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Leator Eiskrem hummed as he finished tiding up his work space and made it ready for his next client. It was nice having his own private studio in which he could work without being disturbed… and as much as he missed having his family around, he was not going to let Galben and Brun move into the basement…. Yet.

Hearing a knock on the front door, Leator left his work space and went to answer it.

Opening the door, a smile broke out on his face as he saw his ‘sister’ Rosie standing there, a slight blush on her face and fidgeting a little. Leator was not ignorant to the fact that Rosie had a huge crush on him but he had been kind enough to not tease her about it… too much. He had left most of the teasing to Bethany and the twins. Because of her crush and the fact that their family were always running around, he had never had a chance to paint a portrait of Rosie on her own before so he was looking forward to this as much as she was.

Taking her hand and placing a kiss on the back of it, Leator gave Rosie his most charming smile. “You look beautiful Rosie,” he said honestly. “Please come in.”

Rosethorn could feel her blush deepening and scolded herself for it.  She should be better than this!  She was acting like a lovestruck schoolgirl with her first crush!

...Okay, that actually wasn't too far off the mark.  A deep sigh echoed through her mind.  Why did Leator have to be so good looking and so nice?  It wasn't fair; how was she supposed to think straight?

"Thank you, Leator."  At least she was able to keep her voice mostly level, with only a few slight tremors in it.  "Are you sure?" she asked, hanging back still.  "I don't want to bother you if you're busy...I can come back another time..."

Leator shook his head and linked his arm into Rosie’s, leading her into the house, making sure to push the front door shut afterwards. “Even if I was busy, I’d never turn you away,” he promised. Family was the most important thing in the world to him and he always made time for them. Plus, he would feel like a monster for turning away Rosie and he knew she would be disappointed and saddened if he did.

“I made sure that I had the whole day free so it’s just going to be you and me and no one is going to disturb us,” he explained as they made their way to his studio. “By the way, is that new dress?”

Rosie's face lit up with enthusiasm. "Yes, it is! It hasn't even been officially released yet, but Amelia let me wear it; she wanted me to try it out and give her feedback on what I thought of it and how other people liked it."

Rosethorn was, so far at least, the only other member of their family that truly shared Amelia's passion for fashion. Some of the others had some interest in it, but only Rosie and Amelia were truly into it. It gave them something to bond over and talk about, and it gave the rest of the family an out from being dragged to fashion shows and out shopping for clothes.

"So...what do you think of it?"

Leator stopped and took his time looking Rosie up and down, enjoying the heavy blush that formed on her cheeks as he did so. Rosie was built in the same manner as Auntie Kalte, tall, skinny and small chested but with a lot of strength behind her that her frame hid. The dress that she was wearing was a shimmering silver colour with a mixture of blue and gold mixed in. The top was very low cut while the bottom just reached Rosie’s knees revealing the matching shoes she was wearing.

“I think you look amazing,” Leator said honestly. “That dress suits you perfectly… but then again, I think you’d look amazing wearing nothing at all,” the green haired Kerryn said with a wink.

Rosie could practically feel steam coming out of her ears as her whole head turned crimson, even more noticeable because of her pale skin. She punched Leator lightly on the shoulder, trying to frown severely at him even as her lips tried to grin.

"You," she told him sternly, "are horrible flirt and tease. You're worse than the twins even; at least with them, you know it's coming." She gave up the fight and smiled shyly at him. "But thank you for saying so. It means a lot to me."

A laugh escaped Leator as he pulled Rosie into a hug, the heat from her face warming up his cheek. Rosie was adorable when she was embarrassed but he knew not to push his luck as she could be very dangerous if she wanted to be. Thankfully given her crush, she was less likely to actually hurt him. However she also got on very well with the twins so she could be very devious when she wanted to be.

“Well, at least with me, I’m just going to compliment you till your head pops, the twins will probably attack a ‘kick me’ sign on your back,” he pointed out.

"Please," Rosie scoffed in amusement, reveling in the hug, the feeling of affection, and Leator's body pressed against hers. "They would never go for something as ordinary and obvious as that. And they know that if they tried, I would get them back."

She and Leator, she knew, shared the distinction of being among the few people the twins' age that they had respect for and would listen to on occasion. Neither of them used their influence very often, reserving it for when it was truly important or they were very serious about something.

Leator chuckled and ruffled Rosie’s bright blue hair, enjoying the slight pout that appeared in response.

She was too cute sometimes.

“And then they would get you back and the war would just escalate until Auntie Amelia and/or Amelia Kalte got involved and schooled us all,” Leator pointed out, linking arms with Rosie again as he lead her into the studio where everything was already set up. Even the twins were careful when pranking those two as they knew that as good as they were, Auntie Amelia or Amelia Kalte were much dirtier fighters.

Rosie shivered, remembering the last prank war that had gotten that out of control.

It had taken three showers to get all the slime out of her hair, and even now, several months later, each of the twins still flinched when they saw glitter.

Kalte and Amelia were easy to underestimate; Amelia loved playing up the blonde bimbo attitude in public, and Kalte was still a very quiet person by nature. Then things like that happened, and everyone remembered why they were feared and respected.

"Don't remind me," she muttered before smiling and changing the subject. "So are you working on anything new or exciting?"

“Well, I am painting a very beautiful woman today,” Leator replied smoothly.

"I said something new and exciting," Rosie replied with a roll of her eyes, sounding affectionately exasperated. "That's what you normally do, if you aren't painting beautiful landscapes."

Leator chuckled and placed a kiss on the side of Rosie’s head as he wrapped an arm around her shoulder. There was Auntie Kalte’s sarcasm shining through. “Well, this is the first time I’m painting you privately and you are a pretty exciting person,” he reasoned before walking over to his lighting set up and fiddling with it. Rosie definitely did not lead a boring life, that was for sure.

“However I do have something ‘different’ planned for today if you’re interested… once I’ve painted you in that beautiful dress of course.”

Rosie felt her interest peak at that. "If it's with you, always," she assured him, wondering what he had in mind. Was he going to strip her naked and tie her up? She felt her heart beat faster and her breathing quicken. Would she be able to endure something like that without melting into a puddle of embarrassment?

She shook her head sharply, getting a hold of herself. It was way too soon to be jumping the gun like that. If it happened, then she would deal with it in a mature manner. She was better than this.

“Alright, there we go,” Leator said as he finished adjusting the light to a point where he was happy with it. It might look okay to some but he was very particular about his work and he could tell when the little details were wrong.

He then turned back to Rosie. “Ready to begin?” He asked, indicating a spot between the lights in front of a large screen. He had been looking forward to painting this for a while and did not want to mess up this special moment.

Nodding, Rosie took her place in the indicated spot. She didn't strike a pose; she knew that Leator would have her adjust her body into the desired position that he wanted to immortalize. She couldn't wait to see the finished product; he always took extra care on the portraits of the family, making sure they were the very best he could produce.

Leator quickly realised what Rosie was waiting for and decided to humour her while having a little fun in the process. Knowing she would not mind, Leator walked behind the Ice Elemental and placed his hands on her hips, his body pressed against her. This might be a little meaner but unless Rosie complained, he would keep going.

“Okay,” he said, his warm breath teasing Rosie’s earlobe. “I’m thinking of something that shows of your ice powers and your beauty at the same time,” Leator explained. “A fitting portrait for a powerful beauty such as yourself.”

Biting her lower lip to keep from whimpering, Rosie was torn between leaning into his body even more, or running off into the night.

She opted for a little of Column A, leaning just a very little bit into Leator. "That sounds wonderful," she said, voice almost entirely normal. She was proud of her powers, less so of her beauty. Oh, she knew she attractive enough, but compared to some members of her family?


Slowly Leator’s hands wondered over Rosie’s body, moving her arms and legs into a better position as she let out soft moans despite her best efforts to stifle them.

"So mean..." Rosie told him, voice considerably more breathy than it had been. She wanted more, she wanted him to stop...she didn't know what she wanted.

“You love it.”

"...Yes...but you're still mean..."

Leator chuckled and placed a kiss on the top of Rosie’s head before ruffling her hair. He really adored her; she was not stubborn and hard headed like Bethany or chaotic like the twins, she was very pleasant and fun to be around without being overwhelming.

“There we go, that should be pretty good for a painting,” Leator said as he stepped away from Rosie and gave her a nod of approval. “Just channel some ice into something pretty and hold it please,” he requested.

Rosethorn nodded; she already knew what she wanted to create.

Over the years, Kalte had refined her ice rose trick, getting better and better at it, adding new touches and details, and she had taught Rosethorn all she knew as well. Now, Rosie put them into action.

An entire bouquet of ice roses formed in her hands; by introducing slight variations in the ice, she was also able to get different shades of color, making the stems, thorns, and blossoms all look noticeably different.

It was the best she had managed yet.

“That’s amazing, Rosie,” Leator said as he looked over the ice bouquet and ran his hand over the cold creation. He knew that Rosie was proud of her abilities and she had every right to be. She was very good. Leator had noted that while Kalte’s creations were more combat and defensive based so lacked detail unless she focused on it, Rosie’s were more intricate and decorative based.

Products of their environments.’

“That’s definitely your best one yet,” Leator praised out loud as he walked over to the easel had set up. “It’s almost as pretty as you,” he said with a grin. He really could not help himself sometimes.

"Thank you, Leator; that means a lot, coming from you," Rosie told him, yet another blush adorning her cheeks. And she meant it; the Kerryn was quite the talented artist, so for him to praise her own efforts was a lot more meaningful. He had the experience and knowledge to be something of an authority on the subject.

It was harder to accept his compliments of her. While she knew that he was sincere, he also complimented almost every pretty girl he met. So while she had no doubt he considered her beautiful, she also knew that he treated several women in a similar manner.

Leator blushed a little bit at Rosie’s compliment before he picked up the paintbrush and slowly began to work on the painting. He knew that his reputation preceded him when it came to Rosie but he really did mean it. She was very beautiful to him and he never tired of spending time with her.

“Thank you Rosie,” he replied before grinning. “Now, think you can hold still for a while?” He teased. Thankfully, Rosie took more after Auntie Kalte in that regard than Auntie Amelia. the Ice Elemental was used to staying still and waiting around while the Succubus was impatient and fidgeted a lot.

"I think I can manage," she joked back, holding her position with ease. She had been quite good at hide and seek when she was younger, frustrating her fellow family members, who claimed that being able to hold really still and use cold to reduce her scent was 'cheating.'

She had promptly reminded them that, in their family, 'cheating' was encouraged.

That never went over well, and was the start of a good many friendly brawls.

“Well, if your muscles start to get stiff and you want me to help you warm up, let me know,” Leator replied, his attention shifting the easel before him. When he worked, he focused solely on what was before him, blocking out other sounds and sights around him. He made sure to take his time which when combined with his focus, meant that a painting could take hours to complete but his subjects usually felt that the final results were worth the wait.

"Don't make promises you can't keep," Rosie shot back, smiling at their byplay. This was one of things she liked about Leator: they could tease and banter with each other, both of them knowing that it was just some harmless fun.

She also loved watching him work. There was an intensity to him when he was in the zone of painting, the look of someone who was pouring all of his being into what he was doing right at that moment.

Three hours past as Leator painted Rosie, only occasionally glancing upwards to look at his subject but he did not say a word as his brush danced across the paper. It was an unintentional habit he had when working that he tended to consciously forget that there was someone in the room. Eventually, he placed the final stroke on the page and then placed his brush down.

“Done,” he said proudly.

Rosie finally let herself relax, her joints popping and snapping; she was careful to move slowly, not wanting any muscle cramps. After all, just because she could hold a position for hours at a stretch didn't mean it was easy for her. "May I see it now?" she asked eagerly, though she stayed where she was, just in case Leator wanted her to wait.

Leator nodded. “Sure,” he said waving her over. Hopefully, she would like it.

Rosie walked around to the front of the canvas, eyes wide with anticipation.

Then she simply stopped, and stared.

Leator fidgeted on the spot as Rosie looked at his latest work. He was very good at what he did and he knew it but that did not make him any less nervous. The painting, though still, almost seemed to be moving, Rosie’s multi-coloured bouquet almost seeming to shine and refract the light.

“So, do you like it?” Leator asked nervously.

Abruptly she turned and hugged him fiercely, burying her face in his shoulder. The hot wetness of tears soaked through his shirt.

"'s so beautiful..."

“I just painted what I saw in front of me,” Leator said sincerely as he hugged Rosie back, gently rocking her back and forth in his arms to comfort her. It was not the first time a client had been reduced to tears by the sight of his work but seeing Rosie like this hurt him. He knew that she was happy but still, he did not like seeing someone to important to him cry like this.

She hugged him for a few moments longer, then gently pulled. "You must think I'm being silly," she sniffled, wiping her eyes in an almost childlike manner. She gave him a watery smile. "Thank you so much, Leator; it's absolutely wonderful. I love it so, so much."

Leator hugged her again. “Well, if you’re being silly, then we’ll keep it between us,” he promised, kissing her forehead. “And I’m glad that you like it. I think it’s one of my best works so far.”

"I think so too, but I'm kind of biased. Besides, I think every one of your newest works is your best yet," Rosie told him. "You keep on getting better and better." Her eyes shone with sincerity.

Leator blushed at the praise and ruffled Rosie’s hair, making her pout. He then turned to look back at the painting he had just done, one armed wrapped around Rosie’s shoulder. “It’s like looking in a mirror, isn’t it?” He asked proudly. He always felt really good once he had finished a painting but a family painting made him feel just that much happier with himself.

“So, I know I said I had a surprise for when we were done but I don’t want to waste that dress just yet so how about I take you out to dinner?”

Rosie smiled at the painting, then at her crush. It was a beautiful portrait, and she would treasure it for the rest of her life.

She felt her familiar friend, the crush blush, stealing across her cheeks at Leator’s invitation. "Oh? Y-Yes, I would like that a lot," she told him, cursing herself for stuttering like that.

“If you don’t mind waiting a bit, I need to shower and get changed and then we’ll head out,” Leator said, his tail waving behind him in excitement. “There’s a new five star restaurant that’s opened up on the other side of town, you’ll love it,” he promised.

Rosie shook her head and smiled brightly at him. "I don't mind, though I think you look wonderful as you are right now. And as long as I'm eating with you, I'm sure I'll love the meal."

Perhaps it was the beautiful painting that made her feel so bold, but she didn't regret what she had said.

Leator rolled his eyes and gave her another kiss on the forehead. “Now, who’s being the horrible tease,” he said playfully before leaving the room to get changed.

Half an Hour Later…

Leator re-entered the studio where Rosie was still looking at her painting in awe. It was moments like this that he loved, just watching a client study their portrait and enjoying the sight of it.

“Ready to go?” he asked, holding back a grin as he wondered how she would react to seeing him in a tuxedo.

Turning, Rosie opened her mouth to reply, and then it stayed open as she gaped wordlessly at him.

Pleased at the response, Leator walked over to Rosie and placed a finger under her chin and pushed her jaw closed. “My eyes are up here Rosie,” he said, poking her nose to try and get her to snap out of her stunned state.

Rosie blinked at him, then realized what she was doing.

Blood rushed into her face in a flood; with a squeak, she whirled around, burying her face in her hands and feeling it burn against her skin. She was mortified.

Leator shook his head and sighed. Rosie’s crush on him was cute but sometimes it was a bit of a headache. Once more pulling her into a hug, this time from behind, Leator placed a kiss on the back of her head.

“You have a crush on me,” he said out loud. It was not a secret that he knew, it was very obvious. “However that doesn’t mean you have to get embarrassed around me,” he said. “Given our family, I don’t think there’s a lot that we don’t know about each other.”

Rosie had stiffened at first, but quickly relaxed. This was Leator; he would never hurt her or be cruel to her. Sighing, she turned in his arms and smiled sheepishly up at him. "I know," she assured him. "Just...sometimes, it catches me off guard, and I over react. Sorry about that; I'll do better, I promise."

“I know,” Leator replied, content to hold Rosie for the time being. She was a very sweet girl and thankfully, was very open to physical contact, especially with him. “I won’t lie, it’s very cute to watch and very flattering,” he said. “Just like you.”

To make her feel better, Leator decided to bring up one of his embarrassing memories. “Remember how I used to act around Claire when I was younger?” He said, his cheeks turning red. “I was shy enough to start with but when she was around…” he groaned and buried his face in Rosie’s hair. “The twins have never let me forget.”

Rosie's giggled bubbled out of her before she could stop them, and then she couldn't stop, not that she wanted to. "I remember," she said mirthfully. "You practically passed out every time she was around."

Feeling much better, she squeezed him tight. "Thanks, Leator. And don't worry about the twins. One day, one or both of them will fall in love, and we'll be able to tease them about it. And we have plenty of embarrassing stories about them."

Leator grinned. “That we do,” he agreed, before he slipped out of Rosie’s grip and linked arms with her. “So, are you ready to go to dinner my lady?” he asked.

Snuggling into his side, just a little, Rosie smiled warmly back at him. "I am, my lord. Lead the way."

Then both of their stomachs rumbled loudly.

Leator started laughing loudly. “Well, there goes our sophistication.”

Rosie laughed with him, enjoying the release of tension. "I won't tell if you won’t."

“Deal,” Leator replied, happy to hear Rosie laughing and now past her embarrassment. The fact that he had been able to help put that smile there was just an extra bonus as far as he was concerned. His arm linked with Rosie’s, the two then left the studio and out into night. Thankfully, it was a nice cool night so they could take their time and enjoy the walk and each other’s company.

They walked in companionable silence for a while, before Rosie asked something she had been idly pondering for a while. "Hey, Leator? Do you ever wonder about the future, what you'll be doing? I mean, our family is really rich and powerful; we wouldn't have to work another day in our life if didn't want to. So, what do you see yourself doing with your life?"

“Painting,” Leator replied. “I always feel like I can improve and get ever better than I am now. But aside from that, I’d like to open a museum one day and have my art in there, maybe find some other artists and have them display their paintings or whatever form their art takes,” he explained. “After that? I’d like to have kids of my own one day, maybe adopt, and show someone the same kindness that Caldura showed me.”

Rosie listened attentively, nodding occasionally. Leator's response had been what she had thought it would be; he loved art more than almost anything, and she knew it would always be a big part of his life.

"That sounds wonderful," she told him, before sighing. "The reason I'm asking is...I don't really know what I want to do. I have some interests, but nothing I'm really passionate about, nothing that I can see myself dedicating my life to." She looked up at the stars, a thoughtful frown forming on her mouth.

Leator thought about that as he tried to decide how she should answer Rosie. This was obviously something that had been bothering her for a while. “Well, you have a long life ahead of you, you don’t need to decide that now, just try different things and see if there is anything that jumps out at you,” he suggested. For him, he had always loved painting and had never had to think twice about what he wanted to do with his life.

“If you want, I would be happy to hire you as a muse for a while,” Leator offered. “You’d get free paintings and I’d cut you in on the profits for every painting sold.”

Rosie looked down from the stars to give him a warm smile. "I really appreciate that, Leator, and it's an honor to be asked...but I want to find something of my own. I'm worried that if I start working with you, I'll never want to strike out by myself, and see if there is anything else I want to do." She shrugged, the material of her dress making a soft, shifting sound. "And who knows? It may very well be that what I most want to do is help you with your art."

Leator gave her a proud smile. It would be a shame that Rosie had turned him down, he really did want to spend more time with her if possible but he respected her reasons. They made a lot of sense and the last thing that he wanted to do was to hold her back. “Well, whatever you want to do, you’ll have all of us behind you,” he promised. “And if you ever want to talk or just bounce ideas off of, then I’ll be here for you.”

"Thanks Leator. And really, it's not bothering me, per say. It's just that almost everyone else seems to have found their thing. You have your art, the twins have their pranks, Bethany has her gardening...I feel like the odd one out sometimes." She sighed, then brightened up with a smile. "But like you said, I'm still young, and I have lots of time to decide what I want to do and to find my passion."

Leator nodded in agreement and the two lapsed into a comfortable silence as they continued to walk through the streets. It was a relatively quiet night and the lamps were all lit so they could easily see where they were going. Leator had chosen this neighbourhood because of its reputation as a crime free area and being very green and friendly. After nodding to a few people that he recognised, Leator glanced down at Rosie.

The Ice Elemental was leaning against his arm as they walked, her eyes closed and a blissful smile on her face. Knowing that she would be embarrassed if she caught him looking, Leator looked away and back down the street. Rosie trusted him to guide her and he would not steer her wrong.

Quiet and peaceful times like this, Rosie knew, we're to be treasured. She loved her family, but their ability to get into trouble, either on their own or from outside force, was practically legendary.

So she kept quiet and didn't say or think of anything; she simply was, totally in the moment and letting the tranquillity fill her up.

“You know, you’d make a great nude model if you were ever interested.”

Rosie promptly tripped over nothing and would have fallen if it hadn't been for Leator's arm supporting her. " did that on purpose."

Leator just whistled innocently, grinning in a manner similar to Galben and Brun.

So, just like she would do with Galben and Brun if they were to pull a similar stunt, Rosie smiled sweetly at him, then dope slapped Leator lightly upside the head.

In response, Leator gave Rosie a cute pout before he laughed and spun the Ice Elemental to face him. Quickly, he lifted her up and threw her onto his shoulder before setting off down the street, reaching up to give her a light spank.

Rosie squeaked, and then narrowed her eyes in playful defiance. Oh, so that was how he wanted to play it, was it? Well, one good turn deserved another. She reached down and gave him an equally light spank on his ass.

In response, Leator gave her a slightly harder spank before rubbing the spot that he had just hit. Even though it was not a busy night, there were still people walking down the street. Leator chuckled at the doubles take some of them did.

“Not a lot of people out tonight but I’m sure they’re enjoying the view… I know I am,” Leator said cheekily, his hand continuing to rub the spot he had spanked.

Yelping at the harder spank, Rosie smirked and replied, "So am I." She blushed terribly after admitting that, but had resolved not to let her embarrassment stop her from being herself. "And if you spank me again, I'll freeze your cute little tail off." She gave him a short burst of cold, just to make her point.

Of course, she wouldn't really freeze his tail. She knew how sensitive they were for Kerryn. Still, it made for a good threat.

Despite knowing that Rosie would never actually freeze his tail, that short burst of cold was enough to send a shiver through this body as it made contact with his tail. Shaking his head, he made to respond when his phone went off in his pocket. Reaching in, his face lit up as he saw the caller ID.

“Hi mom,” he said. “Busy? I’m taking Rosie out to dinner tonight, she’s being lazy so I’m having to carry her to the restaurant,” he said, knowing that she could hear him very easily.

Twisting around slightly, Rosie raised her voice so Caldura could hear her. "Hi Aunt Caldura! Don't worry, I'm not being lazy; Leator was just getting fat from being in his studio all the time, so I made him carry me so he could get some exercise." She smirked wickedly, even though her voice didn't change. "He still has a long way to go, so I'm thinking of asking the twins for help."

Leator snorted at that before quipping, “To be fair, you didn’t protest to me sweeping you off your feet,” he pointed out. Rosie was definitely enjoying having him carry her about, even if it resulted in her ass stuck in the air for anyone walking by to see. “And if you want to help me exercise, well, we do have the whole night to ourselves,” he said cheekily. “We could probably burn off a few miles.”

Rosie hid her face in her hands, partially in real embarrassment, and partially to help play up her next bit of banter. "Oh, woe is me, a poor, innocent Ice Maiden, at the mercy of a lecherous Kerryn who plans to seduce me and have his wicked way with me!"

She kept her voice quieter for that part, not wanting get Leator in trouble with any bystanders watching or listening.

“As if you’ve not has fantasies about this moment,” Leator responded playfully. “I know I have.” Rosie was a very attractive girl and he could not help but think about her like that sometimes. He then looked down at the phone and frowned before pulling it back to his ear. “Sorry about that mom… ask Rosie about the whipped cream and strawberry fantasy she had?” He repeated.

Rosie rolled her eyes and raised her voice again. "Aunt Caldura, stop trying to embarrass us. You know very well that fantasy is only about Leator baking me a strawberry cake with whipped cream, not anything lecherous like you're implying." Honestly, sometimes it felt like the adults in her family were just as childish as the actual children.

Leator’s smart remark was cut off as Caldura said something that made Leator’s face turn bright red. “O... okay mom, nice talking to you, bye,” he said, ending the call and putting the phone away. “So, you want me to make you a strawberry cake?” He asked, trying to change the subject. He was not a bad cook but cooking was something that his mother did a whole lot better than he did.

Rosie nodded, and then blushed when she realized Leator couldn't see what she had done. "I do. I've heard how much better your cooking has gotten, and I want to try it out for myself." Her voice turned teasing. "I still remember how we had to replace the stove the first time you tried cooking; I'm sure you've improved since then."

“I blame Galben and Brun.”

"They were in another dimension at the time."

“I still blame them.”

"...fair enough. That's usually the safe way to go anyway."

Leator chuckled. “So do you want me to put you down or should I keep carrying you?” He asked. He did not mind either way. Carrying Rosie like this was nice, she was not very plus it was giving him a great view of her backside.

"Well, you've already carried me all this way; you might as well finish the job," Rosie decided. She might blush and get embarrassed regarding her crush on Leator, but like the rest of their family, she wasn't easily embarrassed in public. "So, has Laura gotten you back yet for helping the twins pull that prank on her?"

It had been the twin’s idea to prank Laura and see if they could get away with it. Leator was not sure how he had wound up getting involved in their mischief but he had. Thankfully, Laura was used to the twin’s ways and had not gotten mad, instead she decided to get even… on them at least.

“Nah, we worked out a deal, I painted a portrait of her and she wouldn’t get payback on me,” he explained. There was a little more to it but Leator kept quiet on that. Laura had wanted a very specific painting and had forbidden Leator to tell anyone the contents of it.

That raised Rosie's eyebrows, but she knew better than to ask. If Laura wanted something to stay private, not even the twins would pry into it. No one was scared of Laura, exactly, but they had all been told of her past, once they were old enough to understand, and with Laura's permission.

"Lucky you," she said instead. "I think the twins are still recovering from her payback on them." Which was quite amusing to see, and the rest of the family found it equally hilarious.

“Well, it was their idea,” Leator pointed out. “Laura was willing to assume the best of me and show mercy,” he explained. No one in their family wanted to cross Laura, she would never hurt them but she was not above unleashing her own pranks and payback. Leator got on very well with her and had done since they had met. Caldura still enjoyed bringing up how he always used to sit on Laura’s lap when she first joined their family and make her read to him.

"Good thing for you that you were actually innocent. Heh, remember the first time the twins tried to lie to Laura and Cassie? That was hysterical." Laura had simply raised one eyebrow while Cassie looked disappointed in them, which caused the two to crack like an egg. "Still, it's probably good for Laura that she got pranked; keeps her from getting too serious."

Leator nodded in agreement at that. Laura was a product of her upbringing and she found it difficult to relate to normal people… thankfully their family was not normal so it had helped. To give Laura credit, she had really tried and over the years she had made a lot of progress but she would always be a serious and alert. Of course, that just meant a greater challenge for the twins.

“Here we are,” he said, putting Rosie back down on the ground and turning her around to see the large restaurant before them.

"Wow. You weren't kidding about this restaurant being fancy." As rich as their family was, Rosie, and all the kids for that matter, had spent a number of dinners in any amount of high end restaurants. This wasn't quite the most opulent one she had ever seen, but it was up there. "I just hope the food is as good as the restaurant looks."

Not always a guarantee, as they had all also found out on numerous occasions.

Leator grimaced as the memory of some of the food that they had tasted in the past from ‘High End’ Restaurants. Usually those places ended up getting shut down as Amelia was not very subtle when it came to things she disliked. Amelia was also not very subtle when it came to things that she liked either to be fair.

“I have heard good things about this place and the food so here’s hoping,” Leator said, slipping his arm into Rosie’s and leading her inside. Being part of the Tempest family meant that getting a reservation had been very easy, even if a restaurant that was booked out months in advanced.

Rosie walked with him, smiling at the people who smiled at her, ignoring the people who looked at her disdainfully or with jealousy. It wasn't worth getting upset over; they weren't anyone who's opinion she cared about.

First impressions, and smells, were promising. The restaurant was as fancy on the inside as it had been on the outside, but the food looked and smelled delicious. Even the snobbiest eaters looked like they were enjoying it.

“Not bad, huh?” Leator asked as they were escorted to their table which was located by a window giving a perfect view of the city. He had chosen this place specifically as the view was said to be the best and he knew that Rosie would love it. As though walked through, Leator was amused to see various women looking at him longingly while their male companions glared at him.

Such was his life.

"Looks really promising so far," Rosie agreed, equally amused by the looks they were getting. She gazed appreciatively out of the window before smiling at Leator. "You didn't have to go all of this trouble for me, but I'm glad you did." Face only a little pink, she leaned in close to kiss his cheek.

Feeling mischievous, Leator turned his head so that Rosie’s lips met his briefly.

Blush deepening, Rosie pulled back and flicked his nose softly, a gentle scold for teasing her like that.

Leator grinned. “Your seat, my lady?” He asked, pulling the chair out.

"Thank you, my lord," Rosie replied primly, taking her seat with grace and dignity, only slightly spoiled by the impish smile on her face.

Taking his own seat, Leator sat down opposite Rosie, smiling at the look on her face. She was clearly very happy at being taken out like this. It was rare that they got to spend time alone like this so both were savouring it as much as they could.

“Enjoying the view?” He asked knowingly.

"Very much so," she said, smile widening. "Mother wouldn't care for it very much, of course." Kalte had gotten better at dealing with heights, though she would never like them. Ironically, Rosie loved flying and being up high; one of her greatest goals was to create ice wings she could use to fly. She hadn't succeeded yet, but she got closer every time.

“Auntie Amelia would though,” Leator responded with a small roll of his eyes. His aunt had never grown up when it came to using her wings. She still loved to fly about, especially if she could take someone with her. Whenever she had gone flying, Galben and Brun had always demanded to come with her.

Speaking of never growing up…

Rosie giggled, remembering the same memories. "I wonder if that didn't have something to do with how the twins turned out? They were so sweet when they were younger; of course, they're still sweet, just also evil." And capable of holding grudges for long periods of time, and not always knowing when to stop.

“Well to be fair, I can’t think of a member of our family that won’t fight dirty if necessary,” Leator replied. Even his own mother Caldura could be mean when she wanted to be… she only had/needed one threat; Misbehave and you don’t get any of her cookies.

It was very effective.

Rosie nodded. "We did learn from the best after all." Between Kalte, Cassie, and especially Laura, the closest anyone in their family came to the words 'fair fight' was in a dictionary or playing Scrabble. And Gloria had taught them on the business side of things, which was no less cutthroat than physical fights.

“That’s true,” Leator agreed. Auntie Kalte, Auntie Laura and Auntie Cassie were very kind people but they were also very well versed in how the world worked and how harsh it could be. They had not raised the children to be cutthroat but they had taught them how to look out for themselves and make sure they could always come out on top. Auntie Amelia and Auntie Gloria had done the same thing but in a totally different way.

“And we turned out pretty well for it,” Leator commented. “Especially you, a fighter with beauty and grace and a kind heart.”

Rosie flapped a dismissive hand at him, a pleased blush on her face. "Thanks for the kind words, but honestly, you could say that about almost all of us. Not a bad looking one in our family, and we all know how to fight." Some of them didn't like to fight, but everyone knew at least the basics.

Well, the basics according to the expert fighters in their family, which was probably higher than most people would consider basic.

“Even Galben and Brun, which is a terrifying thought,” Leator mused. The twins were chaotic enough however nobody knew that they could fight as well. They were a dangerous combo and their coordination was very good. That coupled with their mischievous minds made then one to watch out for.

“But don’t forgot, they can’t freeze people with a touch,” he pointed out.

"That does come in very handy at times, though it was kind of a pain growing up. I still remember how mad Bethany got the first time I froze one of her plants by accident." Luckily it hadn't been one of Beth's favorite or more expensive plants, but her sister was still plenty upset. It had taken a lot of bribery to get back into her good books again.

Leator remembered that as well. Bethany was as stubborn and as hard headed as her element so when she was upset or mad, it took take a long time to get her back into a good mood. Leator had avoided upsetting her when he could and Bethany found him to cute to be annoyed at.

“So, shall we order?” He asked. “See if this place has good food?”

"We shall," Rosie agreed, opening the menu and scanning it critically. They had a wide variety of appetizers, entrees, and meals available; most were quite fancy and expensive, as expected of a high end place like this. They also had a lot of very delicious sounding deserts, which she knew would tempt her later.

"Hello." A pretty blonde, smartly dressed in the restaurant's uniform, appeared on near silent feet. "My name is Amber, and I'll be your hostess for this evening. While you're looking over the menus, may I take your drink orders?"

"I'll have a glass of the house white wine, please," Rosie requested.

"Very good, ma'am. And you, sir?"

A Few Hours Later…

Leator smiled down fondly at Rosie as the two walked back towards his studio. The Ice Elemental was once again cuddled up to him, her eyes closed as they enjoyed each other’s company. The meal and the dessert had been very good and the two had enjoyed themselves a lot.

“So, have you had a good night?” Leator asked Rosie.

"Mmhmm, it was wonderful." Rosie smiled up at him, feeling pleasantly sleepy and lazy after such marvelous food. "Thank you very much for dinner, Leator. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did." Leaning up a little, she kissed him on the corner of his mouth.

“Well, I enjoyed the company more,” Leator replied, blushing a little before he leaned down and gave Rosie a kiss. “But the food was very good, yes.” He would have to recommend that place to the rest of his family to see what they thought of it. The staff had been very nice as well so it had a pleasant atmosphere but at the end of the day, Rosie was what he had been focusing on more.

Rosie nodded, snuggling deeper into his side. "It was nice, with it just being the two of us. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love our family, but they can definitely get..." She tried to think of a diplomatic way to put it. "Rambunctious," she decided.

It was kind of funny; they had several quiet, reserved people in their extended family. It was just the wilder ones had a way of sucking in everyone else into their antics.

“I agree,” Leator replied as he unlinked his arm from Rosie’s and instead wrapped it around her shoulder. There not many quiet ones but he and Rosie were definitely in that category. Rosie was an Ice Elemental so by her nature, she was quiet, happy but quiet and he just liked to paint and enjoyed the silence while he worked.

“So, what do you want to do next?” Leator asked. “We can go back to my studio or we can just keep walking around and see what happens?” He suggested.

"Let's keep walking, please. I don't want this night to end just yet." Rosie had really enjoyed herself, and wasn't ready to call it quits just yet. Besides, she had heard that this town could be very exciting at times; not really dangerous, but there was usually something happening somewhere.

“As you wish, my lady,” Leator replied.

Two Hours Later…

Leator shook his head a little as he reached his studio, Rosie in his arms. The Ice Elemental had fall asleep during their walk half an hour ago so Leator had carried her home.

Rosie mumbled softly in her sleep, clinging tightly to Leator as she snuggled into his arms, a smile on her face.
Leator and Rosie
This is an RP session, done by myself and :iconthelairverse:, featuring a pair of our OCs, Leator and Rosethorn Eiskrem.  I hope you enjoy it.
Asia and Xenovia: Evil Vs Hypno
A commission done for me by :iconjimryu:  We have a couple of characters from High School DxD this time; looks like the sweet and innocent Asia Argento has been corrupted by some evil force and is now hypnotizing her friend, Xenovia Quarta.

I hope you enjoy.
OC Profile Pic: Rosethorn (Rosie) Eiskrem by Jack-Inqu13
OC Profile Pic: Rosethorn (Rosie) Eiskrem
My Ice Elemental Rosethorn "Rosie" Eiskrem, the second adopted daughter of Amelia Tempest and Kalte Eiskrem.  She normally has black hair, like Kalte, but likes to color it different shades.  Here we see her rocking the rainbow locks.

Commissioned from :iconhumite-ubie: and posted here with his permission.
Yep, yet another one.  This one was written by :iconrisrupio: and features Raven and Starfire from Teen Titans, plus Serafall, Raynare, and Kuroka from High School DxD.

If you would like a link, please send me a note or leave a comment requesting one.  Thank you.

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“Oh, please, friend Raven? I would very much like to play Magical Girl Konata’s Mystical Adventures with you! My new wands just came in the mail today and-”

“No, Starfire,” Raven said with a sigh. The two women were alone for the afternoon, in the Titans Tower and as Raven was so often wont to do, she was meditating, floating a few feet off the ground with her legs crossed in the lotus position, staring out the window. The boys were out on some recreational activity and Starfire had declined to join them.

Because, evidently, she had decided to torment Raven by attempting involve her in childish games.

Literally childish games – Starfire seemed set on having Raven pretend to be one of the protagonists from her latest obsession, an animated program from Japan whose title she had been mentioning incessantly over the past month. It had quickly grown on Raven’s nerves, though she did her best to hide it, not wanting to upset her teammate. From what little she had seen of the program, it had seemed asinine, simplistic and immature, with little to no thematic value and even less plot. She was not, in a word, a fan.

“But friend Raven, I have been waiting for over a week for my new wands to arrive! They have-”

“No, Starfire!” Raven snapped, her eyes opening so she could glare over at her friend. Starfire was indeed holding two wands, pink and gleaming toys that were almost painful to look at. “I am meditating. Please leave me alone.”

Starfire’s face fell, her lower lip quivering, but Raven simply rolled her eyes and then closed them again. Her irritation flared sharply, but her even breathing slowly returned herself to a state of normalcy. She had started to meditate more frequently ever since her humiliating encounter with Red X, which had left herself, Starfire, two female guards, a museum curator and her female assistant all very well acquainted with a variety of restraints, gags, and the taste, smell and texture of their bodies. Starfire had recovered admirably in the six months that had passed, but Raven had found she needed a bit more time calming herself each day to keep an equilibrium. There had been many unnerving revelations about herself that night, and she was not at all comfortable exploring them.

It had made her more irritable, especially with Starfire’s blistering cheerfulness, but in this instance she did not feel guilty. There was no circumstance under which she would play with toy wands from a show with “magical girl” in its title.

She heard Starfire leave the room, no doubt sulking. Raven doubted her sadness would linger; Starfire always rebounded rather quickly.

Sometime later, she heard the door open again. She knew it was Starfire, if not by virtue of her mental presence than by the fact that no one else was in the Titan’s tower, and she would have been alerted to any intruders. Her paranoia had certainly increased in the last six months as well, she reflected somewhat wryly.

“Oh friend Raaaaaaven,” Starfire sang, floating up behind her.

Raven sighed, trying to fight off some of her irritation. Evidently Starfire had not fully understood her the last two times. “Look, Starfire, I’m simply not – ack!”

Strong feminine hands grabbed her by the upper arms and yanked her down – she lost control of her levitation and went spilling to the ground, shoved face down against it. Mind reeling from the sudden grab and impact, Raven blinked, dazed. “Starf-”


Raven froze, as cold metal encircled her throat and locked on. Immediately, she felt her powers, her magic, drain from her, in an all too familiar way. Her eyes went wide, and she struggled to right herself. “Starfire, what are you – OOF!”

Her friend half slammed her into the floor, a knee pressed against her back, her arms buckling under the strain. She thrashed out of reflex, panicking. “E-emergency alert zeuughmmph!” she garbled, as Starfire yanked her head up by her hair, strangling the words that would cause a general alert in the tower, and then her mouth was being filled by something, rubbery and circular.

Starfire’s hands pushed the ball-gag between her teeth with a happy little grunt of effort, her quick hands grabbing the two long straps and yanking them viciously behind Raven’s head. It forced her to keep her head up, groaning in pain as the leather was looped into the buckle, cinched tight and secure. “There we are, friend Raven. Nice and quiet,” Starfire said, sounding pleased, and let her head drop. It did, a small thunk against the floor that made Raven grunt, her hands moving along the ground to her head, to the gag that pinched into her cheeks and chafed at the corners of her mouth.

Starfire grabbed her wrists with hands like vipers, seizing them. “Ah-ah,” she said, giggling playfully. “The gag stays on, friend Raven. No talking until I say so.”

What is wrong with her?! Raven screamed internally, trying to struggle, legs thrashing and kicking uselessly behind her as Starfire adjusted her position, pulling Raven’s wrists behind her back and up into the air. “Uuuhhf,” she groaned, the strappado-like position forcing her chest to press harder into the ground. She felt her wrists forced into an X, fitting into smooth, padded cylinders, which closed around them a moment later, some sort of cuffs. “Much better. Hold still, please, friend Raven, I need to secure your legs, now.”

“Whhfph!?” Raven garbled, looking over her shoulder, doing her best to try to roll over onto her back to try to get some possibility of movement, a largely useless effort with Starfire’s knee still on her back. Her friend and captor turned and Raven kicked madly, trying to do her best to keep her legs out of Starfire’s grasp.

“NNMPH! UHN-UHN! Stphfr, sthhp!”

Her right ankle was grasped in short order, then pinned to her thigh. Continuing to hum, what Raven recognized as that stupid show’s theme song, Starfire took a coil of rope she had brought with her and casually began tying the ankle to the thigh. What few inches of slack she offered – the knee bent at a somewhat comfortable resting position – was secured by the rest of the coil of rope. Starfire wrapped the remaining rope around it into a little bar of cord, the knot tied between ankle and thigh to make it even harder for her fingers to reach, let alone untie.

This was rapidly becoming an inescapable situation, Raven realized, and she frantically tried to voice the emergency alert. To her dismay, the thick sphere, large enough that it strained her jaw, garbled the words beyond the computer’s ability to recognize. Worse, she could feel the drool starting to build from her thrashing head and attempts at muffled speech, spilling out the sides, down her chin, and onto the carpet.

“There we are!” Starfire chirped as she secured Raven’s left ankle, leaving her tightly frogtied. She rose, then, and looked down at Raven, who struggled and bucked and groaned and growled, trying to get free. Her arms, the only part of her with any real movement, rose up and down behind her as she strained against the ropes and cuffs.


Starfire giggled and clapped her hands together. “Oh, it’s perfect, friend Raven. You look absolutely helpless! Just the way you need to be, to watch the latest season of Magical Girl Konata’s Mystical Adventures!”

The cartoon? The cartoon is why she abducted me?! Raven’s head turned and she glared up at Starfire with every ounce of heat she could muster, trying to communicate the utter rage she felt at that moment. The collar, thin, cool metal against her flesh, pulsed softly as it dispersed more and more of her magic, rising at the call of her anger.

Starfire seemed blissfully unaware. She knelt down and plucked Raven from the ground, earning a squawk from her friend, hefting her over one shoulder. Raven squirmed, shouting demands for release, watching with a rising blush of humiliation as flecks of her spittle flew down and landed on the floor.



Starfire’s hand impacted Raven’s ass with thunderous force, the sound echoing along with the stinging pain that shot up across her flesh. It throbbed in the shape of a handprint, as her thrashing stopped, then redoubled.

“Now, now, friend Raven, don’t be rude,” Starfire said in a maternal voice. “This is no way to act around your companions!”

“NNNRMPH!” Raven snarled back, a thousand questions searing through her mind. She thrashed harder, as Starfire walked to the door. Like hell it isn-


Raven roared into her gag as Starfire’s hand fell three more times, impacting sharply with each blow, the other cheek, then to the one already struck, and again to the second. The blows fell on the same spaces, fiery pain reverberating along her now throbbing rear end.

“Behave!” Starfire shouted sharply, and Raven stilled, panting, a tremor of actual fear going through her. None of this was like Starfire at all!

Her captor said nothing else as she carried Raven along to her room. There, amidst the pink and girly toys and other paraphernalia, Raven was deposited on the bed, facing a small television. She bit into her gag, her face aching dully from the pinch of the straps and the size of the ball wedged between her teeth, but otherwise laid still. Struggling was pointless – she couldn’t escape.

“Now,” Starfire said, taking a seat on the bed and beaming down at her friend, a wide grin on her face. “You need to see the latest episodes, if we’re going to play with my wands, friend Raven. The DVD said I should watch them just like you are now, to get into the spirit of the show! Oh, it was so much fun.” She gave Raven’s rear a small pat, making her captive twitch and grunt in annoyance.

“I’ll be back in a few hours!” she said, and turned the TV on. “If you need anything, just call!”

Immediately, Raven began making eager mmphing noises into her gag, jutting her messy chin out, trying to get Starfire to take the hint. Starfire frowned, but reached down and, with one finger, pulled the ball from Raven’s lips. It took some effort and pressed painfully against her teeth and lips and jaw when it finally came free, but slid easily down her chin to rest against her neck. At least, she thought grimly, her drooling had served a purpose. Now, with her mouth free, she could try and talk some sense into Starfire.

“Starfire, listen, I’m sorry I didn’t want to play with your toys-”

“Wands,” Starfire corrected cheerfully.

“Wands,” Raven amended, doing her best to keep her tone even, friendly. “And I’d be happy to watch the show and play with you, really. It was very… very rude of me to say no.” Starfire opened her mouth to speak, looking pleased, but Raven continued, “But, um, I would like to ask a favor of you.”

“Yes, friend Raven?” Starfire asked, leaning in a bit, eager to please her comrade.

“Could you untie me? I can watch it withounnnNNMMPH!”

Starfire grabbed the ball and forced it back between Raven’s lips in an instant, her head pulled back and twisting, recoiling in horror as the invading sphere was returned to its previous position. “MMMMMPH!” she screamed, eyes squeezing shut, thrashing her head back and forth, her hands squeezing into fists.

“Oh, friend Raven! You even played the part of the damsel trying to talk her way to freedom!” Starfire cheered, clapping her hands. “Oh, you’re very much into the spirit of the show! I knew you’d enjoy it!”

What is she talking about? Raven wondered in a mixture of awe and horror. It was as though Starfire genuinely didn’t understand that Raven was truly outraged.

The theme song for the animated program had started and Starfire stood. “I will return, friend Raven! Enjoy yourself~”

Then she was gone, and the show began to play.

This was most definitely not a children’s television program.

The new “season” that Starfire had put on for her was only four episodes long, billing itself as an interlude between season three and season four.

It was also pornography. There was no other word for it. During the next two hours – and the episodes were a full thirty minutes each – Raven bore witness to an entire host of female characters, major and minor, heroic and villainous, all binding, gagging, fondling, spanking, flogging, teasing, kissing, groping, tickling, whipping, insulting, stripping and slapping each other. The plot centered around two major characters: the titular Konata, a just out of high school, socially awkward but earnest young woman full of dreams and hopes, living her days as an arts major, while moonlighting as a magical girl, fighting horrible forces of darkness with her magical wand that transformed her, and Mizuki, a third year engineering major, with a sharp intellect but a troubled soul, and an equally troubled past, who spent her days working hard at school, antisocial but ultimately caring, and moonlighting as the second fighter of darkness, possessing her own wand. The two girls weren’t friends, exactly, though clearly Konata wanted to be; it was this that sparked the central conflict of the four episodes. Konata, ambushed by a wicked male villain named The Magician, was defeated and captured, then subjected to a powerful spell that made her live her worst fear – that Mizuki would not want to be her friend, would hate her. In so doing, the villain imbued her heart with great darkness, and then sent Dark Konata out to capture Mizuki and make her Konata’s friend, by force.

Which might have made a legitimate plot, if the girls were wearing actual clothing.

The skirts and blouses they wore revealed more leg and cleavage and everything else than anyone would wear outside of a strip club, and even then, most of those establishments were classier than these outfits. They spoke the most ridiculous dialogue, Konata lamenting as she was completely overwhelmed by the villain that she could not resist him due to her “feminine frailty” and that it was a woman’s lot to be conquered by men. The focus of the animation was more on their budding, bouncing breasts and bums than on the actual combat. The transformation sequences, something Raven knew were sometimes risqué depending on the show – she had dabbled in the genre once or twice, on recommendations – were fully animated and exposed, naked young woman spinning themselves into even more obscene attire. There were a host of other characters, a witch whose breasts were backbreakingly big, a professor of literature who was secretly the Queen of Darkness (and Konata’s favorite teacher, as it happened), and so on and so forth. Each was sexualized in the extreme, and the Magician, in his sudden, unexplained arrival into the show’s continuity, had every single female character bind almost every single other female character, as the quest to free Konata from her darkness progressed.

Except it ended with both protagonists enslaved to the Magician, happily and obediently worshiping his manhood at the same time, and the rest beings slowly hypnotized to serve his will. The two were assured, as they worked, that he would allow all of them, even the Queen of Darkness, to resume their lives, but would keep them all as his pets, using them whenever he wished. It ended with Konata thinking, again, that this was a woman’s lot, and at least she could do it with her friends.

Where Starfire had received this horror, Raven had no idea, but it was most certainly not an official product. Raven had seen actual episodes of Konata, and while the background details were technically correct, this was almost nothing like the original. The show Raven had seen before had character designs that were normal, the dialogue was earnest if somewhat simple. It was not a bondage sexfest!

Something was very wrong here.

Starfire returned as soon as it ended, still humming to herself. Raven turned her head from the credits, her face practically on fire from the heat of her blush, her shoulders sore, her jaw a throbbing, drooling mess. She groaned and gestured weakly with her arms, but Starfire paid her feeble pleas for freedom – or at least a more comfortable position – no heed. Instead, she grabbed Ravens’ knees, yanked her backward on the beg, earning a surprised, angry squawk of protest. She plopped herself down on the bed, hands under her chin, legs kicking back and forth, a mockery of Raven’s position, with such freedom of movement on display. “Wasn’t it great, friend Raven?” Starfire immediately began gushing. “I felt such emotion, watching Konata’s struggle, and it was such a wonderful, happy ending!”

Raven stared at her like she’d lost her mind – which was increasingly becoming a possibility. “Mmmph,” she grunted, the sound incredulous. A wet spot had formed beneath her chin on the covers, and Starfire reached over idly and wiped the latest dribble of saliva falling down from the gag. She brushed it off against another part of the covers, making Raven’s blush worse for the reminder that it was there, and that she had gotten so used to drooling over the two hours that she had somewhat forgotten about it.

“Oh, I know, it was truly shocking! I did not think the program would be brave enough to put the two girls in their proper female place, but it was! And the part when Konata shoved Mizuki between her legs and-”

And on it went. Starfire babbled about this pornographic mess for over thirty minutes, as Raven sat in her bondage, drooling on herself, growing more and more concerned about both her friend and what playing with the wands would actually entail. She had seen enough to have some ideas where this was going, and literally all of them involved her in bondage.

Unfortunately, she could neither escape those likely futures yet, nor say anything to forestall them. Finally, when Starfire seemed to wrap up a point about the beauty of a rope cleaving Mizuki’s crotch, she floated up to her knees and declared, “Now that you have been educated, friend Raven, would you like to play with me?”

It took her a moment of thought, but she nodded after several seconds. To play, she assumed, the gag would have to come off. If she could talk, she might be able to get this situation to her advantage.

Or at least stop drooling.

Starfire shifted her into a sitting position, untying her ankles from her thighs and then helping her rise from the bed. Raven made no attempts to struggle or resist her when her legs were free, rightly judging that if she did do anything of the sort, it would be a futile effort. Starfire was super strong, after all, and without her powers Raven had no method to fight her on an even playing field. She jutted her chin out at her friend turned captor when she was sitting, and Starfire nodded, pulling the gag free. “I will play as Konata, and you as Mizuki,” Starfire informed her, producing the two wands, identical matches to those used in the show. “We will act out their confrontation, when Dark Konata came to claim her friend!”

Raven didn’t like the sound of that, and hesitantly asked, “After we’re done playing, you’ll take the collar off?”

“Absolutely!” Starfire assured her, beaming. “As soon as we have finished playing, you may resume your meditation and other daily duties.”

Well. At least that was something – Starfire had some plan to let her go. Raven nodded, took a deep breath and said, “Okay, Starfire. Would you please free my hands? I can’t really play with my wand if I’m tied up.”

Looking bashful, Starfire did just that and soon Raven was rubbing her wrists in front of her, very much resisting the urge to reach up and remove her collar. She had a strong suspicion it wouldn’t come off that easily, and Starfire would have her hogtied and helpless in a few seconds if she tried.

Hesitantly, Raven took her wand and stood. “So are we playing in here?”

“Yes!” Starfire said excitedly and hopped off the bed as well, her wand in hand. “I will arrive in your room, Dark Konata come to capture her friend, we will exchange opening lines, and then use our wands to transform!”

That raised even more troubling questions, but there was nothing for it. Starfire went over to get into position and Raven stood awkwardly beside the bed, attempting to calm herself so she could get into character.

What little character there was to get into, at any rate.

“Mizuki!” Starfire said, pointing her wand dramatically at Raven, voice carrying ridiculous severity. “For so long, you have been cold and distant and mean to me, whenever I try to be your friend! No more! I have come to claim you and make you my friend, and slave, forever!”

Raven did her best not to wince. Starfire’s “dialogue” was even worse than the what she had just watched. Starfire held that pose for several more seconds before it became clear that Raven was, in fact, supposed to respond. Hesitantly, she raised her wand and said, “K-konata. I, um, you’re not yourself!” Well that was easy enough to do; draw on real life for inspiration. “Something dark and terrible has possessed you! You have to fight it!”

Starfire did a reasonable impression of a glower and made an impatient gesture. “Enough talk, Mizuki! You will be my slave, and will love me however I see fit! Magical Girl Mystical Blessing, Transform!”

The tip of the wand lit up brightly with several colors flickering in a pattern, and Starfire’s clothes did indeed change. Her costume was transformed into a short miniskirt and skimpy croptop, both black, while adding knee length leather stiletto heels of the same color. It wasn’t quite the same as the design on the pornography Raven had watched, but then, those clothes didn’t seem to obey the laws of physics.

With a deep internal sigh, continuing to try to master her worries and many questions, Raven raised her wand and said, with as much conviction as she could pretend to have, “Magical Girl Mystical Blessing, Transform!”

The tip of her wand blazed several colors, and she awaited the magic or nanotechnology that would change her clothing.

Instead, her clothes were ripped off. Streamers of white ribbon billowed out from the wand, surging towards her, and Raven barely had time to flail as they started to wrap themselves around her body, shredding her clothing to bits as it connected to the fabric.

“No, Mizuki, you will not resist me! I have corrupted your wand, and you will be my slave!” Starfire declared, though her grin undermined the severe tone she tried to use.

The ribbons slammed her arms behind her back, pinned them so her forearms were parallel, wrapping around her limbs and her body over and over, the wand having slipped to the floor by now. “W-wait, this isn’t what happened onnnnMMMPH!” she shrieked, but then suddenly, a bright bow made of tightly wrapped purple ribbon, the center of which was a ball a solid two inches in size, flew up and slid between her teeth. It sank deep into her mouth, then expanded, forcing her jaw all the way open. She could tell, immediately, there would be no spitting it out, and thrashed as she fell forward onto her side, the ribbons continuing their work, rolling her over and over as they wrapped about her. In the end, her arms had been wrapped individually, her hands encased in ribbon mittens that left them useless, while her forearms had been secured tightly together. Her clothing had been replaced with many, many wraps of the ribbons, sleek almost silken material that clung tightly to her. Everything from just above her nipples and up was exposed, save for one wrap of the ribbons that went under her armpits from behind and wrapped up over her shoulders, to yoke them and secure her forearms further. They coiled about her, offering truly impressive cleavage, to her stomach, going so far as to hug her crotch and bum, conforming to their shape like painted on underwear.

Finally, it went about her legs, leaving only her knees bared, pinning her upper and lower legs together all the way down to her feet, which similarly found themselves paired up and pinned. The last touch was not part of the bondage, but just an insulting aesthetic addition: a very large bow, purple like the one in her mouth, resting just above her ass, as though she were a present, all wrapped up for someone to open. She squirmed desperately, trying to find leverage, but the ribbons were tight and unyielding, stretching slightly at every movement, then shrinking back to their original shape and size.

“Mmmmph!” Raven growled into the gag, glaring up at Starfire, who beamed at her. “I know this is different than what happened in the original encounter, friend Raven, but this was the only way I could make sure you would come along to play with my new friend. He was the one who hypnotized me, so I could capture you for him!”

Raven went rigid, her anger turning to fear as her eyes widened. She muffled several entreaties for release, which Starfire ignored. “He gave me this new season, and mailed me the wands. He plays the Magician very well, and he’ll be here shortly to capture us, his very own Mizuki and Konata,” Starfire told her with a grin. “Oh, I have to prepare.”

She opened a drawer at her nightstand and produced a second collar, like Raven’s, and put it onto her own neck. Smiling to herself, she then held up her own wand and declared, “Hyperslut Hypnowand Magical Bimbo Bondagette, Transform!”

Ribbons flew out in the same light show, but did not shred her clothing. They pinned Starfire in the same position Raven was in, but went around her clothing, or in the case of her boots, over just enough to be secure without hiding them. The ribbons were green, save for the white that served as her gag and larger, above-the-ass decoration. She let them swirl about her, wriggled experimentally on her feet, and then squawked as they seemed to yank her to the side. She fell onto it with a thud and a muffled groan, beside Raven, meeting her friend’s gaze, who was still horrified. Raven watched as her now fellow captive’s gaze turned blank, eyes glazing over, and then she blinked, muffling a “Fnnf Rnfn?” and twisted as she tried to use her limbs. Her eyes shot open, clarity appearing in them as she looked down at herself, and then she squealed, thrashing like a fish on a hook. Her heels hit Raven’s calves with a thud, and Raven growled, wincing. Immediately, Starfire mumbled an apology, and slowed her struggles, doing her best to escape and convey her deep apologies for abducting her friend.

Raven, however, had little attention to pay. She lay still, feeling every bit as helpless as she was, wondering who it was that had managed to hypnotize her comrade and use her to abduct them both, and when they would arrive.

Her mind went back to the ending of the show Starfire had made her watch, and her cheeks flushed. She had a feeling this would not be the most embarrassing thing stuffed into her mouth, before the day was out.
Yep, yet another one.  This one was written by :iconrisrupio: and features Raven and Starfire from Teen Titans, plus Serafall, Raynare, and Kuroka from High School DxD.

If you would like a link, please send me a note or leave a comment requesting one.  Thank you.


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