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I commissioned another story from Sorcerer1234, and the first part is now finished.

Unfortunately, like with my previous commissioned story, some elements of it would most likely get it taken off of DA, and possibly end up with my account getting suspended or deleted.  So, if you're interested in reading the first part, send me a note and I'll send you the link.  That way (hopefully) no one gets in trouble.
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(Contains: sexual themes)
“You’re blocking my sun,” Amelia said drowsily, not bother to open her eyes as the shadow fell over her.  Kalte was out for a walk, so Amelia had decided to find a quiet spot by the river to catch some rays.  She loved being around people, as befitted a Succubus, but every so often she enjoyed some time alone.

A feminine snort sounded above her.  “You’re awfully confident for a peasant who’s all alone.”

Peasant?  Oh, now it was personal; Amelia was fabulously rich, incredibly sexy, insanely good looking, and obscenely powerful.  She was about as far from a peasant as possible, and this young woman had just earned herself a place on her List.

Opening her eyes, Amelia surveyed her newest toy, and wasn’t disappointed.  Golden eyes, a haughtily beautiful face, clear skin, long dark hair: very pleasing.  The armor would have to go of course, but that just made the unwrapping all the more fun.  Grinning, the Succubus got to her feet.  “What’s your name, sexy?”

Azula’s golden eyes narrowed dangerously.  “Watch your tone, peasant,” she sneered.  “I would have thought that even an ignorant Earth commoner would recognize Princess Azula of the Fire Nation, but I suppose your stupidity knows no bounds.

Blue eyes widened and Amelia’s grin widened.  A princess?  A beautiful, prideful, stuck-up princess, and all for her?  She must have done something good recently to be rewarded like this.  Wasting no more time, she unleashed her Charm magic, slamming it into the younger woman.

Azula had no defense against it; it was totally outside of her frame of reference.  She gasped once as it hit her, then immediately dropped to one knee, bowing her head.  “Forgive my impertinence, my Goddess,” she said humbly, voice ashamed.  “I don’t know what came over me.”

Patting her on the head, Amelia giggled.  “It’s all right, Azula; I’m a merciful Goddess after all, so I’ll forgive you this once.”  She smirked as the princess peeked up, face shining with gratitude.  “Now, on your feet; I want to have some fun with you.”

“Yes my Goddess!” Azula replied eagerly, bounding to her feet.  Her Goddess was so kind!  Forgiving her momentary insolence, and now blessing her with her attention.

“I’ll hang on to this.”  Reaching out, Amelia plucked Azula’s crown from her head, allowing the Princess’ long hair to hang free.  “You’re a slave now, not royalty.  And my slaves shouldn’t be wearing so many clothes, especially armor, so go ahead and strip out of that.”

“At once, my Goddess!” Azula replied, not sparing a thought to the loss of her crown, which Amelia had casually stuck in her hair.  She was completely focused on doffing her armor and outer clothes.

Amelia licked her lips as her toy’s body was revealed.  Azula was incredibly fit, with hardly an ounce of spare fat anywhere.  Her breasts, while not overly large, were a good size for her body, nice displayed in the red bra she was wearing.  Black panties covered her lower body as the princess stood proudly, not even slightly embarrassed at displaying her body.

“Mmm, very nice indeed,” Amelia murmured, walking around Azula to look at her from all sides, idly noting how happy her slave looked at the praise.  The Succubus itched to strip Azula naked and take her here and now…but while satisfying, that wouldn’t be nearly as much fun in the long run.  “I’m very pleased, slave; but you don’t mind if I tie you up, do you?” she asked innocently.

Azula was already shaking her head.  “Of course not, my Goddess; I am here to do with as you please.”  She would do anything for Amelia, anything at all.

She knew that would be the answer of course, but it was fun to play the game.  “Luckily for you, I always carry some bondage supplies with me.”

Rope was first, naturally.  Azula turned about to be quite flexible, so Amelia was able to bind first her wrists and then her elbows together easily, copping multiple feels of the princess’ smooth body in the process, which made the golden eyed beauty blush and giggle.

A very tight breast harness came next; Amelia took her time with this, placing and tying each rope just so, with lots of breaks for fondling and squeezing the firm orbs.

Azula’s face was flushed, at first with pleasure; then, as the bondage continued to become more elaborate and her breasts began bulging between the ropes, a frown began to make its way across her face, deepening as time went on.

Too enthralled with her bindings to pay attention, Amelia finished tying the last knot on the harness and slapped Azula on the ass, getting a loud squeal that almost sounded angry.  “Just your legs to go, slave, then you’ll be my pretty and helpless toy!”

“That’s…wonderful, my Goddess…wait…what am I saying…what…?”

Amelia wasn’t listening; she was carefully wrapping rope around Azula’s ankles, binding them tightly together.  Two more loops were placed above and below the firebender’s knees, then one final loop around her upper thighs.  “Damn, I forgot the crotchrope,” Amelia cursed absently.  “Oh well, I’ll just have to adapt…”


Near about jumping out of her skin, Amelia glanced up to see Azula glaring at her, face crimson with rage as she struggled like a wildcat-dog.  “Oh?  You managed to break free so quickly?  You must be quite strong willed, not to mention stubborn.”  The Succubus was reluctantly impressed; that had been a fairly strong dose of her Charm magic, and Azula had broken it in less than fifteen minutes.  “Well, it doesn’t matter now; you’re my helpless toy now.”

“SHUT UP!  RELEASE ME AT ONCE, AND I MIGHT NOT BURN YOU ALIVE!” Azula raged, thrashing in her bonds.  She couldn’t remember the last time she had been so mortified and furious.

Snorting, Amelia stood up, grabbed Azula by the shoulders, spun her around, and forced her to bend over.


“OW! OW!  WHAT…HOW DARE…YOU BRAZEN LITTLE…!” the princess sputtered in outrage, unable to believe that anyone, let alone this tramp of a commoner, had dared to spank her.

This had gone on long enough; she was going to burn through these stupid ropes and then burn that blonde hussy from the toes up.

“Looks like you still need to learn what your new place is,” Amelia commented, digging through her supplies again.  “Aha!”  A leather collar in her hand, she fastened it tightly around Azula’s neck.  “This should help.”

Azula sneered at her and opened her mouth to burn the woman’s face, but nothing happened.  Beginning to panic, she tried any other form of firebending she could think of.  Still nothing.  “What…what did you do?!  Why can’t I firebend?!” she demanded.

Amelia raised an eyebrow.  “Oh, is that what you were trying to do?  Huh, I got lucky; the collars that my lover and I carry,” she pointed to the one around Azula’s slim neck, “nullify powers.  Makes our bondage games more fun.  Now, enough talk.”

Even under these circumstances, a part of Azula couldn’t help thinking how useful those collars would be to her nation.  The larger part of her was more focused on how she would escape.  “Listen to mmphe!”

“That’s better,” Amelia said brightly, shoving the ring gag deeper into Azula’s mouth, forcing it behind her teeth before buckling it tightly.

“NMPHO!” Azula snarled, seeing with disgust how she was already beginning to drool.  Cut off from her bending, stripped to her underclothes, bound, collared, and now gagged, she was as helpless as she had not been in years, if ever.  Glaring at the infuriating blonde only provoked laughter.

“My lover and I are going to have so much fun with you.  Now, start hopping, slave.”  Amelia pointed over her shoulder.  “My camp is that way.”

Azula just kept up her glare, refusing to move.

Amelia’s eyes glinted forebodingly.  “Going to be stubborn about it, are you?  Well, I know how to deal with brats like you.”  She casually strolled towards Azula, and then slipped behind her.

The princess was ready…or thought she was.  Nothing could have prepared her for the waistband of her panties being seized and yanked upwards, the silk digging into her ass and crotch.  “YEEEEOOOOWWWMPH!”

“Move along,” Amelia commanded happily, pulling Azula almost to her tiptoes.  “You can either hop or I can carry you, your choice.”

Snarling hatefully, Azula began hopping, wincing each time; the horrible blonde refused to let up on the wedgie, so it was still digging into her painfully, though not as bad as it had been.  Progress was slow, but they eventually made it to the well set up camp.  Preoccupied as she was, the firebender didn’t realize they had company until the blonde called out, ““Hey there, sexy, you caught one of the locals too?”

Looking up, Azula’s face burned even brighter.  That waterbending peasant was staring at her; the only consolation was that she too had been stripped, tied up, and gagged.  She didn’t have her panties pulled up in a wedgie, but there was a tight crotch rope digging into her.

Accompanying her was a very pale and dark haired woman in black and red, grinning at both her and the waterbender.  Azula scowled darkly; this did not bode well…
Amelia and Azula
A sequel to my Kalte and Katara story, this with TheLairVerse's OC Amelia Tempest having some fun with Azula.
Apologies for the delay; here's the ninth and penultimate part of Your Captive: Lucy Heartfilia.

Inspired by :iconraver1357: Build-a-Bondagette series of drawings, I'm trying something similar, only in story form, since my drawing skills are virtually non-existent.  The damsel is Lucy Heartfilia… from Fairy Tail, her captor is Erza Scarlet… and here we go with part 2.  Part 1 can be found here:…, Part 2 here:…, Part 3 here:…, Part 4 here:…, Part 5 here:…,  Part 6 here:…, Part 7 is here:…, and Part 8 is here: Your Captive - Lucy Heartfilia Part 8


"And for a finishing touch..."  From somewhere on her person, Erza produced two small vibrators and a roll of tape.  It was the work of a few seconds to secure them to Lucy and Mira's crotches, causing no end of embarrassment to the buxom young women.

Then the redhead turned them on.

Lucy, already incredibly horny, immediately began moaning and writhing.  Mira held out a little longer, but when Erza began running her hands over her body, the white haired mage couldn't help herself and gave over the the pleasure.

Erza was happily watching and groping her two lovely captives, adding the occasional small pinch and spank just to make them squeal.  She could tell they were both building towards orgasms, and her brown eyes sparkled with sadistic delight.


So what now?  That's up to you, my readers.  To borrow some more from :iconraver1357::

To make a suggestion, simply post a comment or send me a note describing what you want to happen. Be as specific as you need to be, but keep in mind that you can only suggest one thing at a time. If you like a suggestion that's already in the list, then just repeat it. Do not post as a reply since it won't be added to my inbox. Also, once something has been done, it cannot be undone, so please try to avoid being counter-productive. Any suggestions that would cause scars and other lasting effects, like bruises, burns and piercings, are not allowed.  Also, keep any sexual aspects to around PG-13 or so please.

Sometime later after this is posted, voting will end. I will try to get the next one up as soon as I can. In the event of a tie, the deadline extends by one day and all subsequent votes must be for one or the other.

If the next entry is posted, the voting is over.  You are also allowed to change your vote one time via a new comment.

Votes thus far:

Rescued by Natsu, Erza taken captive - 1

Suspended, cold breeze blowing over them - 1

Lucy as a bondage doll, Mira suspended - 6
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
“This outfit is so unflattering,” Amelia grumbled, plucking at the thick sweater and kicking out with one leg, making the ankle length skirt flare briefly.


“I know,” Kalte replied blandly, still working on donning her costume.  “You’ve mentioned it several times now.”


Amelia stuck out her tongue, pulling back her head with a small yelp when Kalte made a grab at it.  “Well, it is,” she retorted childishly.  “It’s not fair; I get the prudish clothes, and you get a cool looking set of armor.”


“If it makes you feel any better, this stuff is heavier than it looks.”  Not that it would bother her too much; Ice Elemental’s being stronger than normal humans.  Still, it would make Amelia feel better.  “Can you help me with some of these fastenings?”


The Succubus’ eyes lit up.  “Sure thing, babe.”  She loved any chance to get her hands on Kalte’s body, and the black and red armor her lover was wearing made her look deliciously authoritative.  If the kids weren’t waiting for them, she would ‘suggest’ they stay in for the night.


“There we go,” Kalte said at last, the armor sitting comfortably now and no longer digging into her body.  “Thanks, sweetheart.  Ready for Trick or Treating with several little monsters?”


“Mmhmm,” Amelia purred, wrapping her arms around Kalte and nuzzling her neck.  “And when we get back, I’ll have some treats for you.”  Her smile turned wicked as she looked over at the two bound and nude women writhing on the bed.  “And some more fun tricks for these two.”

Naru and Azula couldn’t see Amelia or Kalte; they were tied together in a 69 position, their faces held in each other’s crotches, adding to their distress.  But they could still hear what was being said, and they started up a whole new round of struggles and muffled protests.

“More stifling gags, for one,” Kalte commented, taking a moment to enjoy the sight before getting back to the matter at hand.  “Anyway, that’s for later; we better get going if we don’t want a search party sent after us.”

Giggling, Amelia nodded.  She slapped Naru hard on the ass, causing the girl to let out a piercing squeal.  Azula was forced to feel the vibrations of said squeal, and let out a shriek of her own.  “See ya later, naughty girls!  Try not to have too much fun while we’re gone!”

The Succubus and Ice Elemental left to enjoy Halloween with their family and friends, leaving the two captives alone with each other, Naru and Azula each swearing revenge.
Amelia and Kalte: Halloween 2014
Just a short little fic I did for Halloween, featuring my OC Kalte Eiskrem, :iconthelairverse:'s Amelia Tempest, Azula from Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Naru Narusegawa from Love Hina.  I hope you all enjoy it.
Raven: Sexy Hypno Halloween Witch by Jack-Inqu13
Raven: Sexy Hypno Halloween Witch
Another commission done for me by :iconjimryu:: looks like Mumbo has decided to get an early start on Halloween, and once again, Raven is his assistant.  Fortunately for us, he's decided not to turn her into a bunny.  Instead, she's a sexy witch.

A trick on Raven, and a treat for us!
I commissioned another story from Sorcerer1234, and the first part is now finished.

Unfortunately, like with my previous commissioned story, some elements of it would most likely get it taken off of DA, and possibly end up with my account getting suspended or deleted.  So, if you're interested in reading the first part, send me a note and I'll send you the link.  That way (hopefully) no one gets in trouble.


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Which damsel should be the 'star' of my new journal story? 

87 deviants said Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy Tail)
77 deviants said Erza Scarlett (Fairy Tail)
76 deviants said Katara (Avatar)
59 deviants said Azula (Avatar)
44 deviants said Ty Lee (Avatar)
37 deviants said Saeko Busujima (High School of the Dead)
18 deviants said Cana Alberona (Fairy Tail)
15 deviants said Saya Takagi (High School of the Dead)
9 deviants said Shizuka Marikawa (High School of the Dead)


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