way (hopefully) no one gets in trouble.
...and of the devil.  That is all.


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