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Queen's Blade - Pharoah's Slaves by Jack-Inqu13
Queen's Blade - Pharoah's Slaves
Another commission done for me by :iconjimryu:, this time we have Menace adding Leina and Claudette (all from Queen's Blade) to her harem of concubines.  Well, you can't say she doesn't have good taste...

I hope you enjoy.
Shizuka Marikawa: Hypno Dom by Jack-Inqu13
Shizuka Marikawa: Hypno Dom
Another commission done for me by :iconjimryu: : Shizuka Marikawa, from the anime/manga High School of the Dead, has been hypnotized into acting like a dominatrix.  And it looks like she's found her first 'customer'...

I hope you enjoy.
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: sexual themes)
What Kalte emerged to on the other side this time left her reeling, her eyes wide as she took in the devastation around her. She was in a city… which had been practically levelled! Smoke rose from the craggy remains of the buildings, some of which were still just about standing but most of which had been reduced to mere piles of stone and mortar. And in some places there were even what were almost certainly dead humans half buried in the rubble, and no doubt countless more underneath.

Kalte had seen some pretty messed up things in her life… but this was close to the top of the list. What kind of monster could cause such wanton destruction? Some kind of demon? And not the good kind like Amelia and her family…? Or… something else?

“Oh… what have we here?” said a voice behind her which made Kalte whirl around with arms up, ready to fight. But when she saw the voluptuous woman striding towards her through the wreckage, clad in a very tight-fitting battle suit, white at the chest and waist, black at the midsection and brown at the hips and upper thighs and all trimmed with yellow. She had glossy very dark-purple hair that fell down to the small of her back and held down with a large white headband and her face was adorned with a smug-looking smirk that instantly told Kalte she was not a friend.

“A survivor, hmm?” the woman stopped in front of Kalte. “Dear, dear… that’s not like me. I must be losing my touch.”

“You did this?” Kalte bristled. “You’re the one responsible for destroying this village?”

“Oh, so you weren’t in it when I destroyed it?” the woman laughed, tossing her head backwards to let her hair flow out behind her like a wave - damn she was attractive! “Well that’s something at least. But of course now that you’ve seen my face I’m afraid I’m going to have to deal with you. It’s truly nothing personal. But I can’t afford to let anyone stand in my way.”

“What possible motive could you have for causing destruction like this?” Kalte growled, feeling her anger boiling to the surface as she formed two icy swords in her hands once again.

The woman looked mildly surprised. “Ice Magic?” she blinked, before her lips creased into a wide smirk. “Oh, how unfortunate for you. This won’t take me too long.”

Kalte thundered forwards - she may not have known anyone in this village but she was damn sure she was going to avenge them! But the woman calmly raised a hand and intoned the words, “Arc of Time…” And quite abruptly Kalte’s swords vanished into thin air as if they disappeared into a mist. Kalte screeched to a halt and stared down at her empty hands in shock, while the woman just laughed at her reaction.

“Arc… of Time…” Kalte murmured. “Why… does that sound familiar…?”

“You might as well surrender and let me kill you now,” she smirked as she pointed her hand at a nearby wall, which suddenly crumbled and cascaded debris down towards Kalte, who tried to block with a shield of ice only for that to wither away before she’d even finished forming it. The Ice Elemental dove forwards, desperately rolling out of the way of the stony barrage and only just avoiding getting crushed before suddenly the woman was in her face, flying towards her with an ornate silver blade that looked like it the hand of a large clock that she’d generated out of thin air in her hand. She swiped down at Kalte, who ducked and lost a few hairs as she jumped backwards and launched a huge pillar of ice like a giant battering ram at the attacker. But, as with everything else, the pillar fizzled out of existence before it touched the woman.

“Ice cannot touch me,” she smirked. “And my guess is that’s the only trick that you have.”

“Not quite,” Kalte grimaced and swept her hands in together to generate a huge snowstorm out of nowhere that blasted down the street like a horizontal avalanche to envelop the woman, blowing back her hair and yet, to Kalte’s frustration, seeming to have little effect on her as she raised a hand and the blizzard seemed to miss her, the snow that would have hit her evaporating and allowing the rest of it to pass by on either side of her.

“Snow is no different to ice,” the woman yawned.

“If my powers are no good then I suppose I’ll just have to rely on beating you without them,” Kalte raised her fists and thundered forwards, throwing herself into a full forward flip and bringing her foot down towards the woman’s head. She dodged to the side nimbly, but as Kalte whirled around to follow her she raised an arm with an unbearably smug, gloating smile plastered across her features.

Some kind of large, crystalline sphere appeared out of nowhere in her hand and she spun around to fling it through the snowstorm at tremendous velocity, barrelling through the air towards Kalte. Kalte swerved sideways with intent to dodge it but suddenly the orb multiplied, splitting off until there were dozens of them, all the same size as the original.

“FLASH FORWARD!” her adversary cried and all of the orbs homed in on Kalte at once. She dodged and twisted wildly but it was no good. All the orbs whooshed around and followed her movements until they struck her, and the Ice Elemental screamed as she was pummelled from all sides at once by dozens of orbs. She was able to form a shell of ice around her skin at the last second to protect her from the brunt of the attacks, but she was still battered to the ground under the vicious assault. Even when she punched and kicked at the orbs they somehow swerved around her attacks and impacted with her body and by the time the assault ended she found herself lying in a Kalte-shaped dent in the stone road she’d been standing on.

“Ghh… nnghh…” she grunted as she forced herself to roll onto her front, all but one of the orbs vanishing as the remaining one returned to the hand of her adversary.

“Willing to give up and just die yet?” the woman asked sweetly. “I admit you’re tough and perhaps you would have proven a more worthy adversary with another kind of magic. One that’s not so easily affected by my Time Magic. But you, and all other Ice Make Mages… are simply powerless before me.”

“Ice… Make… Mages?” Kalte’s eyes widened, a sudden realisation hitting her like a cannonball to the face. That was the word used to describe mages like Gray Fullbuster and Lyon Vastia - two men she knew from the world where her good friends Kira and Krystal lived. And Gray sometimes, albeit rarely, spoke of a woman he used to know - the daughter of his teacher… and a woman with magic called the Arc of Time.

Was it… was it possible… that this woman was Ultear Milkovich?

But that was not possible surely. From what she knew of Ultear she had given her up her life in an attempt to save people from attacking dragons years ago, back when Kira’s wife Wendy Marvell had not even become a teenager yet! The woman that stood before her was not only very much alive but definitely did not seem like the kind of person who would be willing to make such a sacrifice… but then again, she did remember that Ultear had also been part of a Dark Guild, committing atrocious acts in an attempt to bring about a world where she could travel back in time and live her life again…

…atrocious acts like destroying cities, for instance.

Just like now.

Kalte latched onto the remote in her pocket, mercifully undamaged under the previous assault thanks to her quick icy shell. Was it possible that this remote could transfer people through time as well as space when they crossed the barrier and she’d wound up in the past for when Ultear was still a member of Grimoire Heart? Or was this world maybe a parallel version of the one she knew, like Edolas, that was a decade or two behind?

Either way… she needed to test it and she pushed herself to her feet and said, “I wouldn’t get too comfortable yet. I received my training from a super-powerful Ice Mage named Ul. I won’t let her teachings go to waste.”

The woman’s reaction was immediate and intense, her face twisting into a mask of fury. “You…!” she hissed. “Another one of that… that woman’s disciples!? Why… Why you!? Why did she want you and not me!?” she roared and flung the orb again. But Kalte just smirked and whipped out her remote to point it over her shoulder and open a portal. She leapt backwards into it, leaving a stunned Ultear standing stock-still at the space where Kalte had been, the orb hovering motionless as if wondering where its target had gone.

And… about ten seconds later, another portal suddenly opened off to Ultear’s right and Kalte burst through it with an almost frightening turn of speed, dropping low to fall on her hands and swing her legs out in a fantastic double kick that almost took Ultear’s legs out from underneath her. But the Time Mage had fast reflexes of her own and she jumped, sailing through the air and twisting about so that she landed at the same moment that Kalte surged upwards. Ultear swiped a hand through the air and the orb shot in once more, bursting into dozens of parallel versions of itself yet again.

But this time Kalte was ready for it and focused her energies. Ultear could change the time of her ice in an instant, but she couldn’t stop her from generating it. Kalte lunged forward and created an ice dagger in one hand that sliced into one of the orbs and shattered it. The dagger turned to vapour a split second later but Kalte had already generated another one in her other hand that stabbed into another orb before that vanished too. And so she went on, dagger after dagger appearing in her hand to cleave into an orb at the last possible second and vanishing half a second later under Ultear’s control. Slash, slash, slash, slash, slash! Kalte’s arms windmilled madly as she twirled around to plunge an icy blade into each orb until there were none remaining.

Ultear growled as she repaired the fractured remains of one of the orbs and returned it to her hand,  glowering at the smirking Elemental, even though Kalte was panting slightly from that display of athleticism. “I see I was right,” she murmured. “You were… taught well… But even if you can defend against that attack you have no hope of successfully attacking me back.”

“Perhaps not,” Kalte shrugged. “But I guess we’ll never find out which one of us would win in a fair contest.”

“What do you mean?” Ultear frowned, before something suddenly pulled her hair back and another something latched around her neck. The orb hovering in the air instantly fell to the floor and fractured as Ultear whirled around to see two icy hands rearing up out of the ground right behind her, moving under Kalte’s direction. One of them had pulled back her hair and the other had clamped some kind of… collar… around her neck?

“What is this?” she grabbed at it, defining that it was made of some kind of metal and had a stone set in it at the front. She immediately tried to use her Time Magic on it and rust it into nothingness… but nothing happened. She paused… gasped… and tried again… but no magic would come!

Kalte smirked. “I guess this really is the Fairy Tail world then,” she murmured. “Good thing we were prepared for this one.”

Yes, she and Amelia and Amelia’s family regularly visited this world to see Kira, Krystal and the menagerie of other friends they made in it, like the other Fairy Tail mages. But, as per usual, the Succubi had brought their kinky tendencies with them and Fairy Tail was full of super hot yet very powerful women. Many of which could not be contained without sealing their magic abilities while they were bound. Hence why they had invented these sealstone collars to be used on anyone they fancied playing with. After all, even at the times when they had consent, it just wasn’t as fun when they knew their sub could escape if they wanted.

Kalte snapped her fingers and the hands grabbed Ultear’s wrists and yanked them behind her back. Ultear gasped as her chest was suddenly thrust forwards by the position, which made her enormous rack bounce enticingly. As Kalte strode forwards, watching Ultear screaming in fury as she tried to summon the power to melt the ice holding her, she let her eyes wander freely up and down Ultear’s body. It was magnificent… and truly it was a shame that she’d had to die before Kalte could ever get to know her.

Though maybe… maybe if this was the same world she would regularly visit in the future… they could figure out a way to save her without altering the timeline too much…

For now, though, she was still very much a bad guy, even if she was doing all these terrible things in the belief that all the people she killed would be brought back to life if she went back in time. And Kalte decided that she was in need… of some serious… punishment…!






*Swat swat… swat*


“Ah, ah, ah,” Kalte raised a finger and shook her head, cutting off Ultear’s gagged tirade before it could begin. “The more you get angry the more I’m gonna have to swat that gorgeous ass of yours. And while goodness knows I’d like to do that, it is starting to get very red.”

“Hhnnnmmm…” Ultear groaned, a thin stream of saliva dribbling down her chin. The ball gag wedging her jaws open was one of a spectacularly large size. Kalte had gone the full mile to giving this Ultear her just desserts. And after all, why shouldn’t she? While she remembered well that Ultear felt a huge amount of guilt for the things she did, she was nonetheless acting like quite the bitch right now. And when she eventually did switch side she did wish to atone so… why not start now?

Ultear’s arms were currently stretched out to either side of her, firmly held at shoulder height by the thick wooden pole that had been laid across them and wedged against the back of her shoulders. Over a dozen separate strands of rope were securing the pole to her body, one at each of her wrists, triceps and elbows, two on each of her biceps, one around each of her shoulders and tucking under her armpits, and a further two looped over her shoulder and threaded through the topmost rope of a tight breast harness that curved its way around her body both and below her huge, naked and very red tits. An additional rope sliding its way through the valley of her cleavage pulled the two halves of the harness together to frame her breasts to perfection, jutting them out to display the nipples proudly for everyone in the room to see.

By contrast to her heavily bound upper body, Ultear’s lower half was almost completely free of rope. There was a little around her ankles, hobbling them together with a small amount of slack that enabled her to take minute steps without hopping. But the one remaining rope… was truly beastly!

It was a rope with over thirty knots tied equidistantly across its length and had been stretched out, horizontal and taut from wall to wall… and straight between Ultear’s legs. Ultear stared down at it with horror, particularly at the large knot that was lying just before her. The rope was pulled so forcefully up against her that it cleaved her labia, glistening and throbbing with forbidden need. And if she were to move forward, the knot would be pushed right into her pussy lips too.

*Swat swat* Two cracks from Kalte’s palm suddenly landed on her ass. “Chop, chop, we haven’t got all day,” Kalte grinned almost maliciously as she watched the flesh of Ultear’s rear dance to the beat of her strikes - a delicious sight if ever there was one. Because Kalte wanted her to pass over the knot. Just like all the others that Ultear had already passed over - the entire length of the rope was slick with Ultear’s juices and stank of her arousal. She’d been walking up and down the rope for the last half an hour, subjected to constant rubbing on her insides and constant spanks to her rear when she went one way, and her breasts when she went the other!

Ultear tried to give Kalte a defiant glare, but all that resulted in was a terrific slap right across her behind that sent a stinging pain lashing through her entire body and almost knocked her forwards onto the knot anyway. Sighing in defeat and leaning her head back against the pole as much as she could, Ultear slowly shuffled forwards.

“Hhhrnnm… ghhnn… nnngh…. GHHHH!” she squealed as the knot poked at her entrance, pressed itself hard to it and then, with a slick squelching noise it slipped its way inside. Ultear paused, gasping for breath at the pleasure that surged throughout her whole body but screeched when a flash of pain was added in with another slap to the ass.

“Keep moving,” Kalte instructed firmly, and the gasping Ultear had little alternative but to keep going. She was getting so close… so close to a burning orgasm as she shuffled on with the rope drawing out every last ounce of pleasure within her. She’d been trying to hold herself back, refusing to humiliate herself by cumming in front of her captor, but she couldn’t help it anymore. She couldn’t stop it - it had grown too large. Oh gosh… oh gosh her pride was vanishing… she needed to cum so bad!

But she’d reached the end of the rope so Kalte switched her attentions and smacked her hand to the underside of Ultear’s left breast, watching it bounce with immense satisfaction. “GHHNN!” Ultear swore under her breath as she began to shuffle backwards once again, knots sweeping in beneath her to force her slit open wide one after the other. One… two… three… four… it went on and each time her fires were stoked still further.

“That’s it…” Kalte purred as she watched Ultear move more willingly now, but continued to apply a slap to one of her tits at random with each knot she passed over.

So close… Ultear guessed it would only take three more knots now to get her off! Her insides screaming at her to let loose she slid over one rope, which pulled out her pussy with a wet pop. She passed over another and ggooooodddds, her sex felt like it would burst into flame. One more… one more… she inched closer… she could feel the knot… she could…

Kalte generated an ice sword out of thin air and slashed through the rope, which instantly dropped out of Ultear’s pussy and fell limply to the ground. Ultear gasped and tipped sideways in her shock, screaming into the gag as Kalte grabbed the wooden pole to keep her upright. “HHRNNNN! WRRGH YHR DRRNN!? WHRD YHR DDH TTHRG!” Ultear demanded furiously, shrieking into the gag so loudly she sounded almost deranged.

“Bad girls like you don’t get to cum so easily,” Kalte grinned as she seized Ultear’s nipples in her hands and pulled her forwards until they were eye to eye. “Only when I give my approval. And just yet… I don’t…”


Kalte smirked as she dragged a stumbling Ultear across the room until she was beneath a rope dangling from the ceiling, which Kalte took and pulled taut, tying one end around the pole spreading Ultear’s arms out wide before striding away, and leaving the screaming Ultear behind. The rope would force her to keep standing but she’d only be able to move in tiny circles and certainly wouldn’t be able to get close to anything she could rub herself against to push her over the edge. Ultear thrashed from side to side and practically whined, rubbing her thighs together in a desperate attempt to heat herself up enough to cum…

… yet it remained ever frustratingly just out of reach!

Kalte chuckled at the sounds she could hear coming from behind her as she stepped back over towards her other three prisoners. “So sorry, you three,” she laughed. “Seems I’ve been neglecting you in favour of my bitchy newbie. I think she’ll be staying with me for longer than you three - after all she deserves it. But that’s no excuse for ignoring you.”

“Hhnnnrmmmm…” Tatsuki wriggled feebly, having given up on trying to escape a while ago.

But the reaction of the Patil twins was more urgent. “MMMGHHHH!/HHHRRRRMM!” they screeched through their tape and bit gags, squirming up and down on the tabletop as Parvati desperately tried to push her sex against her sister’s face while Padma tried to resist her, but at the same time the intense smell of Parvati’s arousal blasting up her nose was fuelling her own fires and the vibrator buzzing frustratingly at her own nether regions meant she’d been burning for a chance to cum herself for what felt like forever!!

“Aaww, are you girls horny?” Kalte laughed as she stepped up between Padma’s legs and leaned over to plant a light kiss on each of her ebony buttcheeks. “Wanna cum?”

“RRRHHSSH! RRRHHSH!” they both screamed at the same time, nodding furiously, their aching loins pushing down their embarrassment as they begged for Kalte’s touch. Passing her tongue over her lips slightly, Kalte took hold of the remote for the three vibrators and instantly turned it up, smiling as the wails increased tenfold! Parvati bucked up and down spasmodically as the clamps over her nipples pulsed the buzzing sensation of the attached vibes down into them and Padma’s muscles all tensed and her eyes bugged wide at the indescribable feelings launching in through her pussy. Which doubled when Kalte suddenly seized her vibrator and pressed it in full force against Padma’s sex.

“I can’t remember which one you are, but you go first,” Kalte chuckled. Padma squealed as the Ice Elemental passed the end of the vibrator up and down both sides of her dribbling lower lips, huffing and puffing with the insane rushes of pleasure that resulted in breathing hard over Parvati’s own sex and pulsing her sister’s arousal to greater heights too. But not as great as Padma’s. All traces of any Ravenclaw dignity she had were eliminated as Kalte pressed the vibe in hard, retracted, pressed again…

“GGHHHNN! YYHRSH! YRHHR!” Padma’s wails turned delirious, and even when Kalte placed a few well-aimed smacks on her rear that only seemed to fuel her fires. It was coming… it was coming… she could feel it… yes… YES!

And this time Kalte let her.

“RRRRRHHHNNNNNMMMMMMMMMMMMM!” Padma hollered as a wave of bliss engulfed her and passed out of her nether regions as a more literal wave of love juice. Kalte smirked as she watched the sticky stuff spell forth across the varnished wood - joining the many other stains across the tabletop that had been made by herself, Amelia, Caldura and several others since they’d bought the table. She withdrew the vibrator and tossed it over her shoulder before leaning down to unbuckle the bit gag from Padma’s gasping mouth. All while Parvati kept writhing and groaning fit to burst.

“Feel better?” Kalte asked.

“Y… yeah… thank you…” Padma gasped, before realising she was thanking her own kidnapper and clamming up.

“MMMRHHHHH!” Parvati wailed, jerking her hips upwards towards Padma’s face desperately. Padma reared backwards in shock but Kalte placed her elbows on the table and laid her chin on her hands to give Padma a devilish smirk.

“Well… go on then…”

“Go… no… no way… I…”

“MMMMMMMGHHH! PWRRFF! PWWRRF! SHHNMWRN!” Parvati screeched, her eyes shining as she could practically feel the vibrations in her nipples making their way down her body towards her pussy.

“How could you be so cruel?” Kalte snickered. “To leave your sister in such a plight? She’s feeling the same mad desperation you were only a few minutes ago and you’re just going to leave her like that? When you could… maybe… alleviate her suffering?”

“You bitch!” Padma growled.

“Sometimes,” Kalte wiggle her eyebrows teasingly. “But let’s put it this way. I’m not going to make your sister cum. Nor will I make another of my slaves do it. No, that task is all up to you. And you alone.”

“PPRDMR!” Parvati screamed, waving her hips back and forth to let her pussy sway beneath Padma’s nose. She was so horny she’d gone past the point of caring. She needed to cum so bad… she didn’t care who gave her the final push. Padma stared into Parvati’s desperate face, pleading eyes… and felt herself break down. She was genuinely worried that if she didn’t do something soon, Parvati might go mad.

“Damn you!” she cried, before she dove forwards and fastened her lips around Parvati’s groin.

“HHHRRRRRMMMMMNNNNN!” Parvati screeched so loudly that she almost forced the tape loose from her face, going cross-eyed as she felt Padma sucking at the space between her legs, arching her back to jam her pussy as hard against Padma’s face as she could go. Padma did her best, slipping her tongue out and probing at Parvati’s slit with it, running it tentatively up and down while Kalte offered advise from next to her.

“Yeeeees, that’s it, good. Now push your tongue in deeper… deeper… really shove it down there. Work those lips, like you’re trying to suck something out of the world’s biggest straw. Hmmm, bet your sister tastes good doesn’t she? I bet you both do.”

“Hhhnnnmmmm…” Padma moaned in pure mortification, but she didn’t stop. She thrust her tongue in, over and over. She was no expert, but Parvati was so horny it didn’t matter. In less than a minute, the former Gryffindor was thrashing fit to burst as much as the ropes would allow and a burst of love juice washed from her nether regions to coat Padma’s face. Both sister’s cheeks darkened as blood rushed to them and Padma pulled away quickly, watching with wide eyes as more juice gushed from Parvati’s entrance.

There was the proof right there… that their relationship would probably never be the same again after this.

Kalte stepped back from the table and glanced back over her shoulder, locking eyes with her first captive, who blanched and squirmed in her bonds, as if hoping to somehow succeed in pulling her leg down in spite of her all her failure thus far to do so. Kalte chuckled. “I see that you’re anger seems to have been put out at last,” she noted.

And she was right. Tatsuki’s usual temper was notably absent, replaced now by nervousness and… arousal. Kalte’s eyes trailed down to the prominent pussy and the very wet patch that had been created around her labia. Squealing in embarrassment, Tatsuki strained with all her might at the ropes around her legs, trying to pull them together and hide her sexual excitement. But she was fooling nowhere.

And Kalte could hardly blame her. After all, she’d been audience to a kinky show the like of which she, with her probably limited experience, had never seen before, and the room was filled with the intoxicating stench of women’s lust. It would be enough to set any girl off.

“Aaw, don’t worry. I haven’t forgot about you,” Kalte purred as she sauntered over to the pole, ignoring Tatsuki’s struggles as her hands homed in on the schoolgirl’s heaving tits, seizing them and generating a squeal at the sudden chill that passed through Tatsuki’s body at the same rate as the pleasure burst that accompanied it. “I’ll be honest. When I started all this it wasn’t really my intention for things to go as far as they have. But what can I say, I got horny,” she smirked. “And I can see you have too… and I can hardly just send you back to your own world now while you’re in such a state… now can I?”

“Mmmmmghhh…” Tatsuki huffed at the intense feelings washing through her from Kalte’s skilled manipulation of her boobies. But she couldn’t even tell if she was pleading for Kalte not to do it… or to get on with it…

Kalte placed one hand on her chin and tapped it thoughtfully, wondering how to go about this while the other hand reached down to slid her fingertips gently across Tatsuki’s pussy, the squeals peeling forth from out the bound girl’s gag fuelling her own fires. How should she go about this… hmmm…

Slowly, her eyes trailed back towards the Patil twins… and a wide smirk crossed her face at her next sudden thought. Yes… she knew what to do…


“Mrrhh hhrr… rrhh ggrg rnn wrv rrt…” Tatsuki mumbled a few minutes later after Kalte had re-arranged her position. Finally the blessed relief of being able to put two feet on the ground was hers again, but now here ankles had been locked to either side of a spreader bar which still left her frustratingly unable to close her legs.

Her arms had been brought down to fold behind her, a tight box tie consisting of leather straps enforcing elbow to wrist bonds and elaborately looping over her torso highlighted Kalte’s skill with restraints, and she had been bent over forwards to that her body was almost at a total right-angle to her hips, kept that way without too much strain thanks to her torso resting atop and tied down to a smaller wooden table that allowed her head to hang over the other side. The ball gag in her mouth had been replaced with a ring gag and the free-flowing stream of drool glooping down to the floor beneath her clearly demonstrated its effectiveness.

Meanwhile Kalte had untied the Patil twins from the table and had redone their own bonds a lot more simply. Their arms had been forced up into identical armbinders that secured them behind their backs and pulled their arms in tightly behind them. Their tape and bit gags were still in place, but their ankles had been hobbled together much like Ultear’s but as far as restraints went that was it.

However, they did have a couple of extra features in place. Or at least Padma did - she was now wearing a similar pair of nipple clamps to the ones that were still adorning Parvati’s own tits. But now both sisters were wearing a large, black strap-on secured around their waists that bobbed obscenely with every wobbly step that they took. Which Kalte was forcing them to do as she moved them over to the helpless Tatsuki.

“The name of the game is a simple one girls,” the Ice Elemental laughed as she spurred them forwards with quick raps to their behinds. “You’ve both cum but this poor girl has yet to. And I’m not an unreasonable woman, far from it. So, here’s what I propose. You two work together to get your fellow prisoner off and I’ll see to it that you’re returned safely to your own worlds, no harm done, okay?”

“Hhrmmm? Rwwrr?” Parvati looked up at her wide-eyed.

“Yhhr nrrt llrrnn th rsh?” Padma gasped.

It took a moment for Kalte to decipher that but then she smiled and said, “No lies, I promise. Besides, this girl really wants it! Just look at that dripping pussy! Ooh, she wants it invaded so bad! So why don’t you do the honours?” she swatted Parvati’s ass hard and the sister stumbled forwards, edging up slightly behind the helplessly pinned Tatsuki. She hesitated for several seconds, glancing up at Tatsuki’s face. But all she saw in the karate girl’s expression was a deep, carnal need. And when Tatsuki nodded her head, it removed all of Parvati’s doubts.

Shuffling forwards, she lined up the dildo’s tip awkwardly with the quivering pussy before her. “MMMRHH!” Tatsuki screeched as the felt the top tickling at her juicing flower, but it was nothing compared to the scream she unleashed when Parvati suddenly shoved forwards, moving before she could lose her nerve and impaling the strap-on deep into Tatsuki’s body.


Parvati rocked her body quickly, see-sawing back and forth to retract and plunge, retract and plunge, swinging the armbinder slightly to give herself momentum as she pushed the dildo deep into Tatsuki’s extremities! Tatsuki wailed and thrashed from side to side, gyrating her hips as best she could to stroke her inner walls around as much dildo as possible and wailing in delight at Parvati’s unpracticed, yet resolute, thrusting.

“Excellent…” Kalte purred, giving Parvati’s ass a clean swat that made her jerk forwards to shove the dildo as deep into Tatsuki as it would go. But as Tatsuki peeled forth another wail, Kalte turned to Padma and said, “Well? Get cracking then.”

“Hrmm?” Padma blinked, her eyes riveting down at the motion of Parvati’s dildo as her sister hammered it into the pussy of the girl who’s name she didn’t even know. Get cracking? How was she supposed to get cracking. Parvati’s body was blocking her from making a contribution, even to the asshole. There was no way she could…

But Kalte was guiding her round the other side of the table… to Tatsuki’s other end… to her head.

“There’s a nice big hole here that you could be playing with,” Kalte pointed in straight for Tatsuki’s mouth, held wide open by her ring gag. Padma jerked and tried to back away but Kalte steered her in close until the dildo was right before the gag, which Tatsuki barely noticed, so busy was she with screaming in pleasure at the top of her lungs.

“Let me put it this way. You do this until she cums, or you and your sister will be spending another couple of days with me,” Kalte stroked Padma’s hair lightly before gripping Tatsuki’s to hold her head still, shoving Padma forwards until the dildo was shoved straight through into Tatsuki’s mouth. Tatsuki coughed as she felt the invasion hit the back of her throat, but she was so in the swing of the sex that she reacted instinctively and actually started licking at it with her tongue, rocking her body back and forth as she was taken from both ends.

“NNNNNNRHHH!” her screams were quieter now with her mouth further plugged. Padma grimaced around her bit gag as she watched Parvati getting more and more into it, slamming herself harder and harder into Tatsuki’s slit. The second twin began to emulate the first and bucked her hips a little, drawing the dildo forth and back in time with Parvati so that whenever dildo plunged into pussy it was retracted from the mouth and vice versa! Tatsuki’s eyes rolled as she sucked and bucked, both her violated holes squelching with love juice or saliva and groaning fit to burst.

“That’s it… thaaaat’s it…” Kalte smiled, as she moved over to stand behind Parvati and press herself close to the witch’s back, rocking her own hips in time with her captive’s and grinding her own nether regions against Parvati’s ass through her jeans and squishing her breasts firmly against Parvati’s shoulder blades. “Harder… faster… feel the beat girls. Play her like a harp! Let’s here her scream!”

It was too much for Tatsuki and she couldn’t hold out longer than about a minute under this treatment. With a spectacular scream she blasted into cumming, and Kalte was quick to grab Parvati’s hips and hold her in, watching Tatsuki’s love juice cascading down Parvati’s legs in spades. Padma froze with the dildo still well passed Tatsuki’s lips to watch and after a few seconds of violent orgasm, taking Tatsuki to a pleasurable height she never thought possible, she slumped against the table, barely conscious, filled with a deep bliss and breathing heavily through her nose.

Kalte shivered as she stepped away from Parvati, the two twins pulling the strap ons out of Tatsuki and shuffling over to each other so they could press themselves together. Gods, all this was arousing as hell… and yet Kalte realised that since all this had begun, she herself had yet to cum once! Now she was the one that could feel the itching in her crotch, demanding release… but the three girls she’d been playing with for now looked pretty spent…


Kalte smirked as she removed the ring gag from the heavily breathing Tatsuki, undid her belt and allowed her jeans to slide to the floor, stepping out of them and striding purposefully over towards Ultear, who was still milling about on the spot and hunkering down, trying to rub her legs together by any means necessary. She was still on a huge sexual high even now but she looked up sharply when Kalte untied the ceiling rope from the pole across her arms. The Ice Elemental then proceeded to remove Ultear’s gag, which was so large that she had to pull with some force to get it to pop out from behind Ultear’s teeth.

“Still feeling horny?” she smirked.

“YOU BLOODY BITCH!” Ultear roared. “I DEMAND SOMETHING… TO… I can’t believe I’m saying this but… GET ME OFF NOW, DAMN IT! YOU CAN’T LEAVE ME LIKE AAAHHHH…!”

“That’s a yes then,” Kalte smirked, as she grabbed Ultear’s nipples forcefully and dragged her over to a large armchair in the corner. “But don’t worry. You don’t deserve to cum, but I’ve decided to let you… on condition…”

“C…condition… what… what kind of…”

“Simple…” Kalte smirked as she forced Ultear down to her knees in front of the chair, before stepping around her and sinking onto the soft cushion with her own legs spread wide, revealing the stained panties barely covering her crotch. “You make me cum first!”

“…WHAT!?” Ultear screeched. “YOU… YOU LITTLE… I WOULD NEVER MMMMGHH!!” The ring gag was suddenly wedged into her mouth as as Kalte bent forwards to buckle the straps she also placed her tits on top of Ultear’s head, grinding her chest to rub her covered nipples against the headband that she’s allowed Ultear to continue wearing. Thin moans escaped her lips as she gyrated her chest atop the humiliated Time Mage, before pulling back and moving her foot forwards to delicately scrape her toes against Ultear’s sex, which had an almost electric effect on Ultear as she reared back so hard her breasts bounced like basketballs.

“Allow me to rephrase that,” Kalte smirked almost evilly, hooking her thumbs into her panties and removing them but suddenly draping them over Ultear’s head and snapping them in place, deliberately making it so the wet section covered in her juices was right over Ultear’s nose. “Either I cum by your tongue in the next ten minutes, or I’ll see it that you don’t orgasm for a week, but that you’ll want to the entire time. Sound fair?”

Ultear froze… she… she couldn’t be serious! That was… beyond dastardly! To keep her in a state like that for this for that long…? Ultear wasn’t sure if she could take that!

“And if you aren’t licking me out in the next ten seconds then I’ll make sure that you stay like that for a month,” Kalte chuckled.

“RR MMRRNFF!” Ultear shrieked. She definitely couldn’t take that! Before she could think twice she surged forwards, just able to see out the corner of her eye at the edge of the panty material and pressed her mouth up against Kalte’s slit. Her tongue snaked out through the ring gag and plunged straight into Kalte’s pussy instantly, swabbing around on the inside, licking up and down, right to left, all around, passing it over every inch of Kalte’s insides that she could reach.

“AAAIIIEE!” Kalte cried and fell backwards, sagging against the armchair! She hadn’t expected Ultear’s licking to be this good! Either Ultear had licked pussy before or she was just a natural at it! Either way it was glorious and Kalte’s hands automatically pulled her top up to bare her breasts, which she grabbed and started to knead as she rocked her hips, pressing her naked slit hard against Ultear’s gagged and partially covered face. “Oooh yeeesss… yes, that’s it… ooh, what a wonderful pussy licker you are. Eat me! Eat me! YES! Aahh! AAHHNNN!”

Ultear’s cheeks were deep red beneath the panties, humiliated beyond belief as she strained at the ropes holding her arms out, but her own arousal fuelled her action as she sucked as much as the ring gag would allow, groaning as the intense scent of Kalte’s arousal raised her own higher still. Her tongue swirled around and thrust in deep to flick at her G-spot.

It was as if she had to get this woman off by any means necessary!

It did not take long for Kalte to succumb, but just as she burst into orgasm with a wave of stickiness and a piercing scream that shook the rafters, the door suddenly opened. Kalte fell back, gasping for breath and blearily looked up at the door to find none other than her blonde bombshell of a lover, Amelia Tempest, standing there. She chuckled slightly at the Succubi’s expression, a raised eyebrow and wry smirk as if Kalte’s little collection was not surprising in the least.

She had a lot to talk to Amelia about, especially when it came to the Fairy Tail world and the possibility of saving Ultear without altering the timeline in any way…

But that could wait. For now, she leaned forwards and gripped Ultear’s crossbar, rotating the naked woman around until she was sitting on her backside and then using her feet to spread the captive’s legs, putting the sopping, desperate pussy on full display.

“Evening, Amelia,” she chuckled. “You’re later than I expected. Must have been a full day at work. But, as you can see, I have something here that should help you unwind if you would care to partake.”

Amelia merely smirked and said, “Don’t mind if I do,” before she dove forwards and all but fell upon Ultear’s pussy, raising a gagged squeal of shock and bliss that rattled every chain in the room at once!

Kalte's Kidnappings Part 2
Part Two of the art trade, again written by the talented :iconrisrupio:, with Kalte having some more fun.  A cameo of :iconthelairverse:'s Amelia Tempest appears at the end.

Again, I hope you enjoy.
Mature Content Filter is On. The Artist has chosen to restrict viewing to deviants 18 and older.
(Contains: sexual themes)
“Ugh… I’m beginning to regret coming here…” the dark haired woman murmured to herself, shaking a hand before her face and wrinkling her nose in disgust. The fumes kicked up by the myriad of vehicles racing along the road next to her were nothing short of disgusting. And it seemed like she couldn’t go two steps without stepping on a fresh piece of litter. Jeez, why did human cities have to be so filthy!?

Granted this particular city… what was it called… Karakura Town, if she remembered correctly… wasn’t as bad as some of the cities she’d visited in the past, and it had some pretty impressive architecture. But of all the places that Kalte Eiskrem had visited in recent weeks… this one wasn’t really close to the top of her list of favourites.

Still, it wasn’t close to the bottom either. Kalte had been to some weird and far from wonderful places since her lover Amelia Tempest had managed to get her hands on that remote. The one bumping in the back pocket of her jeans right now. It was quite the nifty little device which Amelia had somehow managed to get her hands on through her business connections. But it was not a remote for controlling a television or a radio. No… this was one that could zap the wielder from their dimension and into another one, allowing them to travel from universe to universe and explore a vast omniverse of worlds with unique races, cultures, everything you could imagine.

Though so far she hadn’t found anything particularly exciting in this one.

The pale-skinned Ice Elemental kicked a rock slightly and watched it roll down the curb and fall its way down a drain with a faint plopping sound and sighed, digging her hands into her pockets as she trudged along, dodging the crowd. “This is boring… just like the last two worlds had poked my nose into… I…”

She suddenly paused when she heard the distinctive sound of something heavy slamming into something metal from the lane she’d just stepped up next to. Her attention grabbed and she found herself wandering away from the road and into that alleyway, speeding up slightly as the unmistakable sound of conflict reached her ears.

“Get her! Get in there and grab her, you wusses!” cried a male voice and Kalte rounded another corner just in time to see a man come flying at her. Instinct took over as she dodged aside and the temperature in her palms dropped suddenly, readying herself for an ice attack! But… is it turned out, the person being assaulted didn’t seem to need much help. She was kicking some serious ass all on her own!

Kalte stood back, placing a hand on her hip to watch in amusement as a girl with black hair, long and a little spiky like her own but not tied into a broad ponytail like hers, ducked under a ham-like fist of a large man and span around in a tight circle to sweep her leg up and out and crash her shoe straight into his cheek, sending him careening to the side with a mark that would definitely bruise in the near future plastered over his cheek. Without missing a beat the woman had spun around to see two more men swinging at her and immediately fell backwards onto her shoulders before they’d hit her, allowing the blows to whoosh harmlessly over her before she planted her hands on either side of her head and pushed off from the ground to hammer her feet, hard, into each of the men’s chins.

“Wow… she’s good,” Kalte observed quietly as the girl turned to face the last of her would-be attackers, who was gripping a baseball bat in his hands. He quickly charged at her and brought the bat hammering down at her head but she calmly sidestepped and chopped her hand down onto his own. He yelled as he lost all feeling in his fingers and dropped the bat before the girl elbowed him hard to the chest and, as he doubled over, brought a leg up to knee him in the chin.

The man collapsed backwards to the floor, joining the other seven that were lying around the girl that’s tried to mug, or possibly rape. Kalte’s brow arced up slightly - had she taken all of those men out at once? That was pretty impressive for a regular human who looked like they’d only just turned eighteen recently.

And now Kalte found herself taking in the girl’s body, staring openly and reminding herself to blame Amelia later for how brazen and obvious she had become in recent years about staring at other girls. She had blue eyes as opposed to Kalte’s lavender ones and appeared to be wearing a school uniform - grey skirt that fell to just above her knees, with a matching blazer over a white shirt and completed with a red ribbon tied in a loose bow around her neck. But the blazer did little little to hide her figure, which was reasonably curvaceous. Kalte’s eyes locked onto the girl’s breasts and she had to stop herself from wetting her lips with her tongue. Those tits weren’t massive and not quite as big as Kalte’s own, but they were still reasonably large.

As the girl stood amongst the groaning men, breathing lightly despite her exertions, her back stiffened and she whirled around at the sound of Kalte’s hands clapping together slowly. “That was pretty damn impressive,” the Ice Elemental smirked, lowering her hands to her waist to hold them akimbo. “I wish I had been here to see the fight from start to finish. I’m sure it would have been quite a spectacle, judging by what I did see.”

“Oh… thanks…” the girl coughed slightly, her own eyes flicking briefly over Kalte’s body too, her eyes lingering just for a second on the daring, tight red tank-top that Kalte usually wore, quite low cut to expose much of her cleavage and the bottom only a extending a short way down beneath her breasts and so leaving her navel bare, before she shook her head and looked back up into Kalte’s face. “Perhaps I got a little carried away.”

“Oh, I don’t think so. I’d say this lot needed to be put in their place, and you certainly did that. You must surely practice martial arts. What’s your name? Mine is Kalte. Kalte Eiskrem.”

“Tatsuki Arisawa,” the girl inclined her head slightly. “And… yes, I’ve practiced karate since I was a kid, and I am the second best girl in my age group in all of Japan.” She stood a little taller when she said that, puffing her chest out in pride, which Kalte certainly couldn’t object too.

“Second best, huh?” Kalte chuckled. “That’s gotta be a little frustrating, I’d imagine.”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“Well obviously if you’re second best then that means that there’s one person out there in your category that can still best you. It’s the place where the top spot is so close to your grasp but not quite there.”

Tatsuki frowned and clenched her fist slightly. “…Yeah… that is true…” she muttered in minor irritation.

“Oh pardon me, I probably shouldn’t have said that,” Kalte was quick to apologise. “That was a little insensitive… hmm, you know, if you arranged a match between you and the one at the top spot then I reckon you could easily win the match if you stripped off your top and bra and threw them at her!”

“HUH!?” Tatsuki gasped, stumbling backwards slightly in sheer shock. “Wh… what are you saying?”

“Well she’d never see that coming, would she? And you could nail her with a solid punch during her shock,” Kalte laughed. “Besides, even if you look kinda tomboyish… a sexy athlete like you baring her breasts before the crowd? That would get them on your side and no mistake. I know I’d be first in line to ask for a free grope.” Kalte stuck out her tongue cheekily and offered the stunned student a broad wink.

Tatsuki could only stare in disbelief… before that disbelief turned to hideous embarrassment… and that rapidly turned to anger, her temper rising within her rapidly as her body heated up, flames seeming to ignite in her eyes. “Don’t just come up to a stranger and say things like that!” she yelled and suddenly jumped forwards, lashing a perfect roundhouse kick at Kalte’s head in her rage. Kalte’s eyes widened as she bent over backwards to allow the kick to breeze over her face and dodged to the side as Tatsuki swung her other leg down right so hard that her foot almost cracked the tarmac.

“Whoa, hey! What was that for?” Kalte protested. “Can’t you take a joke?”

“Joke? JOKE! You don’t joke about something like that!” Tatsuki cried and attempted to lunge forwards again. But it was her bad luck to leap right over the top of a puddle left behind from last night’s rain. The water suddenly froze solid and stretched up as two icy hands to seize Tatsuki by the ankles. “KYA!” she screamed as she was yanked back down into the puddle, barely able to keep her balance as the ice rose up over her feet to completely incase them in ice, gluing them to the floor.

“What… what is this? Wait… don’t tell me…” she looked up with wide eyes. “Are you like… like Rukia and Ichigo? A Shinigami or… or something?”

Kalte raised a brow. “I’m an Elemental actually. Regardless, perhaps my joke was in poor taste. I suppose you can’t live with a bunch of Succubus without some of their… shameless ways rubbing off on you. In more ways that one.” A thin chuckled escaped her lips, particularly as she watched Tatsuki struggling against the icy shoes she’d been stuck with. “Still… what am I going to do with you now?”

“You… you could start by letting me go maybe?” Tatsuki asked, a little more nervously than before. In the face of someone with powers like this, her status as the second in Japan at girl’s karate seemed to be little worth.”

“Oh, I can’t do that,” Kalte smirked as she approached her sudden captive, putting an extra swing in her hips while additionally snapping her fingers. Ice congealed into existence in mid-air behind Tatsuki’s back and lashed out to either side, taking the shape of handcuffs with long ice chains that latched onto each of her wrists and yanked them behind her back. Tatsuki squeaked, just as much from the cold as the surprise, as the ice chain shortened until it no longer existed, merging with the cuffs until the two of them were attached together to secure Tatsuki’s wrists in place.

“Huh!? What… what are you doing?” Tatsuki squealed, thrashing her body from side to side wildly for a moment before suddenly becoming stock still at the next moment when Kalte’s cold hands found their way to her shoulders. Wide eyes stared into Kalte’s smirking face as the Ice Elemental inched forwards until their breasts were tickling at each other.

“What am I doing? Well… Tatsuki, was it… you attacked me. It may have been a response to a rather sultry statement I made but that doesn’t excuse it. I can hardly let you go… unpunished… for that, can I?”

Tatsuki’s eyes widened and she instantly tried to headbutt Kalte in the nose, but Kalte had seen that coming and ducked aside, swooping around Tatsuki’s body until she was hugging the girl from behind, her breasts mashing against Tatsuki’s back while one of her hands raced up her captive’s stomach to rest over the top of one of Tatsuki’s own, modestly sized tits, giving it a cheeky little squeeze in the process, while the other hand came to rest against the back of Tatsuki’s head to prevent her from trying to slam her head backwards instead.


“Looks like you might need a lesson in anger management anyway,” Kalte purred as the ice around Tatsuki’s feet reformed into individual ankle cuffs that Kalte kept firmly under her control to keep her from kicking. “I wasn’t intending to bring any captives back with me from this universe… but I guess I can consider this a bonus.”

And with that, her hand withdrew from Tatsuki’s breast and reached for the the remote in her pocket. With a simple click a sudden portal whooshed into existence before Tatsuki, and though she strained with all her considerable might to back away from it, Tatsuki found herself going the other way instead, the cuffs dragging her forward step by step, until she was literally walked right out of her own universe with Kalte right behind her. The portal blinked shut a moment later, leaving only the guys Tatsuki had beaten up lying groaning on the floor…


“When I get out of this…!”

“…You’ll beat me to a pulp?” Kalte rolled her eyes slight as she finished tying a knot in the rope around Tatsuki’s right ankle. “Yes, I am well aware. If only because that’s the fifth time that you’ve actually said it since we got here. Honestly, I’m beginning to think I should have gagged you first.”

“Gag me?” Tatsuki bristled. “You can’t be serious…! Why are you even doing this? Don’t you think kidnapping me because I tried to kick you is a bit of an over-reaction!?”

“Er… pot and kettle…” Kalte raised a brow. “I could say exactly the same thing about trying to kick me for making a little comment about your tits. How you ever hope to get a boyfriend or girlfriend that way I’ll never know. Oh, here we go… yoink!”

“NGHHH!” Tatsuki gasped as Kalte pulled hard on the rope to hoist her right ankle upwards and out to the side, raising it higher, higher, until her foot had gone past shoulder height. The young girl thrashed about as best she could, seeking to drive her foot into her kidnapper’s face, but considering the bindings around the rest of her body she could get no real power behind her movements and Kalte maintained easy control even without help from her ice abilities.

Growling in frustration, Tatsuki yanked on the ropes holding her arms above her head. It seemed like this woman possessed an absurd amount of material to bind people with. She could barely move most of her body and yet it didn’t look like she’d gone through even five percent of the stuff she could see on shelves around the room.

And now Tatsuki found herself pressed against the back of a thick, wooden pole with her wrists tied together and fixed to an iron bolt too high for her to reach even when she stretched to her bodies maximum capacity. Additional lengths of rope were wrapped tightly around her body and the pole itself, with more than enough spare to cinch in all possible slack by winding between skin and wood, pressing the ropes in tight and secure against Tatsuki’s naked flesh just above her breasts, at her navel just above her belly button, around her upper left thigh and at the left ankle.

As she squirmed valiantly from side to side her mid-sized breasts swayed a little, bouncing as she flexed her raised ankle powerfully. But no matter how hard she tugged, Kalte’s quick, practiced hands were unyielding, and she could only watch as her ankle bonds were secured to the same bolt as her wrist bonds by the remainder of its length. Kalte had to stand on a box to reach that height, but as soon as she was done she stepped down and dusted off her hands with a smile.

“I wouldn’t try lifting a leg so high for the average captive,” she smirked as she stared at the flexing toes that were level with the top of Tatsuki’s own head. “But I figured your skill at martial arts would make you a good choice. Looks like I was right.”

“NNNNGHH!” Tatsuki yelled, but as Kalte deftly wrapped around rope around her raised right knee and threaded it through a second bolt in the side of the pole to add to her immobility, she was forced to admit she was actually quite scared. She was just so… powerless… The woman had taken her, stripped her and tied up with seemingly no effort at all! Now what was she going to do to her? She could do… anything…

“Aww, please don’t be afraid of me,” Kalte purred as she stepped forwards to place her hands against Tatsuki’s stomach. Yelping at the sudden cold of her palms, Tatsuki’s whole body tensed as the Ice Elemental slid her fingers slowly upwards until they were resting just beneath her chest. “I’d never hurt a cutie like you unless you forced me to. And right now you can’t really force me to do anything, can you? Which is why I’m going to do this instead…” the hands moved upwards until they seized Tatsuki’s breasts and sunk into her firm yet supplie titties slightly.

“Gyahh… nnngh…” Tatsuki huffed, gasping for breath and her jaw dropping at the cold grip and the sudden spark of pleasure that came with it. “N…no… stop it…” she stammered, her rage dropping as she was enveloped in embarrassment instead.

“Told you I’d be first in line for a grope,” Kalte smirked. “But why should I stop? I know it feels good after all. I’ve had my boobs stroked while tied to that very pole countless times so I know what I’m talking about. If Amelia was here, she’d probably be licking your nipples already.”

“This is… this is… so wrong…” Tatsuki moaned, flexing her raised leg and getting absolutely nowhere with pulling it free.

“Aww, that hurt me,” Kalte snickered. “Tell you what… maybe you’ll enjoy this more.” And suddenly her hands left Tatsuki’s chest and found their way to her exposed armpits… which she placed her fingertips against and immediately began to rake her nails lightly across them. “Koochie koochie koo…”

“EEEEEEE! HEEEHEEEHEEE! HAHAHAHA! NO! NOOOOHOHOHO! STAHPET! STAHPET! AAAAHAHAHAHAAMMMRRFFF!” Tatsuki screwed up her eyes under the sudden tickling assault so firmly that she couldn’t even open them when she suddenly felt Kalte’s lips press against hers. The Ice Elemental smiled as she brushed her tongue against Tatsuki’s lips, feeling the vibrations of Tatsuki’s continued laughter against her face as she boldly kissed her. She knew Amelia wouldn’t mind. After all, she’d long lost count of how many other women Amelia had kissed since their relationship had begun.

However she was quick to pull away and left her fingers scrabbling at Tatsuki’s skin a while longer, including moving one hand to the sole of her upraised foot and ignoring her feeble thrashing attempts to get away as she raked her fingers over her captives sensitive areas. Eventually though she pulled away and Tatsuki slumped as much as her bonds would allow, heaving in deep breaths to replenish her starved lungs with air and giving Kalte plenty of time to go and grab a ball gag from a nearby shelf - one of about fifty in the room as a whole.

Tatsuki was so zonked that she barely protested as Kalte lifted the ball up and wedged it in between her lips. But once the straps were buckled behind her head, Kalte lifted Tatsuki’s chin and smiled as she watched a thin line of drool quickly escape from her prisoner’s mouth and drip down towards her fingers.

“Now, I’m going to keep exploring new dimensions for a while,” she smiled. “I don’t know when Amelia will be back, but it will either be me, her or my faithful Kerryn Caldura that you next see in here. I wonder what the other two would do to you if they found you in here… probably a few of the things I plan to do with you later. Bye for now…”

“Hhhmmm… wrrgg… yhhr crrn llhv mmhh hrr…” Tatsuki protested, gaining some of her strength back as Kalte walked away, but it was no use. Kalte swiftly picked up the remote again and opened another swirling portal to another random universe and stepped through once again, leaving the groaning schoolgirl utterly alone in the embrace of her creaking ropes. (Hey… wait… you can’t leave me here…)


Kalte stepped out into the new universe… and trod on the tail of a cat, which instantly let out an ear-splitting caterwauling noise that made Kalte leap backwards in shock. The portal closed an instant before she fell back through it, which meant that she crashed straight into a large table instead, pushing it backwards and sending the two owls that had been perched on it bursting into the air with an oddly silent flurry of wingbeats, one of which buffeted Kalte in the face while the cat went haring off into another room.

“Damn!” Kalte cursed slightly as she gripped the table with her hands and pushed herself back to her feet, looking around her and rubbing her elbow ruefully from where she’d knocked the table with it. The major problem that she’d discovered with this dimensional remote was that you couldn’t select exactly where in your destination universe you emerged in because you didn’t know what would lie beyond. You just had to pick your co-ordinates and hope for the best. She’d emerged right in the middle of a crowd sometimes and caused a panic that she’d had to duck away from, though that wasn’t as bad as the time she’d landed in a swamp. If it hadn’t been for her abilities with ice she might have been in serious trouble that time.

This time though she appeared to have shown up in the middle of someone’s house. A rather old-fashioned looking house too. She couldn’t see any electrical appliances in it for one. Not even a lightbulb - the walls were lined with a series of gas lamps. And who the heck kept free-roaming owls in their house anyway? A handsome looking Great Grey and ruffled Barn Owl if she wasn’t mistaken.

“Better get out of here quick,” she murmured. “Before…”

Thudding noises coming from the stairs. Footsteps!

“Oops…” she murmured and looked around for a place to duck out of sight but she was too late. Two girls appeared at the bottom of the stairs and Kalte couldn’t help but stop and stare. They looked about nineteen and were quite clearly sisters - probably twins because they looked very similar. They had smooth, dark skin that made Kalte guess they were of Indian descent - assuming that this world had an India, and their long, glossy black hair and smooth complexions made them both extremely attractive as far as the Ice Elemental was concerned.

Kalte quickly raised a hand and started to say, “Er, I’m so…” But equally quickly the frontmost of the two girls suddenly pulled out some kind of short stick of wood from a holster at her waist and pointed it at the intruder.

“Stupefy!” she yelled and a sudden jet of red light blasted out of the tip of the stick, the wand, and pulsed right for Kalte’s chest. If it hadn’t been for Kalte’s history as a mercenary and bodyguard that had honed her reflexes down to such a fine point then the spell would have made impact. Instead though Kalte instinctively formed a small shield of ice over the palm of one hand that she swung out to deflect the light and send it crashing into another wall.

“Hey! That was…” she started but the two girls were only in shock at what she’d done for a moment before they suddenly split up and ran to either sides of the room, the second twin pulling out her own wand and firing off another red light that Kalte ducked underneath. She didn’t know what it was but she wasn’t willing to risk finding out the hard way.

“Come on, Padma!” yelled the first girl. “Let’s knock her back.”

“Way ahead of you, Parvati!” the other twin cried as she launched another light beam, blue this time, right at Kalte. The Ice Elemental swore under her breath and vaulted over the table, grabbing the edge and yanking it over onto its side to crouch behind it like an oversized shield.

“Parvati and Padma,” she murmured to herself. “Pretty names.” But before she could say much else one of the girls - she couldn’t tell which by voice alone - yelled, “Reducto!” and suddenly something slammed hard into the table and blasted it to pieces. Kalte yelled as she was thrown backwards by the force of the spell and crashed into the wall, not hard enough to injure herself too much but certainly hard enough to piss her off.

She didn’t want to hurt these girls. They were just protecting themselves. After all, she was intruding on their home.

But still… Kalte was annoyed now. Especially when she was forced to roll to one side as another Stupefy spell impacted the wall where she’d just been. Oh, she wasn’t about to let this go unpunished. And so with hardening eyes she formed a pair of icy swords in her hands and surged upwards right as Padma launched another Stunning Spell at her and Parvati an Impediment Jinx. Kalte surged forwards and batted both aside with superbly accurate swipes of her icy blades and jumped across the room at Padma with frightening speed.

Padma yelled and dodged to one side but Kalte was quick to seize her by her wrist and yank her right back. Screaming and kicking, Padma tried to strike Kalte in the knee but Kalte moved like lightning and grabbed her other wrist with the other hand, slamming her back into the wall with both her hands on either side of her head and holding her there for a moment. When she stepped back, Padma was shocked to discover ice cuffs around her wrists, freezing them to the wall. She struggled and pulled madly and focused on Disapparating to escape the restraints but before she could Kalte deftly plucked her wand from her hand. She hadn’t had any idea what Padma was about to do but that action rendered her trapped and powerless nonetheless.

“Padma!” Parvati cried as Kalte turned to face her, ignoring the struggling girl behind her and focusing on the only remaining opponent with both swords in hand. But as she advanced, Parvati swung her wan and cried, “Expelliarmus!” Instantly the ice swords flew out of Kalte’s hands and were impaled into the wall, whereupon Parvati followed with a rapid Stunning Spell. Kalte ducked and rolled beneath it easily and swept her arm out to throw a miniature hailstorm in Parvati’s direction only for Parvati to cry “Protego,” and block it with a Shield Charm.

The hail battered against the invisible wall in front of her for a moment, blocking Parvati’s view of her opponent, but the moment the hail ended she lowered it to see Kalte diving towards her. Instantly she lashed out with another Reductor Curse that caught Kalte square in the chest…

…and she shattered into little pieces…

…of ice.

Parvati gasped and stepped back while Padma cried, “Parvati, that wasn’t…!” too late. The real Kalte vaulted over from behind the sofa, having left behind an icy replica of herself in full colour while Parvati had been unable to see her. She snatched Parvati’s wand from out her hand and pulled her wrists behind her back in one fluid motion, looping a dishtowel around them and securing them tightly together with a swift double knot.

“Aaah! Hey, let me go! HELP! SOMEBODY HELP UMMMPPHH!” her cries were cut off when Kalte pressed her chilly palm over Parvati’s lower face, sealing her lips in a tight hand gag while her other arm wrapped around Parvati’s waist and held her close against her body immobilising her bound wrists by trapping them between their bodies.

“Well you be quite, girl?” Kalte sighed. “I’m not here to hurt you. As I would have told you before if you’d just given me the chance to explain.”

“Hhrmmm…?” Parvati blinked and stopped struggling for a moment.

“You’re not here to hurt us?” Padma’s eyes widened. “Then… what are you doing in our house?”

“It was an accident. I didn’t mean to land in here.”

“Land? Did you Apparate in by accident then?” Padma gasped. “Oh gosh, we’re so sorry if you did. We thought…”

“Yes, I’m well aware of what you thought,” Kalte muttered dryly as she marched Parvati over towards her sister. “And I didn’t Apparate. I don’t even know what that word means. But it’s not important. What is important is that you snapped to a quick judgement and attacked me. Innocent mistake or no… I can’t just let that pass.”


“Wait… what? What do you…” Padma’s words were cut off as Kalte suddenly shoved Parvati up against her sister, the two of them blushing and gasping as their bodies were pressed up against each other. This was nothing new - they were close sisters and hugged each other all the time, but the way Kalte did it particularly forced their chests to press together and they found their faces so close that they were staring into each other’s eyes at point blank range. Planting a knee on Parvati’s bottom to keep them pressed together, Kalte grabbed the ice cuffs around Padma’s wrists, which instantly disappeared, allowing her to drag the second sibling’s hands down behind her sister’s bag to enforce the hug position and use a second towel to trap them there.

“Wha… hey… what’s this for? We already said sorry for the misunderstanding!” Parvati protested, wriggling for a moment but quickly stopping when she realised she was grinding her body against her sister’s.

“I know, and I appreciate the apology,” Kalte grinned, leaning over Parvati’s shoulder to smirk into the perturbed faces of the two twins. “But… I’m afraid that in the place I live… there’s only one way to get even with someone properly.”

And she pulled the two away from the wall and grabbed the remote from where she’d dropped it in the fight, generating the portal home and awkwardly frog-marching both the protesting girls through it.


“This… this isn’t funny!” Padma squealed as she stared down at the naked crotch just before her face. The naked crotch that belonged to her own sister. How Kalte had been able to keep them so thoroughly helpless during the process of stripping and binding them both at the same time she couldn’t figure out. She hadn’t seen her using any magic and after the twins had set sights on the bound and gagged Tatsuki waiting for them in the room beyond them portal they had both instantly started struggling like crazy!

But it was all for naught. Kalte had manhandled them over to a large table and had begun to bind them carefully atop its surface. Now Parvati was lying on her back with her arms held above her head like Tatsuki, forced against the table-top and bound to the edge of the table. Her legs had been spread and the position enforced by ropes connecting one of them to each of the wooden legs at the foot of the table.

But Parvati’s legs were not flat against the table’s surface because Padma was lying on her front between her legs and her arms pulled forwards and to either side, tied to the two legs at the head of the table and forcing them beneath Parvati’s legs. Padma’s legs were being held in a frog-tie position with each of her ankles and her thighs roped together, but that was not all. More rope had been entwined around the middle of her feet to attack them together, and more rope had been stretched taut between each of Padma’s ankles and each of Parvati’s. Whenever Padma pulled her legs to her right she pulled on Parvati’s right leg slightly, and vice versa.

It was a position that forced Padma to wedge her bare breasts against the table. And not to mention she had to actively crane her neck backwards to stop her lips from touching her own sister’s labia!

“Looks pretty funny from where I’m sitting,” Kalte smiled as she leaned over Padma to rest her hand on the Indian witch’s ass, kneading the smooth skin of her rear and eliciting several minute gasps from the prisoner as she bit her lip, trying to stop herself from breathing too hard onto her sister’s crotch. Because Parvati certainly felt it went she did and groaned as warm flickers of air passed over her nether regions. Parvati herself couldn’t speak properly as she had the panties of both sisters, and also Tatsuki, all shoved into her mouth and sealed in with strips of white tape that contrasted against her skin in quite an attractive way!

Padma tried to turn her head and moaned under the Elemental’s delicate touch but Kalte gripped the top of her head and twisted it back around again, forcing her to stare down at the gaping slit centimetres from the tip of her nose. “Wha… what are you doing?” Padma swallowed nervously, but with Kalte’s hand resting forcefully on the back of her head she had a horrible feeling that she already knew the answer.

“I’m not doing anything,” Kalte smiled innocently. “You, on the other hand, are going to show your sister a damn good time… if you know what I mean.”

“…Are you freaking kidding me?!” Padma yelled and wrenched backwards as hard as she could, while Parvati gave a similar squeal from behind her gag, the both of the writhing for all they were worth and doing nothing but making squeaking noises as their soft skin scraped against the polished surface of the table. “There’s no way I’d do that! You crazy, psycho bitch, you’re worse thaMMGMGGPPP!”

“You’re going to do what I say no matter how reluctant you are,” smirked Kalte as a large bit gag was subsequently thrust between Padma’s lips, the straps hauled behind her head to nestle beneath her black hair. “In fact, in short order, you’re probably going to want to!”

“Ghhhh! NNH WHHR!”


Ignoring the twins’ protest, Kalte chuckled to herself as she left Padma lifting her head and now struggling very hard not to let her saliva drip onto Parvati’s twat. But it was not long before she returned with several vibrators - two of them quite small and attached to strange pincer-like clamps and one of them much larger and quite obscenely shaped. The twins stared, their minds drawing a complete blank as to what those objects were… but they were very quick to find out.

Parvati was the first to receive the treatment. Her chest rose and fell rapidly as Kalte approached, each tit jiggling beautifully in synchrony with the shivers passing through Parvati’s body as she watched Kalte’s eyes hungrily raking over her helpless form. But then, “MMMMGHHH!” she screamed as Kalte suddenly seized one of her nipples, striking like a snake to grab the sensitive bud sticking up into the air and start rolling it between thumb and forefinger! Quite despite herself, Parvati instinctively arched her back and Padma gasped as held her head higher as her sibling’s pussy was almost jammed against her nose, but Parvati didn’t notice. Her head thrashed from side to side as wild squeals of pleasure were drawn inexorably out of her mouth and nose by Kalte’s practiced hands.

But that changed quickly once the nipple had popped to erectness, whereupon Kalte quickly snapped the clamp shut over the top of it.

“NNNNHHHHHRRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” Parvati yelled at the abominable pressure suddenly exerted on her nipple, unlike anything she’d experienced before. But she was given no break before Kalte suddenly gripped the other nipple with the other hand to the same result, snapping the other clamp over the top of it too.

Kalte smiled as she crossed back over to Padma until she was standing at the foot of the table between Padma’s legs. It was tucked away a little, but she could see it sure enough - Padma’s pussy wedged down close to the tabletop. Taking the larger vibrator she slid it across the top of the table and wedged it neatly in place so the tip was pressed right up against the slit. Padma squeaked and screwed her eyes shut, waiting for Kalte to push it further in, but she didn’t. It came to rest there, and Kalte used a few strips of duct tape to secure it down to the wooden surface.

Whereupon she smiled and tossed the remote to all three vibrators into the air, deftly caught it and slammed her thumb down on the button at the same time.

“RRRRRRRHHHHHRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!” screeched both the twins at the same time as they felt the vibrators burst into life, waves of erotic stimulation swelling through the their tits and up their twats respectively. Quite despite herself Padma lurched and accidentally jammed her face up close to Parvati’s crotch, the sides of the bit gag pressing against Parvati’s inner thighs and her nose tickling at the slightly moist entrance. Equally despite herself Parvati instinctively tried to buck her hips to press herself against Padma’s face, but the long bit gag stymied the effort and Padma ended up having her head pushed backwards instead.

Kalte chuckled to herself. She’d said the vibrators on low deliberately, and given Padma quite an awkward gag on purpose. The vibes were more than enough to tickle at the witch’s arousal terribly, stoking their inner fires to make them long for a chance to cum. But if it all went to plan, neither of them would. The vibes were not strong enough to bring them orgasm alone and if Padma did try and pleasure Parvati, the unwieldy gag would make it very difficult for her to do much more than raise Parvati’s arousal a little more!

“Well, ladies,” the Ice Elemental turned around without a backwards look. “I reckon I’ve got time to have a look round one more universe before Amelia gets home so I guess I will get to it.” She smiled at Tatsuki, who was staring with wide eyes at the writhing sisters, tugging at her leg and moaning slightly, yelling at herself in her head to demand why she felt so aroused at the noises they were making. Kalte took the time to tease her a little by stroking a finger down either side of her own exposed love box, which made Tatsuki screech and flex her leg in an attempt to kick Kalte again. But that only made her captor laugh.

As she picked up the remote, she glanced back at the three girls she’d caught in the space of the last hour and smiled. “I’m almost hoping I find myself another sexy lady in this world too,” she giggled, before she activated a fresh portal once again.
Kalte's Kidnappings Part 1
This is Part One of an art trade, written for me by the talented :iconrisrupio:, featuring my OC Kalte Eiskrem doing some cross-dimensional kidnapping and having some kinky fun with various damsels.

I hope you enjoy.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
Caldura hummed softly to herself as she balanced her groceries in one hand while unlocking the door to the rented townhouse with the other.  This was her first trip to another dimension, and she was enjoying herself immensely; there were so many new people to meet, and sights to see!

She knew that Amelia was having a blast too.  The blonde Succubus loved magic of any kind, and the fact that there were so many mages in this world, with so many different kinds of magic, meant that she was like a kid in a candy store, always running around from place to place, eager to see as much as she could.

Kalte, while not as enthusiastic, also seemed to like it here.  The former mercenary was always interested in learning new ways to fight, and there were a number of mages who had ice type magic.  Her mistress was constantly on the lookout for new tricks to add to her own repertoire of powers, so new ice users were a welcome source of information.

Caldura had to sigh as thought about her mistress; Kalte was such a serious person at times, always thinking and calculating.  Luckily, the Kerryn thought to herself with a smirk, she had people like Amelia and herself in her life, to help her relax and have fun.

Working mostly on autopilot, she got the door open and set the groceries down on the small table that was just to the side of the door, set there for that exact purpose.  She was about to step inside herself when a cheery voice interrupted her.  “Hi there!”

Turning with a smile, Caldura was about to say hello back when she paused and stared.  Was…no, the woman wasn’t a Kerryn, though she definitely looked like it; she had obviously gone to some trouble to make herself look like a catgirl, including styling her messy brown hair into cat ears, whisker marks on her face, and even what looked like a tail behind her.

She was so caught up in studying the woman that she didn’t notice the magic glowing in her hand until it was too late.

“Nekōsoku Tube!”

“Wah!” Caldura yelped as an orange tube of magic shot towards her and swiftly wrapped itself around her, pinning her arms to her sides and her legs together.  Before she could yell for help, her attacker raced towards her, scooping her up without breaking stride as she ran into the house and swiftly kicked the door shut.

“There, now we’re all alone!” the brunette said happily, setting Caldura on her feet and beaming at the bewildered silver haired Kerryn.

“Um…who are you?” Caldura managed to ask, feeling very confused.  Strangely, she wasn’t getting any sort of negative feelings from her abductor, making her calmer than she would normally be under the circumstances.  Besides, she had played bondage games with Amelia and Kalte before, so she was pretty used to it.

“Oh, my name is Millianna,” the brunette said with an embarrassed laugh.  “I guess I got a little carried away.  Not very spiffy of me…”

Caldura’s shock and fear was starting to fade, replaced by bemusement.  Whoever this woman was, it didn’t seem like she was a threat.  “You did surprise me,” she agreed.  “So…why ambush and tie me up like this?”

Millianna was blushing now, fidgeting in place.  “Well…I really like cats…and when I saw you in the market, and I saw that you were a real life catgirl…I couldn’t resist…you’re so cute, and sexy…”

Caldura smiled at the compliments.  “Silly,” she chided with a giggle.  “If you wanted to tie me up and have some fun, you could have just asked.”  She giggled again at the dumbstruck look on Millianna’s face.  “I don’t mind playing tie up games, and you’re very sexy yourself.”  She licked her lips as she looked the brunette over; very little of her body was covered by her outfit, so the Kerryn had a good view of all of it.

“Really?!  Super spiffy!”  Millianna bounced in place with a wide smile, clapping her hands.  “A sexy catgirl that I can play with!”  She hugged Caldura close, their breasts pressing together.  “And I can do whatever I want to you?”

“Pretty much,” Caldura confirmed, feeling her arousal begin to rise.  “So,” she dropped her voice into a seductive purr, smirking when she saw Millianna shiver in response, “what are you going to do to me first?”


“Thanks again for helping me find that store,” Kalte told the white haired young woman who was walking beside her, letting her eyes linger just a little on the shapely ass revealed by her tight short shorts.

“It was no trouble,” Lisanna assured her cheerfully, walking alongside the very pale woman she had met in town.  “I like helping out people, especially strangers from so far away.  You really don’t have any magic where you’re from?” she asked, fascinated by the idea.

“We have some, but it’s much more uncommon than it is here,” Kalte explained.  “Take me, for instance: I have ice powers,” she quickly made a flower of ice as a demonstration, “but it’s not magic.  It’s an ability I was born with.  Back where I’m from, I’d be surprised if more than one in a million people had powers, let alone magic.”

“Wow…it would be like Edolas all over again,” Lisanna commented, thinking of the world she had called home for so many years.

Kalte didn’t understand the reference, but she got the gist of the idea.  “I’m guessing that you have magical abilities yourself?”  At Lisanna’s surprised look, Kalte smiled.  “You seem really interested by people without powers, so I guessed that you had some of your own.”

That made sense.  Lisanna smiled back.  “You’re right, I do,” she said, and proceeded to explain about her Take Over: Animal Soul magic.  When she finished, Kalte had a contemplative look on her face.  “What’s wrong?”

“Hm?  Oh, nothing; I was just thinking about how interesting that sounds.  Say…would you mind showing me a little bit of your magic?  I’m not as into it as Amelia is, but I still like to see it.”

“Sure,” Lisanna agreed easily.  “There’s an alley over there that looks clean.  I’ll show you in there; it’s kind of frowned on for us to do magic in the middle of town without a good reason, like an enemy attack.”

Not that a rule like that stopped her guild mates most of the time…

Nodding her agreement, Kalte followed the younger and smaller woman, enjoying view of her tight, swaying ass, and the two were soon alone in the alley.  “Were there any specific animals that you wanted to see?” the white haired mage asked.

“Well, I’ve always been fond of cats,” Kalte replied with a faint grin, putting her hands casually in her jean pockets.

“Then you’re in luck,” Lisanna told her, grinning back.  “Because the cat form is one of my specialties!”  With a quick flash of magic, she transformed.

Kalte’s grin widened at the sight, and she had to fight the urge to lick her lips.  Lisanna’s clothing had shifted with her, and the Ice Elemental definitely approved of the wardrobe change.  It looked like the white haired cutie was wearing a fur bikini with matching gloves and boots, putting a lot of her very nice body on display.  The cat ears, tail, small fangs, and claws just made her all the cuddlier.

“Kalte?  Are you all right?”  Lisanna was starting to get nervous at the look in her new friend’s eyes.

“Hmm?  Oh, sorry about that…”  The ghostly skinned woman rubbed the back of her head sheepishly.  “I was just admiring your new look.”  She was tempted, very tempted, to just grab the adorably sexy catgirl and have some fun with her, but that seemed like a pretty poor way to pay her back for helping her earlier.

…now there was a thought.

“You said you’re in a guild, right?  And you take missions and jobs?”

Lisanna tilted her head slightly, making her look cuter than ever.  “Uh huh…” she responded, wondering where the older woman was going with this.

“So, if I were to offer you-“ Kalte named a figure that made Lisanna’s eyes bug out, “ for a job, would you accept?”

The silver haired woman gaped silently at her for a long moment.  “You…you really have that many jewels?” she croaked.

Reaching into a pocket, Kalte pulled out a bank book, flipped it open, and showed it to her companion.  “I sure do,” she said with a grin.

Almost faster than the Ice Elemental could see, Lisanna grabbed her free hand and shook it hard.  “Deal!  We definitely have a deal!” she squealed happily, already imagining what she would with such a huge payoff.  “So, what’s the job?”

Kalte’s bemused smile took on a slightly predatory edge.  “You let me tie you and gag you, and have all kinds of kinky fun with you!~”



“Mmm,” Millanna purred, looking at Caldura with a smoldering gaze.  “You look really, really super spiffy now…”

The Kerryn smiled around her ball gag.  It had taken a while for Millianna to get her arranged to her satisfaction, but the results were definitely worth it.

Naturally, she had been stripped naked first; it had taken a lot of willpower for Millianna to keep from pouncing on her right then, but she had managed to restrain herself.  After binding Caldura’s wrists and elbows behind her back, the bondage mage had roped her captive’s legs into a tight frogtie, leaving her almost completely exposed.

Then had come the fun part: using a chandelier that Caldura had assured her would hold the weight, Millianna had hoisted the silver haired cat girl into the air and suspended her, her curvy body held right at head height for Millianna.

Now she rubbed her hands together, a little bit of drool leaking from the corner of her mouth as she raked her eyes over Caldura.  The Kerryn’s body was hers to play with, to do anything she wanted.  And it was clear that her new friend was enjoying herself; Millianna could smell her arousal, and the hardening of her nipples was clearly visible as well.

That helped decide her.  Those breasts looked so luscious, framed by the bondage tubes as if being presented to her.  Taking a step forward and ducking her head slightly, Millianna latched onto one breast with her mouth, using her right hand to grab and fondle Caldura’s other breast.

The Kerryn arched her back even more and moaned; she could feel her pussy getting wetter as her arousal climbed.  She squealed into the ball gag when Millianna began concentrating on her nipples, using small bites and little pinches.  It hurt but felt so good at the same time.

Millianna was having the time of her life.  Caldura was reacting so well, and all her little squeaks and moans were turning her on in a big way.  The warm, soft flesh of her breasts felt wonderful against her face, but it was time to take things to the next level.  She straightened, giggling at the whine of need Caldura made, and patted her captive on the head.  “Don’t worry.  You’ll like this next part even more.”

That cheered the Kerryn up, and she craned her head as Millianna walked behind her, curious as to what her captor had planned next.  She had a feeling she knew, and hoped she wouldn’t be disappointed.  Sure enough, a few seconds later she was squealing and wiggling happily as Millianna’s tongue began gently licking her pussy.  While not as experienced as Kalte, Amelia, Ophelia, or Annie, it was clear the mage knew what she was doing.

Her mouth busy, Millianna let her hands roam over Caldura’s curvy body, feeling the solid muscles under her smooth skin.  The Kerryn was beginning to sweat, skin glistening in the light.  The juices coming from her pussy tasted very sweet, and Millianna lapped them up eagerly, like a cat with a bowl of cream.

Caldura moaned and panted, toes and fingers curling as the pleasure built.  She was close, so close to cumming.  Just a little more….almost…!...

And then Millianna stopped.

The Kerryn’s head whipped around, eyes wide with betrayal and need as the bondage mage straightened and gave her an impish smile.  “Uh uh, not that easy,” she told Caldura, wagging a finger at her as she licked her lips.  “The captive doesn’t get to cum until the captor does.  That ought to give you good motivation when you’re pleasuring me, don’t you think?”

Her giggles at Caldura’s pout and whine echoed in the room.


“Plmphs, lmpht mmphe gmpho!”

“Sorry cutie, you signed the contract and I’m holding you to it.  It’s not my fault that you didn’t ask what the job was before agreeing to it.  Though admittedly,” Kalte took a moment to hoist Lisanna higher on her shoulder, copping a quick feel in the process, “I was hoping that would be the case when I made you the offer.”

Squealing briefly at having her rear end squeezed, Lisanna moaned and let her head hang.  She hadn’t any time to react to Kalte’s pronouncement of what she was expected to do before she found herself bound, gagged, and tossed over the older woman’s shoulder.

“And it could be worse,” Kalte went on, judging her next move.  Hearing Lisanna’s sarcastic mumble of inquiry, she grinned and gave her a brisk smack on the butt, enjoying her louder and longer squeal.  “I could be carrying you through the main road, instead of the side alleys and the roofs.”

That was true, Lisanna conceded.  While she didn’t mind attention, having everyone stare at her while she was like this would have been extremely embarrassing.  At least this way it was just her and Kalte.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to do anything too mean or kinky to you,” the Ice Elemental promised, bending her knees slightly to absorb the impact of her latest jump.  “And I won’t do it in public, either; just you and me…and probably some of my friends,” she added mischievously, chuckling when the white haired young woman groaned.  “If it helps, just remember how much I’m paying you,” she finished, fishing in her pockets for the key to the house.

Opening the door, she was about to call out a greeting to Caldura when she heard strange sounds coming from the living room.  Frowning, she moved quietly and peeked around edge of the doorway; her eyes went wide, and then she started to smile.

An unfamiliar brunette, hair done up to resemble cat ears, was sitting on the sofa, completely naked and her legs spread wide.  Her eyes were closed as she moaned and panted with pleasure, both hands fondling and massaging her good sized breasts.

Between her legs, also naked with her arms bound behind her back, was Caldura; she was bent forward, and, judging by the sounds, was licking the brunette’s pussy with all the skill she could bring to bear.

Lisanna made a small noise of inquiry, soft enough that only Kalte heard her.  Still smiling, Kalte slipped her off her shoulder, set her on her feet, and turned her around.

The Take-Over mage stared for a moment, and then she realized what she was seeing.  Her eyes widened comically, and blood rushed to her face so quickly that Kalte feared for her health.  She swayed a little, and the Ice Elemental hurriedly put a hand on her shoulder to steady her.

The two watched, one amused and the other mortified but curious.  It didn’t take long before the brunette’s breathing got harder and faster, and soon thereafter she was clearly in the midst of an orgasm, thrashing and squealing with pleasure before her body went limp and quivering.

Then she opened her eyes and saw the duo standing in the doorway.

“…eep,” she managed, a slow blush starting up her face and darkening by the second as she stared wide eyed at the white and midnight haired women looking back at her.

Caldura turned around and immediately grinned at seeing Kalte.  “Welcome home, Mistress!” she said cheerfully, not bothered by the situation at all.  “Oh, you made a friend too?” she asked, seeing Lisanna.

Unable to help herself, Kalte smiled back.  “Something like that, Caldura.  This is Lisanna; now, can you please tell me how off this happened?”


“I see,” Kalte said, looking more amused than ever.  Lisanna was sitting on her lap, still blushing hotly, while Caldura, still naked and bound, and Millianna, still naked, were sitting across from them on the couch.  “You certainly had an interesting morning.”  She gave Millianna a mild glare.  “And you’re lucky that you didn’t hurt my friend.”

Millianna winced, looking down at her lap.

“Still,” Kalte went on, voice lighter, “there was no harm done, and Caldura enjoyed herself, so I’ll let it go.”

The bondage mage perked right back up.  “Thank you, Kalte; that’s really super spiffy of you!”  Bright smile fading into a mischievous smirk, she pointed at Lisanna, who looked like she wanted to sink into the floor.  “So can I ask how that happened?”

“Shmphe trmphed mmphe,” the white haired young woman muttered sullenly through her gag, then yelped and giggled as Kalte tickled her exposed stomach.

“Behave,” the older woman told her with a chuckle, before explaining about their encounter and subsequent contract, which had Millianna in giggles.

“Silly Lisanna,” she said when she had calmed down.  “Always know what the job details are before you agree to it, no matter how much money you get offered!  Typical Fairy Tail mage, rushing in without thinking,” she teased, getting an embarrassed huff and mild glare from her friend.

“And who was the one who attacked and abducted Caldura on a whim?” Kalte asked, voice very dry.  Now it was Millianna’s turn to blush as Lisanna and Caldura snickered.

“So…what happens now?” Caldura asked, looking from one person to another.

“Well, I believe Millianna still owes you an orgasm, and I have my own cute and sexy catgirl to play with,” Kalte replied, smiling at the suddenly very happy Millianna, who was relieved she wasn’t going to be tossed out, and then at Lisanna, who was blushing and squirming adorably.

“Yay!” Caldura cheered, bouncing in place.  “Can we use some of your toys, Mistress?”

“Of course.  I was planning on using a few on Lisanna here; feel free to help yourselves.”

The Take-Over mage whimpered.  What had she gotten herself into?


Bent over the sofa, still naked and bound, Caldura looked back over her shoulder, wiggling her butt in anticipation.  “Come on, hurry up!” she ordered playfully, watching hungrily as Millianna finished arranging the strap-on.

“You sure are bossy now that your Mistress is back,” Millianna retorted, unable to keep from smiling.  Her body throbbed with arousal as she stared greedily at the Kerryn’s oh so sexy body, hers for the taking.

Caldura just giggled and wiggled her rear end again, amusement growing as Millianna’s eyes and head followed the movement exactly.  “Like what you see?” she spurred.

“Super spiffy,” the bondage mage whispered back, licking dry lips as she gripped the curvaceous butt offered up to her.  She took a moment to savor the silky warmth of the flesh under her hands before slowly pushing the strap-on into Caldura’s body.

Kalte chuckled as Caldura squealed with pleasure, taking a brief break from rubbing Lisanna’s cat ears.  “Sounds like she’s enjoying herself; want to switch places with her?”

The white haired young woman swiftly shook her head, cheeks still red from embarrassment.  She was, very slowly, getting used to the situation she had found herself in, but the idea of doing that?  Bad enough that Kalte was petting her and making her purr against her will.

“Didn’t think so, but I do think that you’ve been pampered enough.”  Kalte gently pushed Lisanna off her lap so her captive was standing in front of her, looking at her with that cutely confused expression.  “I want you to do a little dance for me; shake that ass and those tits.”

Seeing Lisanna’s blush instantly darken and that she was about to refuse, the Ice Elemental held up a finger.  “If you do a good job, you’ll get a reward or two.  If you refuse or do a bad job, I’ll spank that cute little butt of yours.”  She didn’t mention that it would be a very light spanking.  After all, Lisanna hadn’t done anything to annoy or anger her.

Still, it worked: Lisanna paled slightly and immediately began gyrating her body, doing her best to look and act sexy.  It was clear that she had no experience with this sort of thing, particularly while bound and gagged, but she did her best, bending over to show off her cleavage in her furry bikini.  Turning around, she wiggled and jiggled her butt, steam practically coming from her ears as she felt the flesh quiver and wobble.

Kalte watched it all with a wide smile, clearly enjoying herself.  She let Lisanna dance for a few minutes before having pity on the girl and saying, “All right, you can stop.  Hop back over here.”

Lightly sweating, the Take-Over mage did so, sitting back down on Kalte’s lap.  She was surprised but grateful when her captor reached behind her head and unbuckled the gag before pulling it out of her mouth entirely.  “Ahh…” she moaned in relief, working her jaw to get rid of the slight ache.  “Thank you…”

“You’re welcome, and that was just the first part of your reward.”

Lisanna shifted nervously, not liking the evil looking grin that Kalte was suddenly sporting.  “Um…what’s the second part?”

“These.”  Kalte showed her the five small, pink things on her palm and wasn’t surprised to see that the younger woman didn’t recognize them.  “Trust me, you’ll enjoy them.”

“How am I supposed to-EEP!”  Lisanna squeaked loudly, face practically bursting into flames as Kalte casually slipped a pair of each device into the cups of her bikini, making sure they bracketed her nipples.  Then she squealed as the fifth one was pushed into her bottoms.  “What was…why did…” she babbled, her mind a jumbled mess.

Chuckling, Kalte pulled out a small remote, held in front of Lisanna’s very wide blue eyes, and pressed a button, sending power to the small but strong vibrators.

The results were immediately evident.

“OH MY SPIRITS!” Lisanna threw herself back against Kalte’s body, writhing as her breasts and crotch sent surges of pleasure through her body.  She barely noticed Kalte’s arms wrapping around her, holding her in place.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” Kalte whispered into her ear, enjoying the feeling of the tight little body wriggling against hers.  “You want more?  This is just the lowest level, after all; I can make them much, much stronger.”

Moaning and panting, Lisanna wasn’t sure how to respond.  It felt like her body could barely handle what she was feeling now!

Then things got worse, or better, when the Ice Elemental’s strong hands grabbed her breasts and began fondling them.  She squealed, louder this time.

“Sounds like they’re enjoying themselves,” Millianna amusedly told Caldura, working the strap-on in and out.  Both the mage and the Kerryn were sweating, but neither was anywhere close to finished.

“Mmhmm.”  Caldura was glad Kalte was having a good time, but at the moment, she was more concerned with her own pleasure, which increased as Millianna bent further over her, pressing her own impressive breasts into the catgirl’s back.

“Are you close?” Millianna asked, voice breathless.  She certainly was; she would have to buy one of these double ended toys for herself.  They really made sex super spiffy for both partners!

Caldura nodded, ears and tail twitching madly.  It wasn’t long before they both came, shaking and shuddering with the explosion of pleasure before collapsing into a pleasantly sated heap.

Not surprisingly, it didn’t take long for Lisanna to orgasm as well, even without Kalte bumping up the level of the vibrators.  She held the younger girl tight through the whole thing, smiling the whole time.  Maybe Lisanna would learn to enjoy the situation after all.

“Aw man!  You guys had all this fun, and you didn’t invite us?”

Four pairs of eyes swiveled to the door at the sudden voice.  Caldura and Kalte looked a bit sheepish, while Lisanna’s blush returned in full force at yet more strangers witnessing her embarrassing situation.

As for Millianna?  She was pretty much out it, staring with wide, starry eyes, mouth hanging open with a little bit of drool leaking out of it.

Surveying the scene with playful frowns were a pair of Kerryn, one with brown hair and orange fur and the other with purple hair and blue fur.  The brunette seemed more open and brash, judging by the look on her face, while the slightly smaller one appeared more demure.

“Heh.  Sorry Ophelia, sorry Annie,” Kalte said apologetically, nodding to the brunette and purplette in turn.  “The whole thing kind of snuck up on us…”  She went on to explain how everything had happened.

“Hell of a story,” Ophelia commented when she was finished.  The more outgoing Kerryn was smirking now, while Annie was smiling in amusement at the whole scenario.  “Still,” she went on, crossing her arms under her impressive breasts, “it’s not fair that we didn’t get to have any fun; we demand compensation!”

Annie nodded, crossing her own arms and putting a resolute look on her face, looking more adorable than fierce.

Kalte laughed.  “All right, I can understand that.  What did you have in mind?”

The two Kerryns grinned at her, and then at their ‘guests.’


“Oh no!  Help!  The wicked Kerryn is going to have her wicked way with me!” Kalte wailed softly, pulling ‘hard’ at the ropes that held her naked body spread eagle on her bed.

“You got that right,” Caldura giggled, crawling up the bed until she straddled her Mistress’ body, her equally nude body pressed against hers.

Kalte’s pale eyes glowed with pleasure.  “And what of my companions?  What have you done with them?”

“Don’t worry about them,” Caldura advised, leaning down until their breasts were squished together.  “I’m going to make sure you forget all about them…” she breathed, before kissing Kalte deeply.

As Kalte ‘struggled’ against the kiss, she wondered if Millianna and Lisanna were having as much fun as she was…


“Wow, six orgasms already,” Ophelia remarked, a wicked grin on her face.  “At this rate, I bet I can get a dozen out of you before the end of the hour; want me to try?”

“YES!” Millianna squealed, body arched as she tried to press her pussy against the large vibrator the orange furred Kerryn held just short of touching her.

“Yes, what?” Ophelia returned, letting her free hand rest on the mage’s bare breasts, idly fondling them.

“YES MISTRESS OPHELIA!”  The hand on her breast was driving her even wilder, but there was nothing she could do about; Ophelia had used her own bondage tubes to tie her face up to the coffee table, after stripping her naked of course.  Now she panted, eyes fixed pleadingly on the teasing brunette.

“Very good.”  Ophelia pressed the vibrator back down, smiling contentedly at the squeal of pleasure Millianna released.

A more muffled, higher pitched squeal and a quick glance to the side told her that Annie was having just as much fun with the white haired human.

Wailing into her reapplied gag, Lisanna struggled in her hogtied position on the sofa as the vibrators steadily buzzed faster and faster.  Orgasming in front of near strangers would be hugely embarrassing, but it felt so good, she almost didn’t care.

Almost…just a little more…YE-…

They stopped.

She had just enough time to let a groan of mingled disappointment and inquiry before she suddenly began shrieking again, this time because her stomach, legs, and all of her other bare skin was being mercilessly tickled.

Annie silently giggled as she kept up her tickle attack, showing no quarter.  Ah, one of her favorite games: teasing a captive to the edge of cumming, then tickling them until they almost passed out, then starting all over.  She wondered how long it would it take the now thrashing and very red faced young woman to beg her for an orgasm…and if she would give it to her when she did.

What a fun day this had turned into!
Catgirl Bondage
My half of an art trade with :iconrisrupio:, featuring, as the title probably clued you in, some sexy catgirls, or damsels that are pretty close, in some sexy bondage.  This story also features some of my OCs and a couple of OCs from :iconthelairverse:.

I hope you enjoy.
I commissioned another story from Sorcerer1234, and it is now finished.

Unfortunately, like with my previous commissioned stories, some elements of it would most likely get it taken off of DA, and possibly end up with my account getting suspended or deleted.  So, if you're interested in reading the first part, send me a note and I'll send you the link.  That way (hopefully) no one gets in trouble.

Fair warning, there is a lot of pretty rough language in it, as well as sexual situations.  If those sorts of things don't appeal to you, you might not want to read it.


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