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Yep, yet another one.  This one was written by :iconrisrupio: and features Raven and Starfire from Teen Titans, plus Serafall, Raynare, and Kuroka from High School DxD.

If you would like a link, please send me a note or leave a comment requesting one.  Thank you.

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DISCLAIMER: The following story contains BDSM, dubiously consensual and non-consensual sexual elements. It is intended to be a fantasy, nothing more. In the real world, no one should ever be forced to engage in any sexual activity, ever. There are no exceptions. This fic and every element it contains should be taken as fiction, to be imitated only in play with a partner whose consent has been sought openly, honestly and without any coercion whatsoever. No author can control what the audience does with the ideas in their stories, but I can at least make clear that this is meant as nothing more than fantasy, and if anyone takes it as anything else, they are unequivocally wrong, in action and in thought. Enough people have suffered sexual and gendered violence that this deserves to be said, loudly and more than once. Resist Rape Culture and enjoy your porn. That's all from my soapbox.


“Oh, please, friend Raven? I would very much like to play Magical Girl Konata’s Mystical Adventures with you! My new wands just came in the mail today and-”

“No, Starfire,” Raven said with a sigh. The two women were alone for the afternoon, in the Titans Tower and as Raven was so often wont to do, she was meditating, floating a few feet off the ground with her legs crossed in the lotus position, staring out the window. The boys were out on some recreational activity and Starfire had declined to join them.

Because, evidently, she had decided to torment Raven by attempting involve her in childish games.

Literally childish games – Starfire seemed set on having Raven pretend to be one of the protagonists from her latest obsession, an animated program from Japan whose title she had been mentioning incessantly over the past month. It had quickly grown on Raven’s nerves, though she did her best to hide it, not wanting to upset her teammate. From what little she had seen of the program, it had seemed asinine, simplistic and immature, with little to no thematic value and even less plot. She was not, in a word, a fan.

“But friend Raven, I have been waiting for over a week for my new wands to arrive! They have-”

“No, Starfire!” Raven snapped, her eyes opening so she could glare over at her friend. Starfire was indeed holding two wands, pink and gleaming toys that were almost painful to look at. “I am meditating. Please leave me alone.”

Starfire’s face fell, her lower lip quivering, but Raven simply rolled her eyes and then closed them again. Her irritation flared sharply, but her even breathing slowly returned herself to a state of normalcy. She had started to meditate more frequently ever since her humiliating encounter with Red X, which had left herself, Starfire, two female guards, a museum curator and her female assistant all very well acquainted with a variety of restraints, gags, and the taste, smell and texture of their bodies. Starfire had recovered admirably in the six months that had passed, but Raven had found she needed a bit more time calming herself each day to keep an equilibrium. There had been many unnerving revelations about herself that night, and she was not at all comfortable exploring them.

It had made her more irritable, especially with Starfire’s blistering cheerfulness, but in this instance she did not feel guilty. There was no circumstance under which she would play with toy wands from a show with “magical girl” in its title.

She heard Starfire leave the room, no doubt sulking. Raven doubted her sadness would linger; Starfire always rebounded rather quickly.

Sometime later, she heard the door open again. She knew it was Starfire, if not by virtue of her mental presence than by the fact that no one else was in the Titan’s tower, and she would have been alerted to any intruders. Her paranoia had certainly increased in the last six months as well, she reflected somewhat wryly.

“Oh friend Raaaaaaven,” Starfire sang, floating up behind her.

Raven sighed, trying to fight off some of her irritation. Evidently Starfire had not fully understood her the last two times. “Look, Starfire, I’m simply not – ack!”

Strong feminine hands grabbed her by the upper arms and yanked her down – she lost control of her levitation and went spilling to the ground, shoved face down against it. Mind reeling from the sudden grab and impact, Raven blinked, dazed. “Starf-”


Raven froze, as cold metal encircled her throat and locked on. Immediately, she felt her powers, her magic, drain from her, in an all too familiar way. Her eyes went wide, and she struggled to right herself. “Starfire, what are you – OOF!”

Her friend half slammed her into the floor, a knee pressed against her back, her arms buckling under the strain. She thrashed out of reflex, panicking. “E-emergency alert zeuughmmph!” she garbled, as Starfire yanked her head up by her hair, strangling the words that would cause a general alert in the tower, and then her mouth was being filled by something, rubbery and circular.

Starfire’s hands pushed the ball-gag between her teeth with a happy little grunt of effort, her quick hands grabbing the two long straps and yanking them viciously behind Raven’s head. It forced her to keep her head up, groaning in pain as the leather was looped into the buckle, cinched tight and secure. “There we are, friend Raven. Nice and quiet,” Starfire said, sounding pleased, and let her head drop. It did, a small thunk against the floor that made Raven grunt, her hands moving along the ground to her head, to the gag that pinched into her cheeks and chafed at the corners of her mouth.

Starfire grabbed her wrists with hands like vipers, seizing them. “Ah-ah,” she said, giggling playfully. “The gag stays on, friend Raven. No talking until I say so.”

What is wrong with her?! Raven screamed internally, trying to struggle, legs thrashing and kicking uselessly behind her as Starfire adjusted her position, pulling Raven’s wrists behind her back and up into the air. “Uuuhhf,” she groaned, the strappado-like position forcing her chest to press harder into the ground. She felt her wrists forced into an X, fitting into smooth, padded cylinders, which closed around them a moment later, some sort of cuffs. “Much better. Hold still, please, friend Raven, I need to secure your legs, now.”

“Whhfph!?” Raven garbled, looking over her shoulder, doing her best to try to roll over onto her back to try to get some possibility of movement, a largely useless effort with Starfire’s knee still on her back. Her friend and captor turned and Raven kicked madly, trying to do her best to keep her legs out of Starfire’s grasp.

“NNMPH! UHN-UHN! Stphfr, sthhp!”

Her right ankle was grasped in short order, then pinned to her thigh. Continuing to hum, what Raven recognized as that stupid show’s theme song, Starfire took a coil of rope she had brought with her and casually began tying the ankle to the thigh. What few inches of slack she offered – the knee bent at a somewhat comfortable resting position – was secured by the rest of the coil of rope. Starfire wrapped the remaining rope around it into a little bar of cord, the knot tied between ankle and thigh to make it even harder for her fingers to reach, let alone untie.

This was rapidly becoming an inescapable situation, Raven realized, and she frantically tried to voice the emergency alert. To her dismay, the thick sphere, large enough that it strained her jaw, garbled the words beyond the computer’s ability to recognize. Worse, she could feel the drool starting to build from her thrashing head and attempts at muffled speech, spilling out the sides, down her chin, and onto the carpet.

“There we are!” Starfire chirped as she secured Raven’s left ankle, leaving her tightly frogtied. She rose, then, and looked down at Raven, who struggled and bucked and groaned and growled, trying to get free. Her arms, the only part of her with any real movement, rose up and down behind her as she strained against the ropes and cuffs.


Starfire giggled and clapped her hands together. “Oh, it’s perfect, friend Raven. You look absolutely helpless! Just the way you need to be, to watch the latest season of Magical Girl Konata’s Mystical Adventures!”

The cartoon? The cartoon is why she abducted me?! Raven’s head turned and she glared up at Starfire with every ounce of heat she could muster, trying to communicate the utter rage she felt at that moment. The collar, thin, cool metal against her flesh, pulsed softly as it dispersed more and more of her magic, rising at the call of her anger.

Starfire seemed blissfully unaware. She knelt down and plucked Raven from the ground, earning a squawk from her friend, hefting her over one shoulder. Raven squirmed, shouting demands for release, watching with a rising blush of humiliation as flecks of her spittle flew down and landed on the floor.



Starfire’s hand impacted Raven’s ass with thunderous force, the sound echoing along with the stinging pain that shot up across her flesh. It throbbed in the shape of a handprint, as her thrashing stopped, then redoubled.

“Now, now, friend Raven, don’t be rude,” Starfire said in a maternal voice. “This is no way to act around your companions!”

“NNNRMPH!” Raven snarled back, a thousand questions searing through her mind. She thrashed harder, as Starfire walked to the door. Like hell it isn-


Raven roared into her gag as Starfire’s hand fell three more times, impacting sharply with each blow, the other cheek, then to the one already struck, and again to the second. The blows fell on the same spaces, fiery pain reverberating along her now throbbing rear end.

“Behave!” Starfire shouted sharply, and Raven stilled, panting, a tremor of actual fear going through her. None of this was like Starfire at all!

Her captor said nothing else as she carried Raven along to her room. There, amidst the pink and girly toys and other paraphernalia, Raven was deposited on the bed, facing a small television. She bit into her gag, her face aching dully from the pinch of the straps and the size of the ball wedged between her teeth, but otherwise laid still. Struggling was pointless – she couldn’t escape.

“Now,” Starfire said, taking a seat on the bed and beaming down at her friend, a wide grin on her face. “You need to see the latest episodes, if we’re going to play with my wands, friend Raven. The DVD said I should watch them just like you are now, to get into the spirit of the show! Oh, it was so much fun.” She gave Raven’s rear a small pat, making her captive twitch and grunt in annoyance.

“I’ll be back in a few hours!” she said, and turned the TV on. “If you need anything, just call!”

Immediately, Raven began making eager mmphing noises into her gag, jutting her messy chin out, trying to get Starfire to take the hint. Starfire frowned, but reached down and, with one finger, pulled the ball from Raven’s lips. It took some effort and pressed painfully against her teeth and lips and jaw when it finally came free, but slid easily down her chin to rest against her neck. At least, she thought grimly, her drooling had served a purpose. Now, with her mouth free, she could try and talk some sense into Starfire.

“Starfire, listen, I’m sorry I didn’t want to play with your toys-”

“Wands,” Starfire corrected cheerfully.

“Wands,” Raven amended, doing her best to keep her tone even, friendly. “And I’d be happy to watch the show and play with you, really. It was very… very rude of me to say no.” Starfire opened her mouth to speak, looking pleased, but Raven continued, “But, um, I would like to ask a favor of you.”

“Yes, friend Raven?” Starfire asked, leaning in a bit, eager to please her comrade.

“Could you untie me? I can watch it withounnnNNMMPH!”

Starfire grabbed the ball and forced it back between Raven’s lips in an instant, her head pulled back and twisting, recoiling in horror as the invading sphere was returned to its previous position. “MMMMMPH!” she screamed, eyes squeezing shut, thrashing her head back and forth, her hands squeezing into fists.

“Oh, friend Raven! You even played the part of the damsel trying to talk her way to freedom!” Starfire cheered, clapping her hands. “Oh, you’re very much into the spirit of the show! I knew you’d enjoy it!”

What is she talking about? Raven wondered in a mixture of awe and horror. It was as though Starfire genuinely didn’t understand that Raven was truly outraged.

The theme song for the animated program had started and Starfire stood. “I will return, friend Raven! Enjoy yourself~”

Then she was gone, and the show began to play.

This was most definitely not a children’s television program.

The new “season” that Starfire had put on for her was only four episodes long, billing itself as an interlude between season three and season four.

It was also pornography. There was no other word for it. During the next two hours – and the episodes were a full thirty minutes each – Raven bore witness to an entire host of female characters, major and minor, heroic and villainous, all binding, gagging, fondling, spanking, flogging, teasing, kissing, groping, tickling, whipping, insulting, stripping and slapping each other. The plot centered around two major characters: the titular Konata, a just out of high school, socially awkward but earnest young woman full of dreams and hopes, living her days as an arts major, while moonlighting as a magical girl, fighting horrible forces of darkness with her magical wand that transformed her, and Mizuki, a third year engineering major, with a sharp intellect but a troubled soul, and an equally troubled past, who spent her days working hard at school, antisocial but ultimately caring, and moonlighting as the second fighter of darkness, possessing her own wand. The two girls weren’t friends, exactly, though clearly Konata wanted to be; it was this that sparked the central conflict of the four episodes. Konata, ambushed by a wicked male villain named The Magician, was defeated and captured, then subjected to a powerful spell that made her live her worst fear – that Mizuki would not want to be her friend, would hate her. In so doing, the villain imbued her heart with great darkness, and then sent Dark Konata out to capture Mizuki and make her Konata’s friend, by force.

Which might have made a legitimate plot, if the girls were wearing actual clothing.

The skirts and blouses they wore revealed more leg and cleavage and everything else than anyone would wear outside of a strip club, and even then, most of those establishments were classier than these outfits. They spoke the most ridiculous dialogue, Konata lamenting as she was completely overwhelmed by the villain that she could not resist him due to her “feminine frailty” and that it was a woman’s lot to be conquered by men. The focus of the animation was more on their budding, bouncing breasts and bums than on the actual combat. The transformation sequences, something Raven knew were sometimes risqué depending on the show – she had dabbled in the genre once or twice, on recommendations – were fully animated and exposed, naked young woman spinning themselves into even more obscene attire. There were a host of other characters, a witch whose breasts were backbreakingly big, a professor of literature who was secretly the Queen of Darkness (and Konata’s favorite teacher, as it happened), and so on and so forth. Each was sexualized in the extreme, and the Magician, in his sudden, unexplained arrival into the show’s continuity, had every single female character bind almost every single other female character, as the quest to free Konata from her darkness progressed.

Except it ended with both protagonists enslaved to the Magician, happily and obediently worshiping his manhood at the same time, and the rest beings slowly hypnotized to serve his will. The two were assured, as they worked, that he would allow all of them, even the Queen of Darkness, to resume their lives, but would keep them all as his pets, using them whenever he wished. It ended with Konata thinking, again, that this was a woman’s lot, and at least she could do it with her friends.

Where Starfire had received this horror, Raven had no idea, but it was most certainly not an official product. Raven had seen actual episodes of Konata, and while the background details were technically correct, this was almost nothing like the original. The show Raven had seen before had character designs that were normal, the dialogue was earnest if somewhat simple. It was not a bondage sexfest!

Something was very wrong here.

Starfire returned as soon as it ended, still humming to herself. Raven turned her head from the credits, her face practically on fire from the heat of her blush, her shoulders sore, her jaw a throbbing, drooling mess. She groaned and gestured weakly with her arms, but Starfire paid her feeble pleas for freedom – or at least a more comfortable position – no heed. Instead, she grabbed Ravens’ knees, yanked her backward on the beg, earning a surprised, angry squawk of protest. She plopped herself down on the bed, hands under her chin, legs kicking back and forth, a mockery of Raven’s position, with such freedom of movement on display. “Wasn’t it great, friend Raven?” Starfire immediately began gushing. “I felt such emotion, watching Konata’s struggle, and it was such a wonderful, happy ending!”

Raven stared at her like she’d lost her mind – which was increasingly becoming a possibility. “Mmmph,” she grunted, the sound incredulous. A wet spot had formed beneath her chin on the covers, and Starfire reached over idly and wiped the latest dribble of saliva falling down from the gag. She brushed it off against another part of the covers, making Raven’s blush worse for the reminder that it was there, and that she had gotten so used to drooling over the two hours that she had somewhat forgotten about it.

“Oh, I know, it was truly shocking! I did not think the program would be brave enough to put the two girls in their proper female place, but it was! And the part when Konata shoved Mizuki between her legs and-”

And on it went. Starfire babbled about this pornographic mess for over thirty minutes, as Raven sat in her bondage, drooling on herself, growing more and more concerned about both her friend and what playing with the wands would actually entail. She had seen enough to have some ideas where this was going, and literally all of them involved her in bondage.

Unfortunately, she could neither escape those likely futures yet, nor say anything to forestall them. Finally, when Starfire seemed to wrap up a point about the beauty of a rope cleaving Mizuki’s crotch, she floated up to her knees and declared, “Now that you have been educated, friend Raven, would you like to play with me?”

It took her a moment of thought, but she nodded after several seconds. To play, she assumed, the gag would have to come off. If she could talk, she might be able to get this situation to her advantage.

Or at least stop drooling.

Starfire shifted her into a sitting position, untying her ankles from her thighs and then helping her rise from the bed. Raven made no attempts to struggle or resist her when her legs were free, rightly judging that if she did do anything of the sort, it would be a futile effort. Starfire was super strong, after all, and without her powers Raven had no method to fight her on an even playing field. She jutted her chin out at her friend turned captor when she was sitting, and Starfire nodded, pulling the gag free. “I will play as Konata, and you as Mizuki,” Starfire informed her, producing the two wands, identical matches to those used in the show. “We will act out their confrontation, when Dark Konata came to claim her friend!”

Raven didn’t like the sound of that, and hesitantly asked, “After we’re done playing, you’ll take the collar off?”

“Absolutely!” Starfire assured her, beaming. “As soon as we have finished playing, you may resume your meditation and other daily duties.”

Well. At least that was something – Starfire had some plan to let her go. Raven nodded, took a deep breath and said, “Okay, Starfire. Would you please free my hands? I can’t really play with my wand if I’m tied up.”

Looking bashful, Starfire did just that and soon Raven was rubbing her wrists in front of her, very much resisting the urge to reach up and remove her collar. She had a strong suspicion it wouldn’t come off that easily, and Starfire would have her hogtied and helpless in a few seconds if she tried.

Hesitantly, Raven took her wand and stood. “So are we playing in here?”

“Yes!” Starfire said excitedly and hopped off the bed as well, her wand in hand. “I will arrive in your room, Dark Konata come to capture her friend, we will exchange opening lines, and then use our wands to transform!”

That raised even more troubling questions, but there was nothing for it. Starfire went over to get into position and Raven stood awkwardly beside the bed, attempting to calm herself so she could get into character.

What little character there was to get into, at any rate.

“Mizuki!” Starfire said, pointing her wand dramatically at Raven, voice carrying ridiculous severity. “For so long, you have been cold and distant and mean to me, whenever I try to be your friend! No more! I have come to claim you and make you my friend, and slave, forever!”

Raven did her best not to wince. Starfire’s “dialogue” was even worse than the what she had just watched. Starfire held that pose for several more seconds before it became clear that Raven was, in fact, supposed to respond. Hesitantly, she raised her wand and said, “K-konata. I, um, you’re not yourself!” Well that was easy enough to do; draw on real life for inspiration. “Something dark and terrible has possessed you! You have to fight it!”

Starfire did a reasonable impression of a glower and made an impatient gesture. “Enough talk, Mizuki! You will be my slave, and will love me however I see fit! Magical Girl Mystical Blessing, Transform!”

The tip of the wand lit up brightly with several colors flickering in a pattern, and Starfire’s clothes did indeed change. Her costume was transformed into a short miniskirt and skimpy croptop, both black, while adding knee length leather stiletto heels of the same color. It wasn’t quite the same as the design on the pornography Raven had watched, but then, those clothes didn’t seem to obey the laws of physics.

With a deep internal sigh, continuing to try to master her worries and many questions, Raven raised her wand and said, with as much conviction as she could pretend to have, “Magical Girl Mystical Blessing, Transform!”

The tip of her wand blazed several colors, and she awaited the magic or nanotechnology that would change her clothing.

Instead, her clothes were ripped off. Streamers of white ribbon billowed out from the wand, surging towards her, and Raven barely had time to flail as they started to wrap themselves around her body, shredding her clothing to bits as it connected to the fabric.

“No, Mizuki, you will not resist me! I have corrupted your wand, and you will be my slave!” Starfire declared, though her grin undermined the severe tone she tried to use.

The ribbons slammed her arms behind her back, pinned them so her forearms were parallel, wrapping around her limbs and her body over and over, the wand having slipped to the floor by now. “W-wait, this isn’t what happened onnnnMMMPH!” she shrieked, but then suddenly, a bright bow made of tightly wrapped purple ribbon, the center of which was a ball a solid two inches in size, flew up and slid between her teeth. It sank deep into her mouth, then expanded, forcing her jaw all the way open. She could tell, immediately, there would be no spitting it out, and thrashed as she fell forward onto her side, the ribbons continuing their work, rolling her over and over as they wrapped about her. In the end, her arms had been wrapped individually, her hands encased in ribbon mittens that left them useless, while her forearms had been secured tightly together. Her clothing had been replaced with many, many wraps of the ribbons, sleek almost silken material that clung tightly to her. Everything from just above her nipples and up was exposed, save for one wrap of the ribbons that went under her armpits from behind and wrapped up over her shoulders, to yoke them and secure her forearms further. They coiled about her, offering truly impressive cleavage, to her stomach, going so far as to hug her crotch and bum, conforming to their shape like painted on underwear.

Finally, it went about her legs, leaving only her knees bared, pinning her upper and lower legs together all the way down to her feet, which similarly found themselves paired up and pinned. The last touch was not part of the bondage, but just an insulting aesthetic addition: a very large bow, purple like the one in her mouth, resting just above her ass, as though she were a present, all wrapped up for someone to open. She squirmed desperately, trying to find leverage, but the ribbons were tight and unyielding, stretching slightly at every movement, then shrinking back to their original shape and size.

“Mmmmph!” Raven growled into the gag, glaring up at Starfire, who beamed at her. “I know this is different than what happened in the original encounter, friend Raven, but this was the only way I could make sure you would come along to play with my new friend. He was the one who hypnotized me, so I could capture you for him!”

Raven went rigid, her anger turning to fear as her eyes widened. She muffled several entreaties for release, which Starfire ignored. “He gave me this new season, and mailed me the wands. He plays the Magician very well, and he’ll be here shortly to capture us, his very own Mizuki and Konata,” Starfire told her with a grin. “Oh, I have to prepare.”

She opened a drawer at her nightstand and produced a second collar, like Raven’s, and put it onto her own neck. Smiling to herself, she then held up her own wand and declared, “Hyperslut Hypnowand Magical Bimbo Bondagette, Transform!”

Ribbons flew out in the same light show, but did not shred her clothing. They pinned Starfire in the same position Raven was in, but went around her clothing, or in the case of her boots, over just enough to be secure without hiding them. The ribbons were green, save for the white that served as her gag and larger, above-the-ass decoration. She let them swirl about her, wriggled experimentally on her feet, and then squawked as they seemed to yank her to the side. She fell onto it with a thud and a muffled groan, beside Raven, meeting her friend’s gaze, who was still horrified. Raven watched as her now fellow captive’s gaze turned blank, eyes glazing over, and then she blinked, muffling a “Fnnf Rnfn?” and twisted as she tried to use her limbs. Her eyes shot open, clarity appearing in them as she looked down at herself, and then she squealed, thrashing like a fish on a hook. Her heels hit Raven’s calves with a thud, and Raven growled, wincing. Immediately, Starfire mumbled an apology, and slowed her struggles, doing her best to escape and convey her deep apologies for abducting her friend.

Raven, however, had little attention to pay. She lay still, feeling every bit as helpless as she was, wondering who it was that had managed to hypnotize her comrade and use her to abduct them both, and when they would arrive.

Her mind went back to the ending of the show Starfire had made her watch, and her cheeks flushed. She had a feeling this would not be the most embarrassing thing stuffed into her mouth, before the day was out.

How long have you been on DeviantArt?

Since early 2006, so a little over nine years now.

What does your username mean?
It's a combination of the names of two cats my family had at the time, Captain Jack and Inquisition.

Describe yourself in three words.
Quiet, introspective, private.

Are you left or right handed?
Right handed.

What was your first deviation?
Azula's Got It Maid"Mmm," Azula grunted into the tape across her mouth as light hit her eyes.  Objectively, the trip hadn't been long, but packed away as she had been into the strange container, it had been difficult to tell how long she had been travelling.
At least the trip had given her time to get her emotions under control.  Oh, they were still there: anger that she, princess of the Fire Nation and firebending prodigy, was being treated like this; humiliation at being overpowered, bound, and gagged so quickly; and, buried deeply so she wouldn't think about it, fear that she had finally met an adversary that she could not defeat with firebending or manipulation.
But right now, the smart thing to do now was to be patient, wait, and watch for her opportunity to escape.  Her captors couldn't keep her bound continuously, and once she was unbound her firebending would return, she would escape, and later she would return to have her revenge for this humiliating predicament.

What is your favourite type of art to create?
I'm strictly a writer; I can't draw with any talent at all, so stories are my favorite.

If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
I would love to be able to draw in a realistic style.

What was your first favourite?
Teen Titans Raven by johnjoseco

What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
Fan art and fan fics of my favorite characters.

Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
Wow, that's a really tough one...if I had to choose... :iconwe-r-nomad:

If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
:iconnight-miner: was the one who convinced me to submit my first story.  If not for him, I might still be just a lurker.

What are your preferred tools to create art?
Microsoft Word.

What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
My house, on a quiet day with no distractions.

What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
Meeting and getting to know my DeviantArt friends.

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“And let that be a lesson to you in decent behavior, you perverted fiends!”  Motoko sheathed her sword and stalked away from the groaning pile of idiotic, perverted men.  She ignored the wide eyed stars and mutters of the people watching from a safe distance.  Hmmph.  They should be grateful for what she did; after all, it wasn’t like she had killed the perverts, though she had been tempted.

Possibly some misguided do-gooder would try and report her to the police, but she wasn’t worried.  Granny Hina and her family understood her noble quest to teach all perverts a lesson, and they would handle the authorities.  It just saddened her that some people couldn’t understand the righteousness of her cause.

“My, you’re certainly a beautiful one.  So angry though, and that outfit does nothing for your body.”

Motoko jumped and spun around at the sudden voice.  She had been so lost in her thoughts that she had wandered into a secluded area of the park, with no other people around.  Catching sight of the woman who had spoken, her jaw dropped and her face got redder and redder.

The blue haired woman smirked at her expression, tapping her riding crop idly against her tall black leather boots.  “See something you like?” she inquired, arching her back slightly so her breasts, already mostly exposed thanks to the zipper of her black catsuit being halfway unzipped, stuck out even more.

Motoko’s face was edging towards purple, and her temper got even worse when she caught sight of the shameless woman’s companion.  It was a woman, dressed (if you could call it that) in a skintight black latex outfit that made her resemble a cat.  She rubbed up against the bluenette’s legs, making a purring sound.

That was the last straw.

“H-HOW DARE YOU!?” she raged, drawing her sword and pointing it at the woman, her hands trembling with anger.  Her temper was not improved by the woman reacting only by arching an eyebrow.

“How dare I what?  Oh, and my name is Melody Williams, by the way.  And this is Susu.”  She bent down a little to pet the latex kitty, making Susu very happy.  “It’s only polite to introduce yourself to a stranger,” she went on, giving Motoko a very pointed look.

The kendoist was well past the point of caring about social niceties.  With a roar, she struck out with her sword, intent on teaching the perverted hussy a painful lesson in decency.

After that, things got a little fuzzy.  Piecing it together later, Motoko was able to put together a reasonably coherent sequence of events.

Melody’s riding crop flicked out, faster than the eye could see, knocking the approaching sword to the side.  At the same time, Melody took a quick step forward into Motoko’s personal space, grabbed her arm, pivoted, and heaved.

The end result was the swordwoman ended up landing hard on her back, while her sword went flying.  She lay there gasping for a moment, then gurgled as a boot clad foot, so shiny she could see her reflection in it, rested firmly on her neck, forcing her head to one side.  It didn’t hurt; the pressure was being carefully modulated, but she was very aware of how solid it was.

“That,” Melody said coolly, looking as composed as before, “was a very big mistake, young lady.  I could drag you to the police station and press assault charges, but…”  Her eyes gleamed with sadistic pleasure as she watched Motoko begin to scrabble and struggle, her boot never budging.  “I think I’ll take of your punishment myself.”

“You…can’t…” Motoko gasped, both hands pushing and pulling on the boot, trying to get it off her neck.  “My…family…will-“

“Will do nothing,” Melody interrupted her, an evil smirk on her beautiful face.  “You think your family is powerful?  I assure you, they pale in comparison to the family I work for.  You’ll see, but I need not explain anymore to a lowly slave like you.”

Growling, Motoko threw herself into getting free, but had no more luck than before; she was forced to watch as Melody reached into one of the small compartments on her belt, pulling out a cell phone.

“Hello, Amelia?  Yes, it’s Melody.  I need a pick up, standard package, one parcel.”  She listened for a moment, and then chuckled.  “Yeah, you know me: I like to prepare the final product myself.  Here are the directions…”

Motoko continued to struggle furiously but had no success as Melody put her phone away and hauled Motoko to her feet.  The swordswoman had always been proud of her strength and so felt humiliated as the bitch easily manhandled her, pulling her arms behind her.  The touch of cold metal on her wrists made her jump; twisting her head, Motoko was further enraged to see the handcuffs being locked in place.  She was no common criminal, to be treated like this!

She had opened her mouth to yell at her captor when Melody’s hand shot out; making it look easy, she found one of Motoko’s nipples through her clothes and twisted viciously.  The kendoist screamed but was almost immediately muffled by a sponge, of all things, being shoved into her mouth.  It seemed small at first, but quickly expanded, filling her mouth.

“A bit of a rush job, but it should suffice for now,” Melody told her, looking satisfied with her impromptu bondage as she pulled Motoko against her and roughly grabbed her breasts, getting another muffled shriek of outraged anger.  “Now we just have to wait until our ride gets here.  Then…” she slowly licked her feisty captive’s ear, “we can have some real fun.  Well, at least I’ll be having fun,” she added with a smirk.

Susu got in on the action too, rubbing against Motoko’s legs and easily dodging any kicks.  She was so happy; maybe she would have a playmate soon!

Even as Motoko thrashed in outraged disbelief, she suddenly wondered how the shameless woman thought she was going to get away with just carrying her off in the middle of the day, in a park no less.  There would be several people around; surely they wouldn’t let this crazed maniac just kidnap her?

Melody chuckled darkly.  “I know what you’re thinking, and you’re wrong.  In fact, why don’t I prove it to you?”

And suddenly Motoko found herself out of the little copse of trees, stumbling as Melody pulled her towards the group of people gathered around the perverts she had beaten up earlier, Susu trotting along behind them.  Her heart lifted; they would know she had defended them.  They wouldn’t let her be carried off.  She was saved!

Putting two fingers in her mouth, Melody whistled piercingly, getting everyone’s attention.  There were some stares and whispers at the sight of Motoko bound and gagged, not to mention Melody’s outfit and Susu’s…everything, but before things could get too loud, Melody spoke up.

“Good afternoon everyone.  My name is Melody Williams; I work for the Tempest family.”  Another wave of whispers, like wind rustling a field of grass, swept through the crowd.  She smiled crookedly.  “I see you’ve heard of them.”  The small joke got a few chuckles and relieved some of the tension, which had been her intention.

“I was taking Susu for a walk when I saw this young woman,” she gave Motoko a swat on her ass, eliciting a muffled squawk and an enraged flush, “attack these young men.  I confronted her, and she attacked me as well.”  Harsher murmurs, and some angry looks, directed at Motoko.

“Unfortunately for her,” Melody’s smile was colder and thinner this time, “I have substantial skill in martial arts and subdued her.  I intend to take her back with me to Tempest Tower for her discipline.  Are there any objections?”

Motoko looked around wildly.  Surely someone would speak up!  They wouldn’t just let her be taken away, not after Melody had so bluntly and blatantly told them what she intended to do!  Her face lit up as a young woman stepped forward, an angry look on her face.  Then she spoke.

“My husband and I were taking a walk when you attacked him.  Now he can barely move, you beat him up so badly,” she spat at Motoko, making the swordswoman blink.  What…?

A young man.  “My brother and I were playing catch.  What did he ever do to you?”

A little girl.  “You knocked out my Daddy!  You’re a meanie!”

An older woman.  “My son is a good man and you attacked him with a sword out of nowhere!  What kind of maniac are you?!”

“You deserve this.”

“I hope they really punish you.”

On and on it came, leaving Motoko staring in blank confusion.  This…this couldn’t be right.  She was protecting women from perverts; couldn’t they see that?

Melody held up a commanding hand, getting reluctant silence.  “I’m truly sorry you had to endure attacks by this…person,” she said, giving Motoko another hard smack on the ass, getting a gasp from the swordwoman and a few scattered cheers from the crowd.   “I’ve already called for assistance from the Tempest family; rest assured, we will be dealing with the perpetrator, and we will also provide medical care for all the victims of the attack.  Don’t worry about paying.”  The purple haired woman showed off her teeth in a cold smile.  “She’ll be the one paying us back.”

The crowd cheered; here and there, suggestions were thrown out, concerning how Motoko should be punished, and how she could pay off her debt.  Motoko herself was looking around wildly, eyes very wide.  Was this some kind of nightmare?   What was going on?!  It didn’t make any sense!

“You see, little one?”  Melody’s whisper was like a cold knife in her ear.  “You had the roles completely mixed up.  You aren’t the hero or the victim; no, you’re the monster and the criminal, and now you’re going to be punished as you deserve.”

Motoko screamed and thrashed in Melody’s arms.  No!  This couldn’t be happening!  It was some kind of nightmare!  It wasn’t real!

Chuckling to herself, Melody threw Motoko over her shoulder and carried her off, Susu following as faithfully as ever.  One hand holding down her captive’s legs, the other planted firmly on her ass, the dominatrix carried her to the edge of the park, where a long black limo was waiting for her.  The chauffeur gave her small bow, which she gave a nod to in return, and opened the back door for her and her companions.  She climbed in, putting Motoko in her lap as Susu scampered in as well, the door closing behind them.

“I’m growing weary of your screeching,” Melody informed the still screaming woman, whose face was turning red from fury and her futile efforts at trying to get free.  “Not to mention you’re distressing Susu.”

The latex pet was as far from the swordwoman as possible, shaking her head and making little growling noises.

Motoko didn’t give a damn, and had just started to suck in another deep breath when a strange smelling cloth was clamped over her mouth and nose.  “WHMPHT!?”

She started struggling harder, but abruptly all her strength seemed to leave her; her eyelids got heavy, her body wouldn’t respond, and she could feel herself slipping away.  As if from a long ways away, she heard Melody say, “Enjoy your dreams, my new pet.  They may be the last ones you have for a long while.”

Darkness fell.


“There we go,” Melody murmured to herself, removing the last of the ropes from Motoko’s body.  Her captive was still out cold, but no longer had any restraints or gags on.  Melody intended to start the process of training her right away, and the first step in that was to establish dominance.

So she waited, and it only took a few moments for the younger woman to start to stir.  She blinked up at Melody a few times, then her eyes widened.  Before she could scream or attack, the dominatrix’s hand shot out and covered her mouth.  “Before you do anything else,” she said calmly, “there are some things you should know.”

“Behind that door,” she pointed behind with her free hand, “is a hallway that leads directly to the exit.  It’s not locked, and there aren’t any guards.  All you have to do is get by me, get out the door, and you’ll be free again.”

She removed her hand and took several steps back, keeping herself between Motoko and the door.  For her part, Motoko got off the table, moving slowly, narrowed eyes flicking from Melody to the door and back again.  “Why are telling me this?  Why are you doing this?” she asked suspiciously.

The blue haired woman smirked.  “Because it won’t make a difference.  You’re a bully, using your abilities on people who can’t fight back; well, now you’ve met someone more powerful than you, and I’m going to punish you for all the people you’ve hurt.”

And because she was sexy and arrogant.  Such a delicious combination…

For a moment Motoko gaped at her, then her face turned red with rage before she charged in.  She knew some martial arts, and all she had to was get past this demonic woman and out the door.  Then she would come back with the proper authorities, and justice would be served.

Unfortunately for her daydreams, it didn’t go that way.  Melody blocked each of attacks with ease, then somehow spun her around, grabbed the sleeves of her top, and pulled, hard.

Motoko was sent stumbling away, her upper body bare of anything but her chest wraps.  She squawked with indignation, covering herself.  “YOU…VILE PERVERT!”

“Really?  You’re just now figuring this out?” Melody asked derisively.  “Susu wasn’t a big enough clue for you?”  If she didn’t have an immense amount of respect for Gloria and a lot of affection for Amelia, she would have made a comment about dyeing Motoko’s hair, to better fit her apparent ‘dumb blonde’ intellect.

Then again, Gloria did hate big breasted blondes who acted like ditzes; hmm, maybe that could be a future project for her new pet…

Almost absently, she brought up her hand and caught a furious Motoko’s fist.  “Sorry, got lost in thought.  Now, let’s get you stripped down…”

And no matter how hard or ferociously Motoko fought, Melody had her stripped completely naked within a few minutes, leaving the swordswoman backed against a wall, torn between screaming for clothes or trying yet another attack.

“Not bad, not bad at all,” Melody mused aloud, looking Motoko over with a discerning eye.  “I’ve seen better, but not often on a normal human.  Breasts are bigger than expected; you really had them wrapped tight.  Not much spare fat, you obviously keep yourself in shape.  You might not require as much physical training as I anticipated…”

“S-SILENCE!” Motoko raged; her entire upper body had flushed red with her embarrassment and overwhelming fury.  “I DEMAND YOU GIVE ME MY CLOTHES BACK!  IMMEDIATELY!”

And it was as if a sudden chill had descended upon the room.  “Demand?” Melody repeated softly, as if unable to believe what she had heard.  A smile that was all teeth and menace slowly spread across her face.  “Oh my…and here I had actually considered going slightly easy on you…”

After that, things got quite humiliating and painful for Motoko.

It didn’t matter what she tried, Melody was able to easily strip her from clothes, always with some kind of grope, pinch, or slap, along with a lewd comment about her body.

Then the psychotic woman was sitting on her stomach, pulling something very tight over her feet and forcing each foot to stand up at a very high angle, like the most uncomfortable pair of high heels imaginable.

“Get off!  Let me go!  AAAAIIII!”  The scream came when Melody, without even bothering to turn around, reached back with one hand, unerringly found her nipple, and gave it a harsh twist.

“Stop yelling, pet,” she ordered coolly.  “Or I’ll make this truly painful for you.”

Motoko kept struggling, but did manage to keep from yelling…until Melody flipped her onto her stomach and jammed something up her butt without warning.


The swordwoman’s howl of protest was unceremoniously cut off by a bit gag being shoved into her mouth.  She continued to thrash and scream as the buckles were fastened all around her head, then her redressing continued.

Eventually she calmed down enough to actually look at her new outfit.  It was all shiny black latex, covering her from head to foot, with ten inch heels built into it.  It covered but didn’t conceal; every part of her body was on display.

Before she could process how embarrassing it was, she squealed in pain as her arms were forced behind her back, folded together and then sealed in place in the latex.  Melody’s hands reached around her front, and Motoko was horrified to discover that the outfit had holes in it, specifically designed to leave her breasts uncovered while squeezing them at their bases, making them swell and look even bigger.

Then the rest of it was being pulled over her shoulders, neck, and finally her head, leaving just her face and her breasts exposed.  Hauling her to her feet, Melody half dragged, half carried her over to a full length mirror.  “Mmm, very sexy,” the dominatrix purred, looking very self-satisfied.

Motoko wanted to crawl into a hole and die.  Instead of a proud, strong kendoist, she had been turned into a latex fetish pet!  And encased in the outfit like this, the chances of her being able to escape were virtually zero.

Her despair was broken by what felt like a sudden bee sting on her ass.  She jumped and screamed, then had to frantically struggle not to lose her balance and fall over.  She managed to stay upright, but just barely.  She threw a panicky glare at Melody, who just raised one eyebrow slightly and gestured with her riding crop.

“Walk that way.”  When her new pet refused to move, she rolled her eyes.  Fast as blinking, the riding crop lashed out and landed another hit on the latex pony’s ass, getting another scream and jump.  “NOW, my stubborn pet, or the next one will be on those fat tits of yours.  It’s time for your training, and we don’t have any time to waste.”

Walking in the ten inch heels was pure torture, made worse by the butt plug shifting inside her and her breasts bouncing with each step.  Motoko told herself to just endure it for now; sooner or later, she would be able to escape, or her friends would realize what had happened to her and come to her rescue.

That’s right; she would be free in no time!

…wouldn’t she?
Melody and Motoko: New Pet
Inspired by this pic Alby Ponygirl by DrewGardner

Melody, an original character of :iconthelairverse:, comes across Motoko Aoyama, from Love Hina.  They don't exactly get along, and Motoko ends up picking a fight she can't win.

I hope you enjoy.
Queen's Blade - Pharoah's Slaves
Another commission done for me by :iconjimryu:, this time we have Menace adding Leina and Claudette (all from Queen's Blade) to her harem of concubines.  Well, you can't say she doesn't have good taste...

I hope you enjoy.
Yep, yet another one.  This one was written by :iconrisrupio: and features Raven and Starfire from Teen Titans, plus Serafall, Raynare, and Kuroka from High School DxD.

If you would like a link, please send me a note or leave a comment requesting one.  Thank you.


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